Sugar Level During 8th Month Pregnancy

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Warning Signs Of Pregnancy-related Diabetes

Diabetes stemming from pregnancy can cause a host of problems for baby and mother alike, including birth complications and a higher risk of developing the more serious type 2 diabetes later in life. In a new study, researchers say they've identified a series of routine health measures that can help doctors predict years in advance which women will develop pregnancy-related diabetes, paving the way for lifestyle changes and other early prevention efforts. Obesity, elevated blood sugar, and high blood pressure were all linked to a higher risk of developing pregnancy-related diabetes, also known as gestational diabetes. The odds were nearly three times higher among overweight and obese women as among those of normal weight, the study found, and the odds were roughly 2.5 times higher among those with slightly elevated blood sugar. Health.com: Signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes These findings weren't especially surprising, since high blood sugar and being overweight - along with a family history of the disease - are well-known risk factors for both gestational and type 2 diabetes. What was surprising is that these factors predicted gestational diabetes even though they were measured Continue reading >>

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  1. SindhujaS

    Well... as long as the doctor doesnt give yu any tablets to control the sugar, yur condition s considered normal.
    My sugar level during 8th month (around 33 weeks) was 165 (random testing). My doc referred me to a diabetician, who in turn asked me to take a blood sugar profile test (its called HbA1C test - gives yur profile information for the past three months - a simple blood test).
    Based on that, he said I need not worry about the high sugar level cos sugar levels sometimes tend to get high in pregnant ladies. Maybe due to stress or tnesion and its normal for that to happen. He even said i can follow my normal diet.
    I have been cutting down on sweets and sugared substance anyway ever since that test .. now had another fasting and PP sugar test taken during the 9th month and now my sugar levels have come back to normal levels :) So, its probably stress and nothing to worry. Just chill, be a little cautious when yu get a sweet tooth :) Better careful rather than being sorry later :) just few more weeks and yur body ll revert back to its usual form in all ways soon enough :)

    I hope this helps :) Best of luck... !!

  2. ItsPoo

    Thanks Sindhuja for sharing your exp and views.... Feeling relaxed now
    Even my doc suggested for HbA1C test and PLBS test, which i will do now.

  3. Keerthi1731

    Even my doc has suggested me to avoid sugar completely coz my sugar level was 133 but its within the range. I think its just for precaution.

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