My Way-Too-Sweet Sixteen: A Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Story

My Way-Too-Sweet Sixteen: A Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Story

My Way-Too-Sweet Sixteen: A Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Story

My Way-Too-Sweet Sixteen: A Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Story
My Way-Too-Sweet Sixteen: A Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Story
The theory in my family is that my pancreas had been dying a slow death for fifteen years. A cows milk-related allergy (so the family lore unfurled) had spelled doom for this most delicate of organs before I could even walk. But lets give credit where credits due: my pancreas took its time destroying itself, waiting until my sixteenth birthday before giving up the ghost.
While the research is far from conclusive, some past studies havesuggested that beta-lactoglobulin, a protein found in cows milk, may contribute to later development of Type 1 diabetes. As a baby, I broke out in severe red rashes when given cows milk. Concerned, my rural-Wisconsin-dwelling parents bought goats named Friday and Crusoe and fed me their milk instead. This might have helped, who knowsmaybe the damage was already done. Or perhaps this family legend has nothing to do with my disease. The reality is that tracing the factors behind ones development of Type 1 diabetes remains elusive, and may be linked to a number of factors, whether environmental, genetic, or virus-related.
Whatever the explanation for my development of Type 1 at the age of sixteen might be, the stark truth is that the months leading up to my diagnosis were near impossible. Not that I noticed.
Developing Type 1 is a funny thingits encroachment is so subtle, so nefarious, that you barely recognize that anything has changed. I likely went undiagnosed for months, and my symptoms were simply absorbed into a new Continue reading

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Notify New Teachers About Your Child's Type 1 Diabetes

Notify New Teachers About Your Child's Type 1 Diabetes

Summary: This is a sample email to notify new teachers at the beginning of the school year about your childs type 1 diabetes and highlight important aspects of the 504 plan.
When Q was in grade school and had one main teacher, we usually set up a meeting with the teacher, nurse, and the staff member who oversaw her 504 plan a few days before school began or during the first week of school to go over her care. We also looped in any teachers that might see her during the day who hadnt already had her as a student before.
Since Q is in middle school, she now has 8 different teachers during the day. Eight! This year I decided to send a quick email in advance of school starting to highlight a few important points. It isnt meant to cover all aspects of her daily diabetes management at school, but rather is intended as a heads up that Q will be in their class and to alert them of her medical condition. They will learn more at her upcoming annual 504 meeting.
I decided to share my email here on D-Mom Blog in case other parents needed a starting point for their own communication with new teachers.
Im also including the 10 Things Teachers Should Know About Diabetes and Glucagon PDFs below in case you would like to send those to staff or print them out.
My name is LC and I am the parent of Q who will be in your class this year. Q has type 1 diabetes
Im attaching a resource called 10 Things Teachers Should Know About Diabetes. Please take a few minutes to read this.
I am also attaching a copy of Qs diabetes instructions.
If you are a classroom teacher, you will receive a low Continue reading

Prescription Broccoli in a Pill Seen as the Potential Future of Diabetes Treatment

Prescription Broccoli in a Pill Seen as the Potential Future of Diabetes Treatment

Prescription Broccoli in a Pill Seen as the Potential Future of Diabetes Treatment
The life-changing disease Type 2 Diabetes is on the rise worldwide, and especially alarming is the fact that rates are on the rise among children and teenagers, potentially condemning them to a lifetime of dependence on pills, shots, blood-sugar testing, and doctors visits.
There are many natural alternatives to popular prescription medicines , in fact, many of todays pharmaceuticals are derived from plants, and now concentrated broccoli is being seen as a potential treatment for diabetes.
Sulforophane is a miracle compound you have probably never heard of . Found in its highest concentrations in broccoli, and especially broccoli sprouts, the compound is something anyone can grow in their kitchen and consume on a regular basis for very little money, and is being shown to have a beneficial effect on many aspects of health.
Sulforaphane is a precursor nutrient. Meaning, when it enters the body, it starts out as something else and is processed into the super beneficial compound which can stop cancerous tumors from doubling, and help diabetics to balance their blood sugar levels, among hundreds of other clinically-proven health benefits. [ Source ]
Regarding the most recent study , control participants were given the equivalent of 5 kilograms of broccoli every single day for a number of weeks, some 100 times the amount of sulforophane found in broccoli. The results indicate that the concentrated dose lowered par Continue reading



Can Cannabis Improve Blood Sugars in Type 2 Diabetes?
Doctors visits, blood tests and more medications. This is the norm when youreliving with type 2 diabetes.
Life becomes a new routine of pricking your finger, worrying if the food you ate is going to spike your sugars and becoming nervous at every little tingle in your fingers and toes.
You have to deal with conflicting advice about what you should and shouldnt eat (hint: diabetic foods are definitely not a good choice).
Is it any wonder that there is a higher risk of depression for type 2 diabetics.What if there was a natural solution that might help your mood and your blood sugar control?
This plant goes by so many names, marijuana, maryjane, weed and is the most widely used illicit drug worldwide. What you might not know is that cannabis has a wide range of medicinal benefits.
To understand the medicinal uses of cannabis we first need to look at how it works in the body. Our body has its own cannabinoid receptors, called the Endocannabinoid system. The system helps regulate a number of processes including appetite, memory, mood, pain, metabolism, blood flow and cell immunity.
The active ingredients in cannabis are called cannabinoids, they can act on the endocannabinoid system which is where the medical benefits come from.
Cannabis contains around 80 different cannabinoids most of which have not been widely researched as yet. The most well known cannabinoid contained in cannabis is THC.
Actually, humans have been cultivating and using hemp (the plant the cannabis comes from) for over 10,000 years. Evidence s Continue reading

The Lurking Dangers of Untreated Diabetes

The Lurking Dangers of Untreated Diabetes

The Lurking Dangers of Untreated Diabetes
Diabetes is an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous disease to live with, even when treated properly.
But what can happen when we don’t look after ourselves when suffering from diabetes?
Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is an extremely dangerous short-term condition that progresses rapidly. When insulin levels in the body become too low to treat all the glucose in the body, it results in a buildup of ketones. This can cause symptoms like heavy breathing or wheezing, confusion, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, dehydration, and a fruity smell on the breath. Stress, trauma, and infections increase the risk of DKA.
Another dangerous metabolic emergency is a hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state (HHS). Common symptoms include the feeling of your energy being drained, cramps in the legs and feet, problems with sight, fever, abdominal bloating and dehydration.
One of the biggest effects diabetes has on the body is damaging all kinds of nerves all across the body. Some of the biggest problem areas include the hands, feet, and limbs. Nerve damage can usually be identified by numbness or pain, as well as wounds that take extremely long to heal.
Diabetes comes with a high risk of developing eye disease, as it can damage the small blood vessels in and around the eyes, leading to problems with your vision. This is referred to as diabetic retinopathy, and if left untreated can greatly increase the chance of cataracts and glaucoma.
Even when treated, diabetes increases the risk of developing kidney and heart problems by almost double.
This als Continue reading

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