Reading Nutrition Labels: What's Important If You Have Diabetes

Reading Nutrition Labels: What's Important if You Have Diabetes

Reading Nutrition Labels: What's Important if You Have Diabetes

Navigating nutrition labels can seem tricky if you have special dietary needs, but knowing the basics can help you quickly identify foods that are either diabetic- or not-so-diabetic-friendly.
Keep in mind that everyone has different nutritional needs, so it's a good idea talk with your doctor, dietitian or nutritionist about the following categories to make sure you know what to look for.
Carbohydrates are king when it comes to diabetes, and it's important to understand the power they have to affect your blood sugar. Carbohydrates will always be listed on standard nutrition labels, oftentimes with the categories "Total Carbohydrates" and "Net Carbohydrates." Total carbohydrates refers to the total amount of carbohydrates in the food before fiber is subtracted from the nutritional equation – which then gives you net carbohydrates. The latter category is generally the one you want to be concerned with, as well as what source the carbohydrates are coming from (refined sugar, vegetables, dairy, etc.).
The fiber content of a food can affect the total carbohydrate count as mentioned before. Foods higher in fiber will lower the net carbohydrate count and can also slow the rate of carbohydrate absorption. Fiber also helps to keep your blood sugar stable, so high-fiber foods are generally a great choice for diabetics. Current guidelines recommend about 25-38 grams of fiber per day, but you may be able to tolerate more.
Protein is essential for managing diabetes for several different reasons: It helps to increase satiety, keeping you full and less likel Continue reading

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R.I.P. Dr. Sebi: Man Who Had Remedies To Cure AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes & More Passes Away At Age 82! (Interview Speaking On His Supreme Court Trial)

R.I.P. Dr. Sebi: Man Who Had Remedies To Cure AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes & More Passes Away At Age 82! (Interview Speaking On His Supreme Court Trial)

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mrnealak • 2 months ago
People are Soo dumb to talking about school and other Bs this man said in the interview that he never went to school to get brainwashed like u stupid mfs... Further more how do u think people like George Washington Carver made Soo many different things from plants and was called upon by the government to help? Stop being in a box look around u... The number one reason this man is dead is because there's big business in America with you dying of so called man made deceases and not following the ways of mother Earth chemicals are the reason when we were in Africa we didn Continue reading

This Fruit Kills Diabetes And Stops Breast Cancer Cells From Growing And Spreading

This Fruit Kills Diabetes And Stops Breast Cancer Cells From Growing And Spreading

Apparently, the bitter melon is one of the most beneficial fruits on the planet, and its potent medicinal properties have been valued and used in the East for centuries.
This amazing fruit has been traditionally used to treat a wide range of uses, like fever, diarrhea, malaria, kidney stones, high blood pressure, painful menstruation, skin infections, colic, glaucoma, stomach cramps, high cholesterol levels, and hemorrhoids.
It is a rich source of proteins, acids, peptides, alkaloids, glycoside, momordine, cucurbitins, charantin, cucurbitacins, and momorcharins.
It is believed that the primary components in charge of the hypoglycemic properties include charantin, momordicin, cucurbutanoids, and oleanolic acids.
Recently, scientists have found that bitter melons have potent hypoglycaemic and anticancer properties.
A research conducted at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica has shown that this incredible fruit is effective in treating type 2 diabetes.
It has certain chemical compounds which activate AMPK which stimulates the movement of glucose transporters to the cells’ surface. “More transporters on cells’ surfaces increase the uptake of glucose from circulation in the blood into tissues of the body, such as muscle, thus lowering blood sugar levels.”
The Journal of Ethnopharmacology published the findings of researchers, indicating that, “Bitter melon had a modest hypoglycemic effect and significantly reduced fructosamine levels from the baseline among patients with type-2 diabetes who received 2,000 mg/day. Howeve Continue reading

Working with Diabetes: Know Your Rights

Working with Diabetes: Know Your Rights

Navigating your way through workplace concerns when you have diabetes might seem confusing, especially if you aren't aware of the laws that protect you in order to ensure you're provided fair treatment.
Many federal and state laws allow diabetics the same rights that are given to persons with other disabilities, which can make the day-to-day management of diabetes easier to handle, regardless of what type of job you have.
In most cases, you are in no way required to disclose that you have diabetes before you are offered a job.
However, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), some professions that have legal rules regarding physical qualification may ask you to disclose your diabetes in order to be considered for the position. Fire fighters, police officers, or commercial airline pilots may fall into this category.
In cases where you might want to prove that discriminatory action was taken because of your diabetes, know that anti-discrimination laws only protect you if your employer has knowledge of your disability.
Eating Schedule
Diabetics are also entitled to eat whenever they need to, which includes both meals and snacks. You are also allowed time to check insulin levels, take medications or use the restroom, as well as a safe place to rest if you experience hypoglycemia.
If you have diabetes, you can also request that your schedule be modified so that you have enough breaks. For example, you're entitled to ask for a straight shift if a rotating shift would pose too many challenges.
Reasonable Accomodations
Other rights fall into the category of Continue reading

8 Apps That Will Do Wonders For Managing Your Diabetes

8 Apps That Will Do Wonders For Managing Your Diabetes

Applications make your life easier. In a matter of seconds, you can find the quickest route to a great restaurant, or vintage clothing store. You can find out which actor played Dracula in the 1931 movie. A laugh, or a smile, is a thumb tap away. Etc.
It’s no different when it comes to diabetes. Literally, there are dozens of apps out there that are centered around the disease, and, to tell you the truth, that number can be overwhelming.
What we’ve done is narrow that number down to eight. Here, and on the pages that follow, you’ll find the apps we feel will help you the most. Enjoy! Oh, and please do take note of anything with a * next to it: it means that we’ve pegged the app as a MUST DOWNLOAD.
(Free on iPhone and Android devices)
With Glooko, you can upload your glucose readings directly from your meter, which the app will then make a record of. You can even have the app graph the readings out so that you can show your doctor on your next visit. The app also comes with a food database that helps you track your diet and exercise routine, as well as your medications. Watch the video for more information on Glooko!
OnTrack Diabetes
(Free on Android devices)
OnTrack puts vital information in your hands at all times. You can keep tabs on your glucose levels, set reminders to test your blood, and easily share your findings with your doctor. Watch the video to see more of OnTrack’s capabilities!
Diabetic Audio Recipes Lite
(Free on Android devices)
This app won’t only provide you with nutritional facts, it’ll tell you creative (and delicious!) ways to pre Continue reading

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