OLIVES: This Low-carb Snack Fights Inflammation, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, And Even Helps You Lose Weight

OLIVES: This low-carb snack fights inflammation, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and even helps you lose weight

OLIVES: This low-carb snack fights inflammation, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and even helps you lose weight

Plus a LOT of other health benefits from this high-fat superfood!
Co-author of the best-sellers: The Fat Burning Kitchen, The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging & The Diabetes Fix
This ONE Low Carb Snack Can Save Your Life, Prevent Alzheimer’s, Help You Lose Weight AND Look Younger!
You’ve seen them on every relish tray, in garnishes, in salads, and Italian and Greek dishes, and of course, the martini! I am talking about the ubiquitous olive—both green and black olives. While their oil seems to get all the attention, olives themselves are an awesome snack!
What’s so special about these oft overlooked little globes?
Olives contain all the same healthy fats that olive oil has. In fact, about 80% of the olive is in the form of healthy high oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid. The same, of course that is in olive oil. This monounsaturated fat is anti-inflammatory and low glycemic making them an extremely healthy, low carb snack option.
Olives’ large collection of antioxidants not only help fight disease, but they also actually fight cancer, heart disease, weight gain, diabetes and help reverse aging! Olives even help boost blood levels of the powerful anti-aging substance, glutathione, which is one of the body’s most important antioxidant nutrients because of ability to recycle antioxidants. And they are the perfect Keto/low glycemic snack!
Olives come in green and black and if you’ve ever seen an olive bar at the grocery store, you will realize there are actually many, many different varieties of olives—all with varying levels of antioxidants—but all are ric Continue reading

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Trumps OMB Director Wasnt Alone in Denigrating Diabetes

Trumps OMB Director Wasnt Alone in Denigrating Diabetes

Read: Congressman says your preexisting condition was probably your fault
However, a video uploaded to Facebook shows that the quote had been condensed somewhat, but not in any way that alters its meaning. Around the 54:00 mark in the video, Mulvaney actually says, That doesnt mean that we want to take care of the person, or should be required to take care of the person, who sits home, drinks Coca-Cola, no offense, drinks sugary drinks, and doesnt exercise, and eats poorly and gets diabetes. Is that the same thing as Jimmy Kimmels kid? And I dont think that it is.
Mulvaney was not the first panelist onstage to bring up diabetes during the panel discussion. It was first brought up by a Democrat, Gray Davis, a onetime governor of California who was recalled by California voters in 2003. Governor Davis first mentioned diabetes during a back-and-forth discussion about whether the Affordable Care Act disincentivized people from making healthy choices.
Peter Orszag, former OMB Director during President Obamas first term in office, argued it was hard to create a health care policy that could distinguish between diseases that were caused by lifestyle choices and diseases based on genetics or other factors.
Davis interjected, What about I got diabetes because I.?
Orszag interrupted with Okay, diabetes but,
After crosstalk between the two, Orszag said, Diabetes is different, some of the chronicbut youre not going to parse out your insurance acts except for the diabetes-related coverage. This is why this is complicated.*
The discussion later veered toward whether health care Continue reading

101 Registered Dietitians & Experts Answer 3 Diabetes Diet Questions

101 Registered Dietitians & Experts Answer 3 Diabetes Diet Questions

A1: Not realizing that even healthy carbs can raise blood sugar levels. High-carb foods that are healthy for non-diabetics may not be healthy for someone with diabetes. This includes foods like whole grains.
A2: Its best to eat your protein, fat and veggies first, but keep high-carb foods to a minimum. Make sure to track your blood sugar levels to see how different foods affect you.
A3: A stir-fry with eggs and veggies, fried in coconut oil or extra-virgin olive oil.
A1: They may be confused about what foods they can eat, and may be fearful about eating some foods which are actually healthy for them in balance, such as carbohydrates and fruits. They may be tempted to follow fad diets, and may overlook the importance of weight loss and exercise.
A2: I think its important to find a lifestyle that works for you. You can enjoy delicious, healthful foods and not feel deprived. Its a matter of balancing your diet with lots of whole foods. I think one of the most important things one can do is to shift their style of eating and cooking to be based on more whole plant foods: whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy fats (such as EVOO), and less amounts of highly processed foods, such as baked goods made with refined flour, foods and beverages with refined sugars, and refined snack and dessert foods. Once you start eating and cooking this way, then you can really enjoy the flavors of foods in their natural form. So, for example, a delicious menu might be a vegetarian chili served with fresh coleslaw, whole grain cornbread, and an apple crumble for desser Continue reading

The OMG Guide to Gestational Diabetes

The OMG Guide to Gestational Diabetes

If youre mortified about having this common pregnancy condition, deep breaths. We know you dont live on cookies! Ditch the guilt and focus on having a healthy baby.
Pregnancy is marked by milestones at your ob-gyn appointments. You get to hear the babys heartbeat around 8 weeks, and count fingers and toes around 10 weeks. And then theres the 28-week appointmentmemorable not only because its the start of the third trimester, but also because its when most women have to take the dreaded glucose challenge test. I remember my first test well. I was 30 years old, and given the choice of chugging a sickly-sweet orange or cola-flavored drink (I went with cola). An hour later, I had my blood drawn and was sent on my way. But a few days later, I got the call: Id failed the screening and had to come back for a three-hour glucose tolerance test .
While I ate a pretty balanced diet and was relatively fit and at a healthy weight, the previous 20 weeks of pregnancy had rendered me numb with unrelenting nausea that could only be quelled with carbs. There were nights when Id eaten a whole frozen pizza or scarfed down a bagelwith cream cheese, only to reach for a bag of pretzels an hour later. One of my first thoughts after I failed the screening was that Id probably done this to myself.
The glucose tolerance test, during which blood is taken before youve eaten anything and hourly after you have a supersweet drink, measures how well your body responds to that sugar, or glucose, over time. In my case, the answer was not well, and I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Continue reading

Diabetes induced blindness: AI detection shows clinical promise

Diabetes induced blindness: AI detection shows clinical promise

Diabetes induced blindness: AI detection shows clinical promise
The researchers confirmed that the sensitivity and specificity of the screening tool is over 90%
An artificial intelligence (AI)-based diagnostic tool developed by Google and researchers in India, for detecting diabetic retinopathy (DR), is showing clinical promise in the Indian setting, according to Rajiv Raman, a senior consultant at Chennais Sankara Nethralaya, one of the countrys leading eye hospitals.
Both Sankara Nethralaya and Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai are working with 2,000 patients each to validate the AI diagnostic tool in a clinical setting. Dr Raman confirmed that the sensitivity and specificity of the screening are over 90%. The higher a tests sensitivity, the higher the probability it will correctly identify a disease when it is present and the higher the tests specificity, the higher the chance it will correctly identify the absence of the disease in individuals who do not have it.
Aravind Eye Hospital is now in the process of incorporating the deep learning system in their telescreening program, Dr R. Kim, Chief Medical Officer of the hospital told The Hindu.
AI has been the buzzword in tech for some time now, and tech giants want poll position in this space. We are moving from a mobile-first world to an AI-first world, according to Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, and Google, for one, seems to want to be the go to company for AI, as it has become in the search engine market.
Advances in the consumer space have found utility in medicine that can be applied readily, Lily Peng, a doctor of Continue reading

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