Nottingham Student With Type 1 Diabetes Dies In His Sleep | Daily Mail Online

Nottingham student with type 1 diabetes dies in his sleep | Daily Mail Online

Nottingham student with type 1 diabetes dies in his sleep | Daily Mail Online

Another friend Molly Ellison said: 'I am so lucky to have been able to call you my best friend as well as my housemate.
'So sad to see you go so soon, a day won't go by where I don't miss you and I'll always love you and remember you forever.'
Angela posted on Twitter: 'My lovely Egyptian friend Middo dabbing in memory of Tommy Green who lost his life this week to type 1 diabetes.'
Another poster Katie said: 'Sadly lost one of our family friends to type 1 diabetes. Share to show your support for Tommy.'
Caroline Smith posted a photo of her son's marine cadets troop 'dabbing' as a group.
She wrote on Facebook: 'My son Liam with Normandy Troop Plymouth 30 Royal Marine commando cadets xx (I have type 1 diabetes)'.
Hundreds of well-wishers have posted photos of themselves doing the now-famous 'dab' move
His friend Russell Edge posted: 'Tom was my very best friend - the kindest soul. We miss him every day'
Angela posted on Twitter: 'My lovely Egyptian friend Middo (left) dabbing in memory of Tommy Green who lost his life this week to type 1 diabetes' while a man in a ski lift (right) also took part
Caroline Smith posted a photo of her son's marine cadets troop 'dabbing' as a group
Sarah Jackson added: 'So sad, my heart goes out to Tommy's family. My Son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago at the age of 12, so I will light a candle in memory of Tommy.'
Zoie Carter-Ingham said: 'Heartbreaking - my thoughts go out to his family. A candle for Tommy will be lit in my home tonight.'
Charlotte Summers, chief operating officer ofpatient forumDiabetes.co.uk, Continue reading

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Okra for Diabetes and Weight Loss

Okra for Diabetes and Weight Loss

Okra is gaining a reputation as a popular superfood for people with or at risk of diabetes and in weight loss. Commonly referred to as ladyfingers, or by its biological names Hibiscus esculentus and Abelmoschus esculentus , okra is known to have a positive effect on blood sugar control, among its many health benefits.
Evidence of okra containing anti-diabetic properties has increased in recent years, with multiple Vivo (animal) and Vitro (laboratory) studies, confirming okra as a potent anti-diabetic and blood glucose-lowering food.
In a study, published in 2011 in the Journal of Pharmacy & BioAllied Sciences, researchers in India found that diabetic mice which were fed dried, ground okra peels and seeds experienced a reduction in their blood glucose levels, while others showed a slow decrease in blood glucose following regular feeding of okra extract for about 10 days.
Many individuals with diabetes have reported decreasing blood sugar levels after soaking okra pieces in water overnight and then consuming the juice in the morning.
One study indicates that fatigue levels and recovery times can be improved by use of the okra plant. By including okra in your diet plan along with a healthy exercise plan, you may be able to work out for longer and recover more quickly from your exercise.
Cardiovascular activity is an important part of preventing and treating diabetes. This means that the okra plant may contribute to a more active lifestyle.
Studies have proven that the seed extracts of okra have an anti-str Continue reading

Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves Tea: It Helps In Weight Loss, Boost Immune System, Cure Diabetes, Cancer & More

Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves Tea: It Helps In Weight Loss, Boost Immune System, Cure Diabetes, Cancer & More

Many of us know about the health benefits of the fruit guava. But we’re unmindful of the instances that even the leaf of guava have some medicinal properties and provide varieties of health benefits. Being full with antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and helpful tannins, raw guava leaves are believed as an organic pain reliever. The chemicals included in these leaves like polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids and tannins can be very amazing in curing different illnesses such as:
1. Helps in weight loss
One of the primary benefits of guava leaves for health that aid’s in decreasing weight rapidly.
When you drink guava leaves tea, the effect can stops complex starch is changed into sugar.
For this function, the carbs must be smashed down in the liver for use by the bloody and guava leaves stops the alteration of carbohydrates to functional compounds.
2. Helpful for Diabetic
Based to research managed by the Yakult Central Institute in Japan, the guava leaves tea can amazingly lower blood glucose in diabetics by decreasing the alpha-glucosidease enzyme activity.
Furthermore, it stops the assimilation of sucrose and maltose by the body, as a result of that it lowering the levels of blood sugar.
3. Helps in reducing cholesterol levels
Research has manifested that consuming guava leaves tea for 3 months can cause to decreasing in bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and triglycerides without any harmful effect on good cholesterol.
Also, the leaf of guava is an eminent liver tonic.
4. Helps in boosting the immune system
Guava is rich in vitamin C content, guava Continue reading

A Top Trump Official Just Flunked The Jimmy Kimmel Test

A Top Trump Official Just Flunked The Jimmy Kimmel Test

A Top Trump Official Just Flunked The Jimmy Kimmel Test
It's fine to pay for sick kids, Mulvaney says, but diabetics are another story.
Youve heard of the undeserving poor? Get ready for the undeserving sick.
A top Trump administration official defended the American Health Care Act, the GOP bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act , by arguing Thursday that it would take care of people who have pre-existing conditions without asking healthy people to pay for those who made poor choices.
Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, made the comments during the LIGHT Forum at Stanford University in response to a question about the Jimmy Kimmel test . That was a reference to comedian and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who, after watching his newborn son struggle but survive a severe medical scare last week, declared, No parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their childs life.
Although Kimmel went out of his way to avoid making a partisan point, his statement, which went viral almost immediately, was an obvious jab at the Republican health care bill, which would allow states to waive Obamacare rules that prohibit insurance companies from charging higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions.
Republicans have frequently responded by pointing to AHCA provisions designed to help these people. High on the list isfunding for special insurance plans, called high-risk pools, that would be available to people unable to get coverage at standard prices because of their medical histories.
We have plenty of money to deal with that. Continue reading

Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Type 2 Diabetes: Are you at risk?

Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Type 2 Diabetes: Are you at risk?

Vitamin B12, also known as “cobalamin,” is a water-soluble essential nutrient required in our diet. When a nutrient is essential, it means the body cannot produce it internally so it must come from food we eat or supplemental form.
If you have type 2 diabetes, you could be at higher risk of a vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 supports a healthy nervous system, brain and red blood cells and is needed only in very small amounts (2.4 mcg/day).
Vitamin B12 is found only in meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy, which is why vegetarians and especially vegans are at higher risk for deficiency and should take a dietary supplement that includes B12. While there is no set upper limit for B12, it is useless to supplement if you do not have a deficiency.
Blood levels <200 pg/mL are generally considered deficient while >400 pg/mL are sufficient. Between this range, you may want to consider supplementation. Dosing will vary depending on level of deficiency, but is often 1-2 mg daily. In some cases mega-dose injections every month are required, depending on how the person responds to supplementation or if there is a severe deficiency.
What does Vitamin B12 do?
Vitamin B12 plays a number of very important roles in our bodies:
It is necessary for the metabolism of amino acids and fatty acids
It is required for DNA synthesis
It helps synthesize neurotransmitters (ie serotonin and dopamine)
It is essential for cardiovascular function
Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Type 2 Diabetes
It’s estimated that 22% of people with type 2 diabetes have Vitamin B12 deficiency, which is much higher than Continue reading

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