Three Things You May Not Know About Diabetes

Three Things You May Not Know About Diabetes

Three Things You May Not Know About Diabetes

As one of the most common health conditions in America, diabetes doesn't always get the serious attention it deserves.
With rising healthcare costs and high rates of obesity, knowledge about diabetes is indeed power - for patients, caretakers, physicians and the average health-conscious person.
Whether you have diabetes yourself or you know someone with the disease, there are likely things you don't know that may change your perspective.
1. It's not a one-size-fits-all condition.
Type 2 diabetes may get the most "press," but there are other types of diabetes that come with completely different challenges, symptoms and risk factors.
While type 2 diabetes is preventable and related to lifestyle factors (diet, exercise, BMI) in most cases, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition that is most often not related to weight and that many people are born with.
Gestational diabetes, too, is a separate condition - one that affects pregnant women and their unborn babies - and it can have long-term consequences for both mother and child.
Pre-diabetes is also a distinct condition, which can be reversed or can turn into full-blown diabetes.
Understanding the differences between these conditions is important for both people with diabetes and the people in their lives, as they each require a unique approach for care.
2. Ethnicity and race are factors.
It's difficult to discuss diabetes without acknowledging the fact that certain racial and ethnic populations are more affected than others.
According to the American Diabetes Association, 15.9 percent of American Indians/Alaskan Natives hav Continue reading

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Report: Rob Kardashian Hospitalized With Diabetes

Report: Rob Kardashian Hospitalized With Diabetes

UPDATE (12/29/15, 8:30 p.m. ET): E! News confirms that Rob Kardashian is now home from the hospital. A source called the health scare a "wake up call" for the reality star.
Rob Kardashian has been hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes, TMZ reported today (Dec. 29).
According to the report, the 28-year-old began to feel ill over the weekend, and when his condition worsened, his family rushed him to an L.A. hospital where doctors performed tests and the diagnosis was made. Kardashian, who's avoided the spotlight in recent years, was unaware he had diabetes, TMZ states.
He is currently in stable condition. Here's wishing Rob Kardashian a speedy recovery. Continue reading

Tequila Could Help With Weight Loss And Diabetes

Tequila Could Help With Weight Loss And Diabetes

There are ups and downs in life - sometimes they come neatly packaged together. If you had to cite particular examples of the latter, you'd probably think of how the foods that taste the best appear to make you fatter.
It's awful. You want to look half decent in those snaps on the beach come summertime, but you also want to stuff your face with greasy chicken, pizza and ice cream.
We're also force-fed bollocks that the likes of greasy chicken is actually 'bad food', whereas salads, kale, avocado and other green things are called 'good food'. Why does it taste so shit in comparison, then? Shite food, if you ask me.
It doesn't help either that all the best alcoholic drinks seem to be full of calories, which effectively means every Saturday night you're drinking the equivalent of four KFCs, only to actually eat another KFC when you're hungover the next day.
If that's the sort of thing you worry about, then here's a tip: drink tequila.
According to a study, a key ingredient to the spirit can help with weight loss and controlling blood sugars for diabetics. And you have lemon or lime with it - according to my calculations, that makes it part of your five-a-day.
The Mexican delicacy is made with the agave plant, which contains sugars called agavins - these contribute to lowering levels of blood sugar, as the Daily Mail reports.
Researchers who presented these findings at the American Chemical Society in Dallas say that the plant could be used to create a sweetener to aid diabetics, as well as assisting with weight loss, but are they not missing the trick here? Ma Continue reading

Only 2 Ingredients and You Can Say Goodbye to Diabetes Forever! No More Medications and Insulin!!!

Only 2 Ingredients and You Can Say Goodbye to Diabetes Forever! No More Medications and Insulin!!!

Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions nowadays. It happens when our body can’t create the necessary amount of insulin any more or can’t even use it efficiently.
The hormone called insulin is produced by the pancreas. It makes sure that the glucose from the food goes into all the cells in the body. In the cells, it becomes transformed into energy and is used by various tissues and organs so that they can all perform their job.
Diabetes can be extremely dangerous. It can lead to some very severe health complications and damage your health further.
Still, we all know that people who have diabetes can live a long life without any complication. They usually take insulin and some other treatments so that they can improve their life. Some people even find it painful and irritating that they have to use insulin injections every day.
Luckily for you, here, we’re going to present you a natural way to help you against diabetes! This treatment is extremely safe as it is 100% natural and cheap! You only need 2 ingredients that we probably have at home. Here’s the recipe for this marvelous syrup!
300 gr of celery
6 lemons
First, you have to wash the celery. Then, grate it and transfer it into a pot. Squeeze the lemons in the pot with the celery. Cover it and put it in a greater pot that will be full with water. Put this pot on heat. The water in the big pot should start boiling. Then, decrease the heat. Leave the mixture to simmer for 2 whole hours. After the time passes, you should remove the pot from the heat and leave it to cool down co Continue reading

Celiac disease and diabetes link confirmed by Italian study

Celiac disease and diabetes link confirmed by Italian study

There has long been a correlation between celiac disease (CD) and type 1 diabetes.
A study recently published in the journal Endocrine further confirms that link--specifically in a Sicilian population of Italy.
The research, conducted by a team from the Division of Diabetology at Paolo Borsellino Hospital in Marsala, Italy, aimed to determine just how prevalent celiac disease was among diabetics in a particular part of western Sicily.
Details of the study
Analyzing 492 patients who had type 1 diabetes, the researchers found that 4.5 percent of participants had a previous diagnosis of celiac disease. In Italy's general population, about one in 1,000 people is diagnosed with celiac disease.
All of the patients in the study with celiac disease had received the CD diagnosis either at the same time or after the diabetes diagnosis. The average age for a diabetes diagnosis was 13 years old.
The study also showed that, while the CD and type 1 diabetes link is common, it was lower in this Sicilian population than it has been in studies on other Italian populations. The main takeaway was that females who developed type 1 diabetes at an early age had a much higher chance of developing CD shortly thereafter.
What is celiac disease?
As an autoimmune disorder, celiac disease prevents the proper absorption of food in the small intestine, causing extreme nutritional deficiencies and intestinal problems. It's triggered by the presence of gluten, which is found in common foods that include wheat, rye and barley.
Celiac disease, like diabetes, seems to be more common in people of Northern Eur Continue reading

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