Moringa – The Herb That Treat Cancer And Stops Diabetes

Moringa – The Herb That Treat Cancer And Stops Diabetes

Moringa – The Herb That Treat Cancer And Stops Diabetes

Moringa oleifera is an incredibly healthy herb, native to South Asia, which has been traditionally used as a medicine for thousands of years. It is a rich source of antioxidants and offers various health benefits
Both, its leaves, and fruits are edible and can significantly improve your health, as they are high in vitamins and minerals. Actually, only a cup of this fruit provides 157% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.
Moreover, it contains the following nutrients:
Vitamin B6- 19% daily needs
vitamin B2 riboflavin- 11%
iron- 11%
Vitamin A-9%
magnesium- 8%
protein-2 g
The consumption of the raw plant provides the best effects, but you can also take supplements of the dried Moringa leaves.
These are the most important benefits of the consumption of this plant:
It regulates blood sugar
This herb can be of great help in the case of diabetes, as studies have shown that it can effectively regulate blood sugar levels. One study involved 30 women who received a daily dose of 7g Moringa leaf powder for 3 months, and it leveled their blood sugar by 13.5%.
Purifies blood
The leaves and fruits of this herb cleanse the blood, and also treat all kinds of skin issues. If applied topically, it can treat pimples and acne, due to the powerful properties.
Relieves headaches
Prepare a natural juice of the roots of this plant, and jaggery, mixed in equal amounts, and soothe the terrible headaches.
Strengthens your bones
The consumption of this plant improves the density of bones, as it provides high amounts of iron and calcium. Moreover, it helps you boost your stamina and improve yo Continue reading

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Marijuana Users Less Likely to Develop Diabetes

Marijuana Users Less Likely to Develop Diabetes

People who use marijuana are less likely to be obese or develop diabetes, according to a new study from the Conference of Quebec University Health Centers.
Marijuana users have lower fasting insulin levels and a lower rate of insulin resistance, researchers reported in the Journal of Obesity.
“In this large cross-sectional adult survey with high prevalence of both substance use and obesity, cannabis use in the past year was associated with lower BMI, lower percentage fat mass, lower fasting insulin, and HOMA-IR (insulin resistance),” the authors wrote.
Medical benefits?
The study, which included 786 Inuit adults between the ages of 18 and 74, found the association between marijuana use and lowered diabetes risk to remain even after controlling for factors like gender, age and body mass index.
The findings corroborate a 2013 study that showed cannabis users had lower insulin levels than non-users.
In the currently study, marijuana users had an average BMI of 28.6, while non-users had an average BMI of 26.8.
Marijuana alters the processes involved in appetite, metabolism and the insulin response, but researchers aren't yet sure exactly how this occurs.
"Cannabis use was associated with lower BMI, and such an association did not occur through the glucose metabolic process or related inflammatory markers," the authors concluded.
Source: Daily Caller, CNN
Image courtesy of scottchan/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Type 2 diabetes is different from type 1 diabetes in many ways. As its alternate name of adult-onset diabetes implies, it is usually only found in adults. However, the rate Continue reading

Diabetes-Friendly Mac and Cheese Recipes

Diabetes-Friendly Mac and Cheese Recipes

Macaroni and cheese isn't just for kids. These yummy cheesy pasta recipes are perfect for people with diabetes and those without.
Macaroni and cheese isn't just for kids. These yummy cheesy pasta recipes are perfect for people with diabetes and those without.
Macaroni and cheese isn't just for kids. These yummy cheesy pasta recipes are perfect for people with diabetes and those without.
Macaroni and cheese isn't just for kids. These yummy cheesy pasta recipes are perfect for people with diabetes and those without. Continue reading

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Wraps

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Wraps

Smoked salmon and cream cheese has to be one of the most iconic breakfast/brunch combinations. The flavors of punchy smoked salmon and delicate cream cheese match perfectly with sharp onion and fragrant herbs.
Our favorite brunch place in Santa Monica closed last year after being in business for almost 60 years, so we haven’t been going out for brunch nearly as much as we used to, and we’ve missed their delicious smoked salmon platter. So we thought, “Why not make it ourselves?” It’s super easy to make, after all.
There is no cooking involved — you just assemble the ingredients and have an awesome breakfast ready in under 10 minutes!
The only difference between this and the traditional brunch platter is that I’ve swapped the bagel with a low carb tortilla, turning it into a wrap. This not only makes it handier to eat (you can actually eat it in the car if you like), it also brings the carbs down, turning a Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Wrap into a perfectly healthy breakfast.
I like to add some flavor to the cream cheese by mixing in herbs. The classic herb to use with salmon is dill, but I actually think that basil and smoked salmon is an even better flavor combination.
I used dried basil this time because I always have that in the kitchen, but finely chopped fresh basil would, of course, be even better.
Other healthy breakfast options
They always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and, while I don’t know if that is true, it’s definitely one of the meals I enjoy the most. Few things are better than starting the day with a delicious Continue reading

Vaccine will cure diabetes: Scientists close to finding new wonder drug

Vaccine will cure diabetes: Scientists close to finding new wonder drug

Launching the project today, they believe the research will result in an effective vaccine to combat Type 1 diabetes.
Dr Alasdair Rankin, Diabetes UK’s director of research, said: “This research is hugely exciting because it has the potential to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living with Type 1 diabetes, as well as leading us towards a longed-for cure.”
The vaccine would work in harmony with other treatments that reduce damage to insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.
In the first of four new studies, Professor Mark Peakman at King’s College London will lead the UK trial of a prototype vaccine for children and teenagers living with or at high risk of Type 1 diabetes.
At the same time Professor Colin Dayan at Cardiff University will develop a UK-wide network to enable more Type 1 “immunotherapy” trials to take place – and to train the experts who will lead them.
Professor Desmond Johnston of Imperial College London will continue work to identify those newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes so that more people can be offered the opportunity to take part in clinical trials.
Dr Tim Tree, also at King’s College London, will set up a network of specialist laboratories to study the impact of the trials, investigating how different treatments work.
The studies, funded by £4.4million from Diabetes UK with support from Tesco and co-funding from the JDRF diabetes research charity, are being launched at Diabetes UK’s conference in London, which starts today.
Type 1 diabetes is an unavoidable condition with a huge impact on the lives of more th Continue reading

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