Virta Health: Fighting Diabetes With Food | Fortune

Virta Health: Fighting Diabetes With Food | Fortune

Virta Health: Fighting Diabetes With Food | Fortune

Sami Inkinen, in 2012, around the time he diagnosed himself as prediabetic.
In the summer of 2012, Sami Inkinen was 36, wealthy, and semiretired. Trulia, the online real estate company he cofounded and nurtured from a startup to a business with some 20 million users, had filed to go public, and he had decided to cease his operational role. The eight-year journey had been rewarding but exhausting. Inkinen planned to focus on angel investing.
That would leave plenty of time for his main hobby: triathlons. A champion who obsessively tracks his biometrics, Inkinen was a fitness freak even by Silicon Valley standards. He had less than 8% body fat.
But life is full of ironic twists, and he was hurtling toward a particularly sharp one. Soon after Trulia went public, Inkinen noticed something strange: His blood sugar levels were above normal and rising. He was prediabetic.
Sami Inkinen, in 2012, around the time he diagnosed himself as prediabetic.
Inkinen skipped the doctor and began researching on his own. After discovering a decades-old paper that showed Type 2 diabetes can be prevented and sometimes reversed through lifestyle changes alone, he switched to a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. As his blood sugar levels dropped, his excitement spiked.
This spring he took his mission even further: Inkinen launched Virta Health , a 60-person startup backed by $37 million in funding. The service combines Inkinens passiona data-heavy appwith the same medical approach that he credits with reversing his prediabetes. Virta is one of a handful of companies attempting to attack the ep Continue reading

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Type 1 diabetes and drinking: tips for young adults

Type 1 diabetes and drinking: tips for young adults

Type 1 diabetes shouldn't get in the way of a great night. Here are some tips to help you make sure it doesn't.
First thing's first: the principles of sensible drinking apply whether you have diabetes or not. It’s safest not to regularly drink more than 14 units a week. You can read more at drinkaware.co.uk
And when you have Type 1 diabetes, there are some extra things to think about to make sure you’re safe. Drinking alcohol can make managing blood sugar levels more tricky, and increase your risk of hypos while you're drinking and the day after.
We've brought together tips from young adults and guidance to help you manage your diabetes so nothing gets in the way of having a great time.
Before a night out
Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Eating a carb-containing meal like pasta before a night out drinking will help balance your blood sugar levels.
Get all your diabetes kit and hypo treatments ready in advance, especially if you’re pre-drinking. It'll help you avoid forgetting any of your essentials, or having a mad rush when the taxi arrives.
Make sure the friends you are with know about your diabetes and what to do if you have a hypo.
Check your blood sugar level before you go out.
Make sure you have a pint of water and your hypo treatments ready next to your bed for when you get home.
On a night out
Pace yourself and check your blood sugar level regularly so you can catch any hypos early.
Have diet or sugar-free mixers with any spirits. There's more information about different types of alcohol and the affect they might have on your sugar levels on the main alcohol Continue reading

Is Kokum Good for Diabetic Patients?

Is Kokum Good for Diabetic Patients?

As a diabetic, you will always be aware of what to eat and what not to eat so that your disease does not get complicated and difficult to manage. Devising an adequate meal plan is a very important way of managing a condition like diabetes. In todays article, we shall analyze more about the relationship and connection between diabetes and the maroon colored fruit kokum.
So, come and join in for the article Is Kokum Good for Diabetic Patients?
What is the Best Way to Consume Kokum for Diabetes?
Not many people know about the fruit Kokum. So, let us start by first understanding about the fruit. It is a small purple fruit that has its origin in south India. The fruit can be had in the form of either juice or the fruit itself. Besides, the outer cover of the kokum is dried and used as a spice in many preparations. Kokum is fondly called the Cool King amongst all the Indian fruits . The main health benefits of the fruit come from a compound called garcinol which is known to cure different types of illness.
Benefits of Kokum for the Diabetic Patients
If you are diabetic, the kokum fruit will help you with the following benefits:
Kokum is a rich source of several antioxidants. These antioxidants play a great role in protecting the adverse effects on your body that is caused owing to the free radicals produced in a diabetic patient.
Besides, the fruit is known to have neuro-protective properties implying that the regular consumption of the fruit usually protects the muscles and tissues surrounding the brain.
When you have diabetes, you are prone to several infections and a Continue reading

34 Diabetes Bloggers Give Us A Glimpse of Behind The Scenes

34 Diabetes Bloggers Give Us A Glimpse of Behind The Scenes

Writing is not everyones strongest feat. Those who can convey a story, a lesson learnt, or a memoir through their writing are not only storytellers but also educators.
Bloggers and advocates who write about diabetes are just that. Through their stories and experiences, they share with us a vulnerable part of them in order to get a message across just in case it can help someone else who may be in their shoes. Its their way of saying you are not alone in your journey!.
Before we continue with this article, I wanted to let you know we have researched and compiled science-backed ways to stick to your diet and reverse your diabetes. Want to check out our insights? Download our free PDF Guide Power Foods to Eat here.
We reached out to 34 amazing bloggers and advocates of diabetes to share with us their thoughts and to invite readers into the world of ideas, thoughts, and personal sphere. They share with us their hardest diabetes related topic they had to write about, some of the techniques they use to draw readers interest, and some equally interesting comments and questions they have gotten in the past about their articles. All these bloggers have a main goal: to raise awareness and to educate us about the journey one is on with diabetes .
What is the hardest diabetes blog subject that you had to write?
What are some of the best techniques that you use in order to create a story to draw the reader in, and also help keep their attention while they learn about diabetes?
What are some of the most interesting comments or questions that you have had in relation to your artic Continue reading

Children's Diabetes Foundation The 2017 Carousel Ball - Children's Diabetes Foundation

Children's Diabetes Foundation The 2017 Carousel Ball - Children's Diabetes Foundation

The 2017 Carousel Ball raised an astounding $1.65 Million for the Childrens Diabetes Foundation!
Proceeds of the event benefit the programs, care, and research at the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes (BDC), where thousands of children and adults from across the world receive treatment. Barbara and Marvin Davis established the Childrens Diabetes Foundation (CDF) in 1977 in Denver, Colorado as a non-profit organization dedicated solely to the support of research in diabetes and providing the best possible clinical and educational programs for children and adults with the disease.
HISTORY:It has been 40 years since Barbara and Marvin Davis started the Childrens Diabetes Foundation and the year 2017 marks the 31st Carousel Ball. The Carousel Balls have raised more than $100 million since 1977. The Carousel Ball is held biennially in Denver.
WHERE: Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado
High Hopes Tribute AwardRecipients: Sharon Magness Blake and Ernie Blake
Featuring a Performance by: Lenny Kravitz
Sharon Magness Blake and Ernie Blake with Thunder, the mascot for the Denver Broncos. Photo Credit: Gary Pettit
HONOREES: Sharon Magness Blake and Ernie Blake have served on numerous public and charitable committees and together have owned and managed the Denver Broncos mascot, Thunder, for 25 years. The 2017 Carousel Ball will honor them with the High Hopes Tribute Award in recognition of their tremendous commitment and passion for their Colorado community.
LENNY KRAVITZ: Regarded as one of the preeminent rock musicians of our time, Lenny K Continue reading

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