Medtronic's Diabetes Segment Generating Excitement

Medtronic's Diabetes Segment Generating Excitement

Medtronic's Diabetes Segment Generating Excitement

Medtronic's Diabetes Segment Generating Excitement
Medtronic's Diabetes Group is the smallest, but fastest growing segment in the company's portfolio. Investors are excited about its prospects due to the 670G insulin pump.
The 670G device is the first insulin pump for diabetes patients that is integrated with its sensors. This drastically reduces some of the drawbacks of using insulin pumps.
The Diabetes Group segment is expected to grow significantly as Medtronic iterates on the 670G. Longer-term, the segment could potentially double in size as Medtronic becomes a larger diabetes player.
Medtronic ( MDT ) is a pure-play medical device company. The company is a mid-single digit revenue grower driven by product segment innovation, international growth, and acquisitions. Profitability is further boosted by integration of their acquisitions and growth within their high-margin segments. They also generate strong free cash flow and aim to return 50% of that to investors.
As a quick overview, Medtronic is split up into four segments: the Cardiac and Vascular Group (CVG), the Minimally Invasive Group (MITG), the Restorative Therapies Group (RTG), and the Diabetes Group (DG). CVG is the largest segment at 35% of sales. The MITG and RTG business are slower segments that have historically grown in the low-single digits. DG is the smallest, but fastest growing, segment and is arguably the most promising one among all of them. This is the segment I'll zoom in on in this article.
For those who are unfamiliar, let's first talk about diabetes and survey the available treatments. B Continue reading

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Broccoli Compound Could Help Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Broccoli Compound Could Help Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Some people don't like to eat their vegetables, but for obese people with type 2 diabetes, broccoli could hold the key to slowing, and potentially reversing, the disease, according to a new study.
Scientists used both computational and experimental research to zero in on a network of 50 genes that cause symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes. They also located a compound called sulforaphane — which is found naturally in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbages — that could turn down the expression of those genes, according to the findings, published today (June 14) in the journal Science Translational Medicine.
In the study, the scientists gave sulforaphane to obese patients, in the form of a concentrated broccoli sprout extract. They found that it improved the patients' systems' ability to control their glucose levels and reduced their glucose production — two symptoms of diabetes that can lead to other health problems, including coronary artery disease, nerve damage and blindness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
"It's very exciting and opens up new possibilities for the treatment of type 2 diabetes," Anders Rosengren, an assistant professor at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, told Live Science. [Science You Can Eat: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Food]
Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes, affects more than 300 million people globally. For those with the disease who are obese, the excess fat in the liver makes the body less sensitive to the hormone insulin, which can make it diffi Continue reading

The Most Expensive Fruit That Exists, Removes Anemia In 2 Days and Regulates Diabetes

The Most Expensive Fruit That Exists, Removes Anemia In 2 Days and Regulates Diabetes

The pitahaya, also known as the dragon fruit, is a spectacular fruit. This one has a sweet and soft pulp with a similar flavor to melon and kiwi. In addition, its irregular bark and scaly panels give that dragon-skin feel.
As it has thermogenic properties and only 50 calories per 100, it is ideal for slimming. This fruit is rich in tyramine, an amino acid that activates the hormone glucagon, which stimulates the body to use reserved glucose and fat as an energy source.
The pitahaya can be consumed in the natural, in salads, processed as soda, jam or sweets. It can also be used in yogurts, cakes, cakes, juices and ice creams.
There are 3 types of pitahaya: red, yellow and white. The red pitahaya is of this color both inside and outside. The yellow is this color on the outside, and white on the inside. Finally, the white has the pink shell and its interior is white.
This fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, and oligosaccharides. The same serves to lower cholesterol, delay aging, level blood sugar, etc. Its most important components are Omega 3, Magnesium and Calcium.
As we have said, the pitahaya helps to delay the appearance of the signs of aging. Being packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, it is very useful in other fields of natural medicine. It serves to stabilize free radicals and protect cells from the damage it causes.
The dragon fruit is rich in fiber, so it can help us a lot when it comes to losing weight. Also, with very few calories, so ingesting it will not be a problem. Also, this crust the feeling of satiety, so you will feel satisfied for long Continue reading

New evidence that type 1 diabetes is linked to the level of A1 beta-casein in most types of cow milk

New evidence that type 1 diabetes is linked to the level of A1 beta-casein in most types of cow milk

New evidence that type 1 diabetes is linked to the level of A1 beta-casein in most types of cow milk
2 November 2017 / Latest News , Media Releases , Diabetes in the news
This article was to be published in The Conversation but waspulled at the last minute as senior editors "felt that theinterests of associated commercial parties, who might benefit fromdissemination of the article, were too great". It has since beenpublished in several other publications.
Authors:Keith Woodford,Agricultural Management Group, Lincoln University, Christchurch,New Zealand,& Boyd Swinburn,School of Population Health, University of Auckland, Auckland, NewZealand.
Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease in which the body attacksits own insulin-producing cells, is on the rise globally.
Early evidence of an association between type 1 diabetes and aprotein in cow milk, known as A1 beta-casein,
was published in 2003. However, the notion that thestatistically strong association could be causal has remainedcontroversial.
we have reviewed the overall evidence that links A1 beta-casein totype 1 diabetes.Our research brings forward new ways oflooking at that evidence.
Type 1 diabetes is the form of diabetes that often manifestsduring childhood. The key change is an inability of the pancreas toproduce insulin, which is essential for transporting glucose acrossinternal cell membranes.
There is common confusion between type 1 and the much morecommon type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease.This means that the immune system attacks the body's own cells.Insulin-producing cells in the Continue reading

Natural Diabetes Treatments - 18 Essential Oils for Diabetes

Natural Diabetes Treatments - 18 Essential Oils for Diabetes

This post may contain affiliate or referral links that help keep this site running. For more information about this, please see our disclosure policy .
Diabetes is close to my heart and unfortunately, my own home.Most of my family is diabetic and I received my own diabetes diagnosis around a year ago. While it can be treated conventionally, that wasnt aroute I wanted to go unless I absolutely had to. I dont like chemicals and I dont like conventional medications if I can avoid it. My body doesnt react to them the way that most people do so taking a conventional treatment can actually do me more harm than good. When I first found out I was diabetic, I made a deal with my husband. I could try natural treatments for diabetes first and only if they failed would I go on more conventional diabetes treatments like medicine or insulin. I can be rather crunchy at times and Im well aware of the benefits of essential oils so the first thing that I did was look up the different essential oils for diabetes to help harness nature in helping my body to heal.
My father was just 54 years old when he died from complications related to a diabetic ulcer. If you arent sure what that is, it is basically an open wound that wont heal. The ulcer got gangrene and as a result, his entire body turned septic. As a result, he passed from a heart attack ten years ago. Id love to tell you that he did everything that he could to manage his diabetes, but the truth is that he didnt. I have vivid memories of watching him eat sweets and other sugar filled foods day in and day out. When I received my diagno Continue reading

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