What Blood Sugar Level Indicates Hypoglycemia

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What Can Cause Diabetics To Get Dangerously Low Blood Glucose Levels (hypoglycemia)?

Great question, complex answer. Bear with me, I'll try to simplify this as much as possible without losing the high points. Let's imagine a diabetic patient named Nebuchadnezzar, nicknamed "Nebby" for short. Nebby's blood glucose level balances... (+) food (+) glucagon: a hormone that prevents blood sugar from becoming too low (+) gluconeogenesis: the liver's production of glucose from precursors; this is always happening to some extent (-) energy expenditure: basal metabolic rate, exercise, etc. (-) insulin: a hormone that drives sugar into the cells and keeps blood sugar from becoming too high To keep blood sugar even, Nebby's body must maintain this equation: food + glucagon + gluconeogenesis = energy expenditure + insulin So how could Nebby get hypoglycemia? Always think back to the equation! decreased food intake: Nebby skipped a meal because he was busy, but he still took his insulin. skipped meal = less (+) factor. Nebby's physician may suggest that Nebby skip/lower his morning insulin dose when he misses a meal. Or Nebby could just make sure to eat regularly. increased energy expenditure: let's say Nebby decides to take up a sport to get in shape. increased activity = more Continue reading >>

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  1. Stephen Scholnik

    If you really want to scientifically check buy a blood glucose meter (can be had for about $20 bucks) and do a finger stick test when you think you're hypoglycemic. If it's repeatedly under normal (say 70 mg/dL) that may indicate hypoglycemia. However, be warned that if you are feeling jittery your blood glucose levels are probably on the way up, perhaps rebounding from a low level. You should test when you are feeling down and low energy.

  2. Dorothy Adamiak

    Hypoglycemia symptoms may occur without low blood sugar. Although the name "hypoglycemia" suggests otherwise, this can happen. Hypoglycemia symptoms are mediated by epinephrine (adrenaline) and thus whether low sugar or high adrenaline the symptoms may be the same. I wrote an article about it. Here is a link:

  3. Tracy Holzman

    If you have an altered blood sugar state, for example Diabetic, that has caused you to be in the high ( e.g. Over 150 ) for a long while, you may feel Hypo when in the normal range. That is why a good blood sugar meter can help to figure this out and get you used to feeling "normal" again.

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