Skin Conditions Triggered By Diabetes: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Skin Conditions Triggered by Diabetes: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Skin Conditions Triggered by Diabetes: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

There are some skin problems that occur primarily or only to individuals with diabetes. The names of these conditions make them sound more dire than they are—most are treated without medication.
Allergic reactions to diabetes pills or insulin can also cause skin conditions such as bumps or depressions at insulin injection sites, and rashes. Let your doctor know about any skin issues that develop.
Skin Conditions Associated With Diabetes
Acanthosis Nigricans is a condition that typically affects people who are extremely overweight. It appears as brown or tan raised areas at the sides of the neck, armpits, or groin. Occasionally it forms on the knees, elbows, and hands. Although there are creams that can improve the spots’ appearance, losing weight is the best treatment.
Diabetic Blisters, or bullosis diabeticorum, is a rare condition where blisters erupt on the backs of feet, toes, hands, fingers, and less often on the forearms or legs. The blisters can be large and though they look like burn blisters there is no redness or pain. Healing occurs, without scarring, in roughly three weeks. Diabetic blisters usually affect those with diabetic neuropathy, and the sole treatment is keeping blood glucose levels under control.
Diabetic Dermopathy develops as light brown scaly splotches, either circular or oval. The cause is likely changes in the small blood vessels. People frequently assume dermopathy patches are age spots, and like age spots they are harmless. The condition typically develops on the front of people’s legs, and one leg can be more affected than the other. The Continue reading

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How To Avoid Diabetes With TrueTea Iced Tea

How To Avoid Diabetes With TrueTea Iced Tea

Last November 11, 2016, I was glad to be invited to TrueTea's Blogger's Night at One Tagaytay. It is my first time to go far for an event and I am beyond excited. We arrived quite early so we were able to enjoy the scenery and the good food at Amacena (I will post a separate entry for the Amacena Restaurant) in One Tagaytay.
The event was held at the Ballroom Hall of One Tagaytay. I am curious because it is my first time to hear about an Iced Tea that has no sugar added. Non-sugar products are being produced widely around the globe but the importance of using it is not appreciated.
Consuming more sugar than necessary can develop into a Diabetes, a disease that is commonly diagnosed in the Philippines. The disease itself is not fatal but the complications that comes with it are. According to a study, if Filipinos will not be aware of its complications and continues the consumption of high sugar containing food, we will be a part of the Top 10 countries with the most population of people diagnosed with Diabetes anytime soon. Scary but its a fact. We may not be aware but we do practice this everyday.
For example, Every time that there is a celebration or we dine outside, sodas are part of our routine. Even fast food offers sodas as the main choice of drinks over water. I even order iced tea over carbonated drinks because I thought that it is safer than sodas.
To my surprise, Iced Tea contains more sugar content than carbonated drinks! (Here I am thinking that I am taking less sugar with Iced Teas...LOL) T Continue reading

Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and Did Something About It: Adam's Story

Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and Did Something About It: Adam's Story

This article was written exclusively for Information About Diabetes by Adam Caryll. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Adam decided to turn his life around by getting active. Over five months, he lost about 50 pounds, cut his A1C level in half, and lowered his blood pressure to within a normal range. This is his inspiring story.
This summer I went to get an abscess on my leg lanced and found out my blood pressure was in a dangerous range (180/120). After some struggle, (there’s currently a war between a large health care provider in my area and my insurance company) I found a PCP who would still be accepting my insurance in a year. I was prescribed blood pressure medicine and took a blood screening. The results came back with more news: I’m diabetic.
More blood work, something called an A1C. Two days later, I got a phone call: They wanted me to go to the hospital to get my blood sugar under control. Not having a full grasp of the situation, I asked if I could wait a day or two because I had to work and we were already short-handed in our busy season. The response was immediate and emphatic: “NO. There is a room waiting for you at the hospital. Go.”
Dead Man Walking
I’ve learned since then that my A1C index at the time was 11.3. For those of you unfamiliar with the index, it’s a scale of 1-14. Average people without diabetes have glucose levels around 70-80. With an 11.3 index over a three-month period, I was averaging around 279. AVERAGING. Between this and my blood pressure, I was walking around with a loaded gun next to my head and had no idea.
I spen Continue reading

Believe It or Not, Use Frozen Lemons and Say Goodbye to Diabetes, Tumors, Obesity!

Believe It or Not, Use Frozen Lemons and Say Goodbye to Diabetes, Tumors, Obesity!

In addition to being used for flavoring numerous sweet and savory dishes, lemons have been known for their health benefits and often called a super-fruit.
The key ingredients in lemon are flavonoids, which are rich in antioxidants that help prevent and treat various diseases and conditions.
It is almost certain that you have used lemon juice for detoxication, whether mixed with honey, water, or in the form of lemon tea.
However, the good old-fashioned way of squeezing the lemons in order to extract their juice is not enough to use up all the nutritive elements. The best way is to freeze them. Read on and you will see why this technique is the best.
The main reason is the peel. Besides the pulp, this part of the fruit also contains nutrients that regulate the cholesterol levels, enhance the immune system, and help in the prevention of cancer.
In addition, the peel has powerful anti-microbial properties and fights fungal and bacterial infections.
Health Benefits of Lemon
Regular consumption of lemons helps the prevention and treatment of the following:
Lower the risk of stroke
Prevent cancer
Enhance the immune system
Treat and prevent inflammation
Fight bacteria
Alleviate asthma symptoms
Help with depression and anxiety
Clean the kidneys and liver
Lemons for Cancer Prevention and Treatment
Lemons are widely used due to their ability to clean the body from toxins. For these reasons, these yellow fruits are often recommended to cancer patients.
Many studies have proven the link between lemons and cancer inhibition. To be more precise, a vast experiment conducted in the 1970s pr Continue reading

Check Out These Celebrities That Have Diabetes — I Had No Idea!

Check Out These Celebrities That Have Diabetes — I Had No Idea!

Diabetes is a 24-7 condition. A condition that never rests… never sleeps… never takes a day off.
If you have it, it’s something you have to consider when making so many day-to-day decisions– from exercise, to sleep, to what you eat, it always needs to be thought about.
Diabetes doesn’t care who you are, or what you do. It affects people of both genders, young and old.
It even affects celebrities.
While there are a lot of pretty huge benefits to being a rich and famous celebrity, most people would agree that living in the spotlight certainly comes with some disadvantages. It seems difficult to have people watching and examining your every move.
Further, all of that public attention adds an additional element to having diabetes:
Do you keep it a secret, and manage your condition privately, or do you share it with the world? How will people interpret your diagnosis? Will it affect your image? Could you potentially inspire more people with diabetes and raise awareness?
The video below takes a look at some of these questions.
Take a look, and learn how some of Hollywood’s biggest stars manage their fame and diabetes simultaneously! Enjoy, and as always, don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below! Continue reading

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