Nick Jonas Opens Up About Diabetes: I Thought I Was Going To Die

Nick Jonas Opens Up About Diabetes: I Thought I Was Going to Die

Nick Jonas Opens Up About Diabetes: I Thought I Was Going to Die

Nick Jonas found out he had type 1 diabetes when he was just 13 years old.
Now the 22-year-old artist is opening up to ETonline about just how fearful he felt when he first learned about the disease and how he changed that feeling into something positive.
"When I was first diagnosed, I didn't really know a lot about the disease," he admits. "So I was actually thinking I was going to die."
At the time, the Jonas Brothers were on the verge of a massive music career, and "to have this thing interrupt it was heartbreaking," Nick explains.
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But Nick learned how to "deal with it all" and calls managing his health "a day to day learning experience."
In fact, he credits having the right tools and people in his life for helping him. He uses Dexcom CGM, a glucose monitor, that gives him a reading every five minutes. "[It] feels like you have a friend looking out for you," he shares.
And you could say he doesn't feel like he's in "Chains" because of the disease. "I'm in the best health I've been in, and I'm feeling really good about, not only my own life with Diabetes and having tools I can manage it with, but also about the message that I have, which is to try to be an encouragement."
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For others who are dealing with challenges, Nick has words of hope. "Look, we all have moments that are tough, and there's support there," he says.
ETonline reporting by Denny Directo.
Check out the video above to see how Nick did not let his diagnosis stand in the way of his dreams. Continue reading

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Discover the 1 Weird Spice that Destroys Diabetes

Discover the 1 Weird Spice that Destroys Diabetes

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The Sri Lankan creating a sock to save feet from diabetes

The Sri Lankan creating a sock to save feet from diabetes

One thing we Sri Lankans are known for is our ingenuity, so it’s not surprising to say that one of our own has come up with a way to save lives from diabetes. Pasindu Lugoda, a Ph.D. student in the University of Nottingham Trent, is the leading scientist in a groundbreaking new technology. This technology is a sock that can put a stop to foot amputations in diabetic patients. These ‘Smart socks’ will be able to put a complete stop to foot amputations due to diabetes.
Pasindu started his Ph.D. in February of 2014 at the young age of 22, being one of only 7 people to get a full scholarship to the University of Nottingham Trent. With the help of his supervisor Professor Tilak Dais, he was able to grab the attention of many companies looking to fund new scientific developments. Among these companies was San Francisco-based Siren Care, a company looking for someone to help them save lives.
Today, diabetes is one of the biggest and well know diseases in the world, with nearly four million cases in Sri Lanka alone. Foot ulcers are a major complication of diabetes, one of the symptoms of diabetes is that it impedes the normal steps of the wounds’ healing process. These ulcers can lead to the amputation of one’s foot if not detected early. This occurs in 15% of people with diabetes, and 84% of the time it ends up in a foot amputation. Every 20 seconds a foot is amputated because of foot ulcers.
There was a need for a method of early detection for foot ulcers, and Sirencare was desperately searching for a technology that could do just that. Research done before hand shows b Continue reading

SUPER BERRY – It Grows Everywhere and It Treats Tumor and Diabetes

SUPER BERRY – It Grows Everywhere and It Treats Tumor and Diabetes

Foreign researchers have only now discovered that white mulberry is super herb. The healing properties of these berries are known to our ancestors without any scientific research. White mulberry reduces the risk of diabetes, protects against heart disease, reduces cholesterol and helps in weight loss.
The amount of sugar that dried mulberry contain is half the amount of sugar in other berries, like raisins. According to a survey, mulberry leaf has additives that help normalize blood sugar levels.
It is also used as a folk remedy for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. White mulberry is rich in fiber for diet. 20% of our daily requirements of fiber can be satisfied with a quantity of one third of a cup of mulberry.
Regular use of these berries will reduce cholesterol and improve the digestive system. It is also rich with antioxidants.
According to a research at the University of Texas, white mulberry contains resveratrol, which is a natural phenol. It is useful in the fight against many types of cancer and heart diseases.
Other health benefits of white mulberry:
1. Source of Antioxidants
Antioxidants help lessen the damage caused by free radicals and the entire mulberry plant- leaves, stems, and fruit, contains antioxidants.
2. Immune System Support
Mulberries contain alkaloids that activate macrophages. Macrophages are white blood cells that stimulate the immune system, putting it on high active alert against health threats.
3. Supports Healthy Blood Sugar
More formal research is appropriate, but mulberry is thought to contain compounds that support balanced blood sugar level Continue reading

Skin Conditions Triggered by Diabetes: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Skin Conditions Triggered by Diabetes: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

There are some skin problems that occur primarily or only to individuals with diabetes. The names of these conditions make them sound more dire than they are—most are treated without medication.
Allergic reactions to diabetes pills or insulin can also cause skin conditions such as bumps or depressions at insulin injection sites, and rashes. Let your doctor know about any skin issues that develop.
Skin Conditions Associated With Diabetes
Acanthosis Nigricans is a condition that typically affects people who are extremely overweight. It appears as brown or tan raised areas at the sides of the neck, armpits, or groin. Occasionally it forms on the knees, elbows, and hands. Although there are creams that can improve the spots’ appearance, losing weight is the best treatment.
Diabetic Blisters, or bullosis diabeticorum, is a rare condition where blisters erupt on the backs of feet, toes, hands, fingers, and less often on the forearms or legs. The blisters can be large and though they look like burn blisters there is no redness or pain. Healing occurs, without scarring, in roughly three weeks. Diabetic blisters usually affect those with diabetic neuropathy, and the sole treatment is keeping blood glucose levels under control.
Diabetic Dermopathy develops as light brown scaly splotches, either circular or oval. The cause is likely changes in the small blood vessels. People frequently assume dermopathy patches are age spots, and like age spots they are harmless. The condition typically develops on the front of people’s legs, and one leg can be more affected than the other. The Continue reading

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