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Type 1 Diabetes Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

Type 1 diabetes in an autoimmune disease where a person’s pancreas doesn’t produce insulin—a hormone needed to convert food into energy. It affects children and adults, comes on suddenly, and it cannot be prevented or cured. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is a common and dangerous occurance with type 1 diabetes. If your blood sugar gets too low it may lead to insulin shock, which is life-threatening if not cared for. Low blood sugar can happen when your body has too little food—or glucose—or when it produces too much insulin. Type 1 diabetes hypoglycemia symptoms So what are the low blood sugar symptoms you should look out for? It’s important to realize that the signs of low blood sugar will vary depending on the person. However, people with type 1 diabetes—whether it’s been diagnosed or not—may experience one or more of the following: -Sweating and shaking -Blurry vision -Poor coordination -Dizziness or feeling lightheaded -Difficulty concentrating -Feeling anxious or irritable -Hunger or nausea -Erratic changes in behavior What to do if you experience low blood glucose symptoms Severely low blood-sugar levels can lead to hypoglycemic seizures, unconsciousness Continue reading >>

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  1. Vidyadhari Karne

    Think about our bikes ... Initially when there is full of fuel in the tank ... No limit to the speed. As fuel gets burnt doesnt your bike slow down. It slowly slows down hoping we would feed it again with fuel but once it's completely done ... it stops.
    Same way our brain needs fuel for its functioning. Fuel is the glucose(food) we take in. Once there is imbalance between our intake and usage by our brain ... it starts showing its fluctuations in its function. Hence when the levels are low brain can't function properly leading to dizziness.
    Hope it helped! :)

  2. Vivianus Ji

    When blood glucose begins to fall, glucagon—another hormone made by the pancreas—signals the liver to break down glycogen and release glucose into the bloodstream.
    Low blood pressure is the main reason to cause dizziness, generally, it will keep in a short time. That means that less glucose can be provided to your normal status.

  3. Jeevan Dassan

    Low blood sugar results in dizziness because the brain is deprived of glucose and the energy level of body get decreased to a greater extent and further a second set of symptoms follows: Difficulty in thinking, Confusion, Headache, Seizures.

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