Type 2 Diabetes Hyperinsulinemia And Hyperglycemia

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Insulin Resistance And Hyperinsulinemia

Insulin resistance, recently recognized as a strong predictor of disease in adults, has become the leading element of the metabolic syndrome and renewed as a focus of research. The condition exists when insulin levels are higher than expected relative to the level of glucose. Thus, insulin resistance is by definition tethered to hyperinsulinemia. The rising prevalence of medical conditions where insulin resistance is common has energized research into the causes. Many causes and consequences have been identified, but the direct contributions of insulin itself in causing or sustaining insulin resistance have received little sustained attention. We examine situations where insulin itself appears to be a proximate and important quantitative contributor to insulin resistance. 1) Mice transfected with extra copies of the insulin gene produce basal and stimulated insulin levels that are two to four times elevated. The mice are of normal weight but show insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, and hypertriglyceridemia. 2) Somogyi described patients with unusually high doses of insulin and hyperglycemia. Episodes of hypoglycemia with release of glucose-raising hormones, postulated as the culprit Continue reading >>

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  1. chaisy

    insulin's molecular weight ?

    Can anyone help me find what the molecular weight of insulin is? The stock solution in our lab is 10mg/ml and we need to prepare 30microM conc. How do I do that. I am sorry if it seems like a stupid question but I am new to lab.

  2. sjb

    Re: insulin's molecular weight ?

    Quote from: enahs on October 24, 2007, 06:07:13 AM
    5808 Daltons/AMU

    Be careful that you're using the right figure for the right type of insulin though. Porcine, bovine, and other insulins have different molecular weights compared to the human variety. I suspect though, unless you're using litres of the solution at this concentration it may not make that much difference.

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