The Case For Preventing Diabetes Over Cure ― David Heber

The case for preventing diabetes over cure ― David Heber

The case for preventing diabetes over cure ― David Heber

NOVEMBER 14 ― As we mark World Diabetes Day today, it is timely to review the fight against diabetes, especially in Singapore.
“If you look at yourself, and at the person sitting to your left, person sitting to your right, most probably at least one of you will have diabetes one day,” said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the National Day Rally in August.
According to the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF), Singapore has one of the highest incidences of diabetes among developed countries, trailing behind only the United States. One in nine Singaporeans aged between 20 and 79 are diabetic, and this number increases further with age, with three in 10 Singaporeans aged over 60 suffering from the disease.
While worrying, these findings are hardly surprising, as Singaporeans have become more sedentary and less active over time, just like other high-income countries.
And contrary to popular belief, the more common type of diabetes is Type 2 diabetes ― a lifestyle disease arising from poor diets and the lack of exercise.
This marks a stark contrast against the cause of Type 1 diabetes ― an auto-immune condition where the body becomes resistant to insulin and loses its ability to produce enough insulin, leading to high blood sugar levels.
Type 1 diabetes is also largely believed to have genetic links, but the underlying cause still baffles scientists and researchers today.
In fact, over 90 per cent of diabetics suffer from Type 2 diabetes, which develops over a two to 10 year period after high levels of blood sugar are recorded.
Studies done at multiple US centres a Continue reading

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Type 1 Diabetes Market Size Worth USD 25.52 Billion By 2024: Hexa Research

Type 1 Diabetes Market Size Worth USD 25.52 Billion By 2024: Hexa Research

Sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diet habits coupled with rising obesity rates will further enhance the uptake of various types of insulin for the treatment of this disorder. Though this type of diabetes is rare still the number of cases is increasing by 3% every year according to the data enumerated by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).
Insulin therapy is very much essential in the patients who have type 1 diabetes. Rising launch of the novel insulin formulations along with several adjunct therapies will positively impact the insulin acceptance. On the other hand, this chronic disorder poses a significant economic impact owing to the increasing cost of insulin coupled with other conditions such as cardiac disorders, kidney disease among others. This affects the respective countries and their national healthcare systems. For instance, the expenditure on diabetes management accounts for around 5% to 20% of the total healthcare spending.
Browse full research report with TOC on "Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Market Size and Forecast, By Insulin Analog (rapid Acting, long Acting, Premix Analogs), And Trend Analysis, 2014 - 2024" at: https://www.hexaresearch.com/research-report/type-1-diabetes-t1d-market
Rapid-acting, long-acting and premix analogs are the three major types of insulin analogs administered to the patients. These insulin types when delivered duplicate the action of natural insulin and avoid the excess release of glucose in blood cells. The market penetration of long-acting insulin products is higher as compared to other two types, however, during the forecast per Continue reading

The Best Diabetes Nonprofits of 2017

The Best Diabetes Nonprofits of 2017

The diaTribe foundation wants to make life happier and healthier for people living with diabetes, prediabetes , and obesity. They advocate for recognizing the emotional impact that diabetes has, as well as collaboration across government, nonprofits, and the healthcare industry. The foundations publication, diaTribe , presents advice, resources, and educational guides for people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. This includes medical device reviews and diabetes-specific lifestyle tips. Check out their list of recommended blogs and forums for personal stories, family support issues, and many other topics.
DiabetesSisters was founded in response to a need for more education and advocacy around the health of women with diabetes. Their site hosts webinars and has expert advice . In its mission to support and empower women with diabetes, the site also provides several community forums. Women can share and learn from others personal stories in the sisterTALK blogs. And they extend that community offline through the Part of DiabetesSisters (PODS) meetups . Find a meetup near you or sign up to start your own.
Diabetes Hands Foundation wants to build a sense of community around diabetes, believing that no one living with diabetes should feel alone. They provide support and access to tools, with two social networks and advocacy leadership. Their blood-testing initiative, Big Blue Test , highlights the positive impact that healthy lifestyle choices can have on the disease. Visit their site to learn more, donate, or read the latest news from their blog .
JDRF wants to help m Continue reading

Popular Diabetes Drugs: Trends

Popular Diabetes Drugs: Trends

If youve had Type 2 diabetes for a number of years, theres a good chance youre taking at least one drug to help control your blood glucose levels and possibly two or more drugs, including insulin . Any changes made to your prescriptions will most likely have been based on problems youve had with previous therapies, including less than adequate blood glucose control.
While changes to your medical needs are a key factor in what your doctor prescribes, its also true that outside factors play a role after all, new diabetes drugs are constantly being introduced, and certain older (and newer) drugs may fall out of favor. So how have diabetes drug prescriptions changed over the years, and what might explain these changes?
A study published in November 2017 in the journal Diabetes Care sheds some light on prescribing practices over the last few years. Using electronic medical records, researchers looked at the drugs prescribed to over 1 million people, ages 18 to 80, with Type 2 diabetes between 2005 and 2016. They identified drugs used as first-line treatments, as well as those added later if needed to help boost blood glucose control.
As noted in an article on the study at Healio, the most popular first-line drug in both 2005 and 2016 was metformin . But over that period, it grew even more popular from a share of 60% of study participants to 77%. At the same time, use of sulfonylureas as a first-line treatment dropped from 20% to 8%, and the rate for thiazolidinediones dropped from 11% to 0.7%. The use of insulin as a first-line treatment stayed similar, rising slightly f Continue reading

Diabetes Caregiver's Daily Care Checklist

Diabetes Caregiver's Daily Care Checklist

Helping someone take care of her diabetes doesn't just make her feel better. It helps her avoid common diet, foot, and mouth problems. Use this checklist for top-notch daily care.
Most people with diabetes already have their own daily routines. Some dont need any help at all -- some need reminders and prompts. But if youre a new caregiver or family member, these are good things for you to know.
She is in charge of keeping her blood sugar levels healthy. She might already be keeping a daily record of her blood glucose readings, medicine schedule, exercise , meals, and how she feels. She might be working with her doctor to look for patterns from month to month and let her doctor know about them.
When she wants to exercise , note that she should wait an hour or so after eating, when blood sugar is likely higher. Its always a good idea to pack glucose tablets or a carbohydrate snack, plenty of water, and a diabetes ID tag or card when she exercises away from home. She should also check her blood glucose before, during, and after exercise.
Stress can affect her blood sugar. Some daily activities that might help her ease stress: walking, deep breathing exercises, gardening, meditation , listening to music, or working on a hobby.
If she has problems being able to do any of these things herself -- from monitoring blood sugar to taking medications -- you might be able to help.
People with diabetes are more likely to have problems in their mouths -- like gum disease , fungus, and dry mouth . That's why mouth care is so important. They should brush with a soft-bristled brush a Continue reading

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