Type 2 Diabetes: The Essentials

Type 2 diabetes: The essentials

Type 2 diabetes: The essentials

Odds are, you or someone you know has diabetes. It certainly pays to reinforce what you know about this disease and to take stock of the lifestyle changes you can make to manage it.
Diabetes is New Zealands fastest growing chronic health problem, with nearly 300,000 affected by the disease. Its estimated another 500,000 people have pre-diabetes.
People with type 2 diabetes are two to four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than people who dont have the disease; and they are more than twice as likely to have a heart attack or stroke.
But its not all doom and gloom controlling blood glucose levels and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can signficantly reduce the complications associated with type 2 diabetes. Research shows you dont have to be a saint to make a difference to your health, either. These five changes will well and truly have you on your way.
Low-GI carbohydrates are slowly digested by the body, meaning they trickle glucose into your bloodstream instead of quickly bursting into your system. Research shows that a low-GI diet can improve blood glucose control in people with type 2 diabetes.
Including just one low-GI carbohydrate at each meal and snack can make a noticeable difference. Low-GI foods include wholegrain bread, pasta, basmati rice, apples, pears and low-fat yoghurt.
Search this website for more information on low-GI foods, or visit www.glycemicindex.com to find the GI values of specific foods. Look for foods with a glycaemic index of 55 or less.
2. Eat at least two serves of wholegrains daily
Upping your intake of whole grains Continue reading

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Arrest Alzheimer’s

Arrest Alzheimer’s

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We were talking about diabetes in the last chapter, and before we entirely leave there, it’s important to know that Alzheimer’s disease has sometimes been called “diabetes of the brain.”
Even in the earliest stages of the devastating memory-destroying disease, the brain’s ability to metabolize sugar is diminished. For decades, science has concluded that the characteristic amyloid plaques and tangles in the brains of Alzheimer’s sufferers interrupt the delicate circuitry of thought transmission and memory.
The characteristic beta-amyloid clusters of proteins called “plaques” and clumps of dead and dying nerve and brain cells, called “tangles” are the generally agreed upon indicators that Alzheimer’s disease exists.
Think of the brain’s network of dendrites and neurons as an electrical system. Those plaques and tangles block the transmission of the electrical current or information through those circuits.
What’s the link?
Many scientists now call Alzheimer’s “type 3 diabetes.” What’s the link between Alzheimer’s and diabetes?
Here are some things that science has proven in recent years that have advanced our understanding of this terrible disease:
We know that the risk of Alzheimer’s is doubled in people with diabetes. Some studies say the risk is four-fold.
We also know that insulin resistance defines Type 2 diabetes, sometimes called “diabesity,” is primarily caused by eating too many simple carbs and sugars and not enough fat.
We also know that insulin resistance starts the brain damage ca Continue reading

This Homemade Kimchi Will Help You Fight Diabetes and Burn Fat in a Healthy Way

This Homemade Kimchi Will Help You Fight Diabetes and Burn Fat in a Healthy Way

What is Kimchi you might ask? Well, it is a traditional Korean dish made from fermented cabbage and various spices, plus salt and vinegar. It has recently gained more popularity and you can easily find it in most healthy food stores nearly everywhere.
But like with most healthy alternatives, it is even better to make your own kimchi at home.
So, here you’ll learn the incredible benefits of kimchi as well as the recipe to prepare it at home.
Oh, So Many Health Benefits!
In order to better explain Kimchi, it is the process of fermentation which cultivates this natural source of probiotics. That’s how healthy bacteria is born, which also improves the taste.
The bacteria in question, Lactobacillus, plays a crucial part in a healthy digestive system and intestines.
Many already recognize cabbage as a soother for inflammation, as well as its detoxification abilities.
But by fermenting it, we make it even healthier by complementing it with even more nutrients and making it bioavailable. In this way, it can also aid in preventing ulcers, obesity, diabetes and even some types of cancer!
Kimchi is a must-have in the Korean cuisine, and the whole world should take a page from their book in this matter. So here is a whole bunch of information on the health benefits of this particular fermented food.
Once you read through them and get informed, you might also want to try the following recipe in the comfort of your home.
Your Gut Will Be Thanking You
You may know cabbage as the gut’s benefactor, but consuming it in its fermented form can help digestion even further! It is no secret Continue reading

Bitter Melon For Diabetes Benefits: How It Can Affect Blood Sugar Level?

Bitter Melon For Diabetes Benefits: How It Can Affect Blood Sugar Level?

Bitter Melon Diabetes Benefits: How It Can Affect Blood Sugar Level?
Bitter Melon Diabetes Benefits: How It Can Affect Blood Sugar Level?
In the treatment of diabetes, it is extremely important that there is a regulated control on the blood glucose or sugar level because this disease comes along with several other complications such as cardiovascular and kidney-related diseases, diabetic eye, leg swelling, high blood pressure, amongst a host of other complications. Experts are always looking for something natural which can treat this extremely complicated disease. One such treatment of diabetes is the use of bitter melon or the bitter gourd plant which, as per studies and research is highly beneficial in effectively dealing with diabetes and the other related complications.
In this article, we shall try to analyze the effect of the bitter gourd on diabetes. We shall find out the different compounds and chemicals that are present in the plant due to which it is not only beneficial for those suffering from diabetes but the overall sound health too. Join in for the article Diabetes and Bitter Melon: Bitter Melon Diabetes Benefits and How It Can Affect the Blood Sugar Level.
How to Use Bitter Gourd to Treat Diabetes?
In order to understand the effect of Bitter Melon on diabetes, we first would want to know more about the Bitter Melon or the Bitter Gourd plant.
The Bitter Gourd plant has long been popular amongst the medical fraternity because of its strong and powerful healing properties. The juice from the bitter melon is considered to be used as an important treatment Continue reading

Insulin Jet Injector for Diabetes  Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Insulin Jet Injector for Diabetes Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Insulin Jet Injector for Diabetes Its Advantages and Disadvantages
Insulin Jet Injector for Diabetes Its Advantages and Disadvantages
While type 1 diabetes patients need to administer insulin into their bodies from the very early stages of diabetes, type 2 patients might need to do the same only in the later stages of their disease. There are several devices which help to administer insulin inside the body of the diabetes patients externally. In this article, we shall see more about one such device by the name of insulin jet injectors. So, come and join us for the article
Insulin Jet Injector for Diabetes Its Advantages and Disadvantages.
What are the Disadvantages of Using a Jet Injector?
Insulin jet injectors are small devices that can be used by diabetes patients to administer insulin into the body even without the need of using needles. Insulin jet injectors usually consist of three different parts which are as follows:
There is a pen-shaped device which is used to deliver insulin
In order to use the insulin jet injectors, the adapter is first filled with insulin and that is how insulin is loaded on the pen. Then, the gauge of the device is set to the amount of dose that you wish to administer in your body. Placing it against the skin, you push the button of the insulin jet injector. With this, the nozzle of the device experiences a gush of insulin which passes into the skin in the form of a vapor. From there on, the hormone passes into the deep layers of the skin and the blood.
What are the Advantages of Using a Jet Injector?
Insulin jet injectors have th Continue reading

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