Soup | Gestational Diabetes UK

Soup | Gestational Diabetes UK

Soup | Gestational Diabetes UK

It's cold outside and you want something warm and filling. You know a salad just isn't going to cut it, but you don't want a large meal. What do most people fancy? Soup!
Soup may may seem like a great meal on a gestational diabetes diet, warm, filling, nutritious. But wait!...
This tin of soup contains 34g of carbs, that's 8 tsp of sugar
Did you know that a can of soup can contain as much as 34g of carbs, that's the equivalent to 8 tsp of sugar! Plus you most probably will dip some bread in there too, so even if you pick a better tolerated one like Burgen soya & linseed (11g carbs per 800g slice), that could easily be 45g carbs or 11 tsp of sugar with little protein and fat to help 'pair ' or slow down the release of that sugar.
On this post we'll share with you lots of better alternatives for soups and some hints and tips. We'll also share some of most commonly used soups that causes ladies problems.
Soup releases sugar faster into the bloodstream
Just like with anything blitzed, pureed, or mashed, soups have been cooked down and very often blended. This means that your body has to do less work to break down soup and glucose will be released faster into the bloodstream. To help this, when making soup you could eat it chunky and increase the protein and fat in the soup to help slow down the release of glucose.
Tinned soups can have high carb amounts, usually the nutritional information on the labels are shown per 100gand you will no doubt be eating more than 100g. A standard tin of soup is 400g and so most will eat at least 200g. Some cans have nutritional informa Continue reading

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Caring for a loved one with diabetes

Caring for a loved one with diabetes

As a health care provider who treats persons with diabetes, I frequently tell my patients, Im not the one taking care of your diabetes. You take care of your diabetes."
I say this because its my job to educate and provide recommendations, whereas my patients are the ones responsible for the actual work to control this disease. However, there are often times in a diabetic persons life where he or she may need the help of a loved one. A diabetic person encounters many stages in life. Sure, it can be difficult at times, but the more prepared you are, the better you can handle the situation.
Ive known a lot of parents of children with diabetes. The news of the diagnosis of diabetes in a child can be met with fear, confusion and, sometimes, even anger. Parents need to quickly learn how to adapt to the ups and downs of this disease and are often caught off guard as they enter unfamiliar territory.
Here are some things to remember as you care for a child with diabetes:
This diagnosis may mean a change in diet for your entire family.
At first, it will feel like a moment-to-moment battle between high blood glucoses and low blood glucoses.
It may be difficult for a sibling without diabetes, as the child with diabetes will get more attention because of the disease.
Adolescence is probably the most difficult time in the life of a person with diabetes. The hormones of puberty affect behavior and also affect blood glucoses. This can be a time of rebellious behavior, which can negatively affect diabetes control. Often, this adolescent rebellion carries over to young adulthood, w Continue reading

Diabetes drug and aspirin boosts cancer drug effectiveness | Daily Mail Online

Diabetes drug and aspirin boosts cancer drug effectiveness | Daily Mail Online

Metformin may slow breast cancer growth and reverse treatment resistance
Adding aspirin to a cancer drug could help combat tumors resistant to therapies
These include pancreatic, lung and colorectal cancers, as well as melanomas
A widely-used diabetes drug and over-the-counter aspirin could help boost the effectiveness of cancer treatments, two studies suggest.
Research has found that metformin used to improve the way your body handles insulin may slow breast cancer growth and reverse treatment resistance.
Another study discovered adding aspirin to a cancer drug could make it more powerful in combating a group of tumors that are highly resistant to therapies.
These include some pancreatic, lung and colorectal cancers, as well as a small percentage of melanomas.
Together, the findings offer hope for people with certain difficult-to-treat forms of the disease.
A widely-used diabetes drug and over-the-counter aspirin could help boost the effectiveness of cancer treatments, two studies suggest (stock image)
1 in 5 NBA players have heart scans that appear abnormal, study reveals
Canadian scientists found that metformin, used to treat type 2 diabetes, reduced the rapid reproduction of tumor cells in the laboratory.
It also prevented or delayed resistance to the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin.
Other laboratory experiments and tests on mice showed that metformin reversed protein markers associated with multiple drug resistance (MDR).
This meant the drug might help resistant breast cancers to start responding to treatment again, said the researchers.
Previous work Continue reading

Manitoba First Nations get $19 million to fight diabetes

Manitoba First Nations get $19 million to fight diabetes

A podiatry room in the Saul Sair Health Centre in the Siloam Mission.
This article was published 19/9/2017 (203 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.
Ottawa will pump $19 million over the next four years to combat the province's soaring diabetes epidemic on First Nations under a new health care deal that will focus on foot care.
Health Canada approved the funding and the lead Manitoba agency, Nanaandawewigamig, the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba, announced it in Portage la Prairie Tuesday.
It is believed to be the first ever regional program designed for and delivered by Indigenous people in their own communities to stem rising rates of amputation, one of the most tragic complications of diabetes
"We recognized the need and we have been working on obtaining funding to support these services for nearly 20 years," said Pimicikamak Chief Catherine Merrick, Nanaandawewigamig board chair, in a statement Tuesday.
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Best Essential Oils for Diabetes type 1 and 2 Treatment 2017

Best Essential Oils for Diabetes type 1 and 2 Treatment 2017

Home Essential oils For diseases Essential Oils For Diabetes Treatment, Recipes, and Tips
Essential Oils For Diabetes Treatment, Recipes, and Tips
The essential oils for diabetes aim to inverse the degenerative processes, especially in the case of type 2 diabetes. Renouncing sweets and juices is a big change in the life of a person that was diagnosed with this disease.Essential oils treatment can reduce cravings, allowing you to eat less and to enjoy the unsalted or unsweetened foods more. It is a direct beneficial aid for living with diabetes or even curing it.
Even if we live in a society oriented towards consuming medicines, many people start to understand the importance of essential oils for diabetes. Foods and natural remedies are our best friends, especially if we are talking about a disease coming from our eating habits. 90% of chronic and degenerative illnesses, including diabetes, have as cause or are related to our lifestyle.
Essential oils are not a replacement for medical cures for diabetes, but they are an important aid. Natural remedies, and especially essential oils, are not new, and at some point in the existence of humankind they were the only treatment for some common diseases.
Good habits must start as you are diagnosed with diabetes
Follow the insulin medical treatment (if you were recommended one). Start eating more of the foods healing the damages brought by insulin resistance in your body. This usually means starting an anti-inflammatory diet, as bad digestion is one of the causes of diabetes. This inflammation destroys the cells producing Continue reading

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