The Diet That Starves Cancer And Reverses Diabetes

The Diet That Starves Cancer and Reverses Diabetes

The Diet That Starves Cancer and Reverses Diabetes

Unlike what many people think, low-fat diets are not good for your health. In fact, they are detrimental for it – according to scientists, we need fats in order to keep our cardiovascular system in check.
Although demonized in the past, studies in the past few decades have shown that high cholesterol isn’t the main reason for atherosclerosis. There’s a combination of factors responsible for the disease, and the statins usually prescribed for high cholesterol in the blood are only making things worse. Our brain and tissues need the good type (HDL) of cholesterol in order to function properly, which means that lack of it can actually lead to several serious disorders.
Furthermore, several studies have shown that a high-fat diet can defeat even the most aggressive types of cancer. You won’t hear about this in the media, but it’s a well-known fact that can eradicate chemotherapy or radiation from the field of cancer treatment.
Ketogenic diet
Dr. Fred Hatfield is a former world lifting champion and a trainer who has graduated in kinesiology. Dr. Hatfield was diagnosed with a rare type of skeletal cancer which was very aggressive and according to a few oncologists, he only had 3 more months to live. However, he decided not to give up and started going through medical literature on his own.
One day, Dr. Hatfield stumbled upon a research by Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, who discovered that mice with cancer which were put on a high-fat ketogenic diet have recovered better than those who ate a normal diet. Dr. Hatfield was very interested in the research, and although human stu Continue reading

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Believe It Or Not, Use Frozen Lemons And Say Goodbye To Diabetes, Tumors, Overweight

Believe It Or Not, Use Frozen Lemons And Say Goodbye To Diabetes, Tumors, Overweight

It is an understatement to say that lemons are a super-food. They can provide a lot of health benefits, and can be added as a flavor in many food dishes.
The juice from the lemon contains huge amounts of antioxidants, and for that reason, lemons can treat many conditions and aliments.
Only juicing the lemon and drinking the juice will not provide many positive effects, but freezing them and then consuming them will provide you more benefits. Find out why it is better to consume them while frozen, in the article below.
A lot of vitamins and useful ingredients are contained in the peel of the lemon. These ingredients are very likely to normalize your cholesterol, boost your immune system and reduce the chance of getting cancer.
It is believed that if you consume lemons this way they can prevent from fungal and bacterial infections, and also can provide anti-microbial effects. Most of this is very important in the process of removing of worms and internal parasites.
In every detox method, you will find lemon as a main ingredient, it doesn’t matter if you are making lemon tea, lemon water or juice.
Health Benefits
Many experts have said that the consumption of fresh veggies and fruits is directly bonded to the decreasing of the risk of many life threatening illnesses. Here are the greatest benefits from Lemons:
Lemons reduce the risk of stroke
They will prevent from cancer
Can boost immunity system
Treat inflammation easily
Very effective against bacteria fighting
Prevents from asthma
Can treat depression and stress
Able to cleanse the liver and kidneys
Lemons and Cancer
Most Continue reading

The Plant That Kills Cancer Cells, Stop Diabetes and Boosts Your Immune System!

The Plant That Kills Cancer Cells, Stop Diabetes and Boosts Your Immune System!

Have you ever heard of Goya? Well, if you haven’t, first let me say few words about its origins and then we will talk about Goya’s many and amazing health benefits. Goya, or also known as Karela, is a bitter-melon fruit is used by many people in the world for treating many health conditions. People are using Goya’s health benefits for a long period of time. This amazing bitter-melon fruit grows well in humid and hot climates and can be mostly found in South America and Asia. Goya has become a common traditional medicine in many countries, like China, India, Asia and some southeastern part of the US. Goya has an extremely bitter taste. Its share resembles a bumpy cucumber.
Now, here comes the most important part: medical researchers have found that goya’s healthy compounds were able to treat patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer! Well, to be more exact, the main person “to blame” for this amazing discovery and the founder of the effects of this amazing fruit was Dr. Frank Shallenberger M.D. He specializes and Anti Aging treatments and Alternative Medicine at the Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti Aging Medicine.
Dr. Frank Shallenberger believes in nature’s capabilities and healing powers, and he highly recommends and advises his patients to trust nature and use natural products and substances in treating any kind of health problem or disease. Dr. Frank Shallenberger claims that this amazing fruit prevents and stops the cancer cell growth, very efficiently.
According to his research, Dr. Frank Shallenberger has found that a 5% solution of bitter melon juice Continue reading

Adam Duvall's goal: Overcome Type 1 diabetes, one day at a time

Adam Duvall's goal: Overcome Type 1 diabetes, one day at a time

CINCINNATI -- Only 13 players in the major leagues this season have hit more home runs than Adam Duvall's 28. His .522 slugging percentage ranks in the top 30.
Duvall, 27, has square shoulders, a square jaw and thick arms, and he weighs about 225 pounds. He stands 6-foot-1 but looks taller in the on-deck circle. Of the five traditional tools in baseball, Duvall's meal ticket is power. It has earned him a coveted everyday job on the Cincinnati Reds, batting behind Joey Votto.
Duvall's power prompted the league to select him for the Home Run Derby in San Diego. There, he helped put on an entertaining show, filling the outfield stands with baseballs, along with Giancarlo Stanton and the game's other notable sluggers.
Yet it was a lack of strength that alerted Duvall to a serious illness four years ago. Gone untreated, it could have put him in a coma or even taken his life. The Reds' left fielder has Type 1 diabetes. Every time he steps on a major league field, he has a quarter-sized glucose meter stuck somewhere on his body. He moves it every six days to find fresh insertion sites. Another needle inserted in his skin is connected to an insulin pump that he stashes in his back pocket. The tiny computer, protected by the same plastic that makes up bicycle helmets, is battered from a couple of years of sliding on it. The devices are connected via Bluetooth technology.
They are his lifelines.
A Type 1 diabetic has an immune system that attacks certain cells in the pancreas, and as a result, the pancreas no longer produces insulin, the hormone that controls blood glucose levels. If Continue reading

The Powerful Combination Of Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey Can Fight Diabetes, Obesity, Indigestion And Many More!

The Powerful Combination Of Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey Can Fight Diabetes, Obesity, Indigestion And Many More!

The power of garlic, apple cider vinegar and honey, combined together is undeniable.
Each of these ingredients possesses strong qualities and even the medical industry agrees with this claim. Honey is an ultra-healthy product, rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals that serve as a great antiseptic.
On the other hand, garlic contains plenty of allicin, which is an anti-inflammatory compound that beats cancer and slows down the aging process.
Finally, apple cider vinegar is beyond healthy for numerous diseases and preventing them to begin with. Some of the issues that ACV treats are diabetes, obesity, and indigestion.
Now, imagine combining these three together! Well, if that is not one mighty remedy, we don’t know what is. One study confirmed the benefits of this cure for cancer-related diseases.
As it was confirmed, cancer patients who have used it regularly showed significant health improvements and diminished cancer symptoms. Other than this, the remedy has been successful in dealing with high cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
It is best to take this remedy in the mornings, before consuming any food or liquids.
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup honey, raw and organic
10 garlic cloves
Blend all ingredients until the contents evens out. Pour mix in a jar and refrigerate. The remedy has best effects for five days, so make the most of it. Taking it after 5 days have gone by will not harm you, but the benefits are not the same.
Good to Know:
To get best results, take 2 tablespoons of the cure each morning before your meal. To enhance the flavor, Continue reading

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