What To Eat When Blood Sugar Is High To Lower It

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Ten Ways To Take A Bite Out Of Blood Sugar

Simple tips on how to lower blood sugar that you can integrate into your daily life. By Wil Dubois Let’s talk about blood sugar management today. Sounds boring, huh? Not at all, really. Done right, taking steps to lower blood sugar can be highly empowering. Sweet numbers on a blood sugar log will bring a smile to your face faster than an ice cream cone in July. I know a lot of you who take pills for your diabetes feel powerless to change a high blood sugar reading, so you’d rather not know that your sugar is high—but there are things you can do to lower your blood sugar that don’t involve opening your medicine cabinet. Here are my top ten tips for lowering blood sugar: 1. Test, Don’t Guess The first step—the mantra of dLife from the very beginning—is test, don’t guess! To master your blood sugar, you must first know where it is. And if you only check first thing in the morning, you’re cheating at solitaire. If you want to truly master your blood sugar, you should fearlessly seek out your very worst, highest numbers. That means checking after meals. Don’t let that high number flashing on your meter get you down. Rejoice that you’ve found it. It’s just a probl Continue reading >>

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  1. bethan90

    I recently went to my GP as I suspected an infected toe nail (that was ingrown and i picked it out myself :roll: ) she prescribed some antibiotics. A few days before seeing the GP my blood sugars were pretty stable although had some unusual hypos which I don't normally experience.
    Anyway since being on the antibiotics the past couple of days my blood sugars have been completely erratic and has left me feeling pretty lousy - i'm so thirsty all the time even if my blood sugar is normal and just feel generally yuck. My toe is feeling better and so I suspect the infection is no longer there, so is it the antibiotics that is making my blood sugar do all sorts of crazy things? should i do anything or just ride it out for the next 3 days until my AB course is finished?
    My blood sugars are as follows:
    woke up yesterday morning 13.4, Had my usual porridge and banana, gave insulin and correcting dose. 2 hours later my BS is 18. Give correction.
    By lunch time my BS is 4.1. Eat bagel with cream cheese for lunch, give normal amt of insulin. 2 hours later 3.1.
    4 glucose tablets blood shoots up to 9.3 and stays there.
    Have dinner, give 1 unit correction with my normal dose plus lantus.
    2 hours after dinner my BS is 15. Give correction and go to bed.
    Wake up today BS is 5.4. Porridge and almond milk with no banana, 6.4 2 hours later. Have a banana mid morning.
    Cous cous and roast veg and chicken for lunch. Before dinner 10.9 or something in the 10's. Have my dinner of sweet potato and quorn sausage, give correction dose of 2 plus normal insulin plus lantus. Blood sugar rockets up to 18!! Give correction and is now down to 12.
    There doesn't seem to be a real pattern as I woke up high yesterday but not today, was high yesterday before lunch but not today. High after dinner both times. Driving me a bit mental. I hate feeling out of control and just want some stability!

  2. mrburden

    Some antibiotics can have effects on blood sugar levels and some will affect different people in different ways. About 2 years ago I started what ended up as a lengthy course of various A/B's - about 8 or 9 different ones over 12 months. The fact that you have an infection that the A/B's are fighting may also cause the BG to vary. Once they start to get on top of the infection the blood sugar level can drop, since infections can raise the levels to start with. Sometimes they can hamper the digestion which, of course, will affect your sugar levels too.
    The information leaflet will tell you if the particular A/B's you're on can have side effects of raising or lowering sugar levels, but I find that it is the infection and the A/B's fighting it that create most of the problems, along with a lack of appetite that some A/B's give me.

  3. noblehead

    It's more than likely the infection is causing the raised bg rather than the antibiotics.

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