Life Policy Claim Rejected Because Man Shot Dead 'didn't Disclose Diabetes'

Life policy claim rejected because man shot dead 'didn't disclose diabetes'

Life policy claim rejected because man shot dead 'didn't disclose diabetes'

Cape Town - An Atlantis woman whose husband was shot dead in crossfire while dropping his child off at crèche was stunned when financial services company Old Mutual rejected a life policy claim because he had not declared a medical condition.
"He was shot. He did not die of high blood pressure, or sugar diabetes," said Renei Kruger, as she tried to make sense of the upsetting turn of events.
According to the police report at the time, Brent Kruger, 32, was dropping their young daughter off at crèche on June 22 when a bullet struck him. He was still in his vehicle, and he died at the scene.
Four teens between 15 and 18 have been arrested and charged with murder.
Brent had been the bread winner in the family, so even though she was devastated, Renei knew that at least she and their three girls had been provided for through the life insurance policy he had been paying.
Tough times
However, when she claimed, she was told that it would not be paid out because he had never disclosed that he was being treated for diabetes.
"He did not have diabetes. The doctor advised him to do exercise and lose some weight," said Kruger.
"We used to go for walks, and we changed his diet. It was just routine advice."
He was not receiving insulin or any chronic medication for diabetes either, she said.
Times have been tough for her and the girls. Shortly after her husband was killed, she discovered she was pregnant.
She and the girls are living with family at the moment.
She does not have a car to use because Brent's car lurched forward into a vibracrete fence when he was shot.
She does not have Continue reading

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Israeli Researchers Discover Flower That Can Treat Diabetes

Israeli Researchers Discover Flower That Can Treat Diabetes

This article was first published on The Times of Israel and was re-posted with permission.
Israeli researchers have found that a plant that grows in Israel, as well as in other parts of the Middle East, is effective in treating diabetes.
SEE ALSO: Israelis, Palestinians Join Forces To Explore Local Flowers To Combat Cancer, Diabetes
Dr. Jonathan Gorelick of the Judea Research and Development Center will present the results of his study of Chiliadenus iphionoides (sharp varthemia), an aromatic shrub that grows in Israel and throughout the Middle East, at the 25th Judea and Samaria Research Studies Conference in Ariel University on Thursday.
Gorelick and his team, who have published the results of their study of sharp varthemia in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, found that consumption of the yellow-flowering plant increased sugar absorption in skeletal muscle and fat cells and reduced blood sugar levels in animals.
According to the researchers, while many plants have traditionally been used to treat diabetes, only few have been successful as marketable medications. His research team is working on isolating the active ingredient in sharp varthemia so that it may be made into an accessible treatment for diabetes patients.
To continue reading this article on the TOI site, click here. Continue reading

Is The Cure for Diabetes A Humble Root?

Is The Cure for Diabetes A Humble Root?

Billions are spent annually and still there is no conventional cure for diabetes. Or is there a cheap, safe and freely available solution already growing beneath our feet?
Diabetes is a very big business, representing tens of billion of dollars in pharmaceutical drug sales annually. Tragically, while the number of diabetes diagnoses continue to expand globally the drugs themselves, including recombinant (GMO produced) insulin, appear to actually increase mortality. Upton Sinclair nailed the problem on its head when he stated:
It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."
In other words, the resistance within the conventional medical system against finding both the causes and the cures for the diabetes epidemic is institutional, economically-motivated, and fundamentally unethical.
This happens to be why GreenMedInfo.com continues to enjoy expanding popularity around the world. There is no shortage of research on natural solutions to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, but with the mainstream media's primary funding coming from Big Pharma, the storylines either completely ignore or are pitted against the natural solutions we regularly report on. Back in 2014, for instance, we reported on a truly groundbreaking finding published in the American Diabetes Association's very own journal, Diabetes Care, which found a turmeric extract (curcumin) was 100% effective in preventing the progression from pre-diabetes to diabetes (type 2).
Obviously, turmeric possesses a wide range of side benefits, making this finding all the mor Continue reading

Hospitalized with Diabetes

Hospitalized with Diabetes

Rob Kardashian was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes ... TMZ has learned.
We're told Rob wasn't feeling well over the weekend and as his condition worsened, his family became alarmed and Rob was taken to an L.A. hospital.
Doctors performed tests and diagnosed the condition ... and it was news to Rob. He had no clue he was diabetic.
Doctors stabilized him and as of this post he's still in the hospital.
Sources close to the Kardashians say this was a wake up call and Rob wants to start 2016 healthy.
Rob was last seen in public on an In-N-Out run this past June. Continue reading

Disney Diabetes Disaster

Disney Diabetes Disaster

Editor’s Note: This letter was addressed to Disney Cruise Lines for their poor and disappointing customer care of a mother and her child with Type 1 diabetes. After Beyond Type 1 asked if the T1D community could show their support of the family by tweeting and/or emailing Disney Cruise Lines, tens of thousands rallied on social media. This advocacy effort has paid off, and in response to the T1D’s community outrage, the Disney Cruise Lines Company responded with an apology to the family and a vow to correct their conduct in the Special Services department. You can sign up for our newsletter News Drop to receive more information on T1D advocacy campaigns like this one.
Hello Disney Cruise Line,
My son and I just came back from a cruise on the Disney Wonder. I wanted to notify you of some issues we had on the cruise with disability accommodation for Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a serious autoimmune disease, which is protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Before we cruised, I spoke with the Special Needs Coordinator to make sure I had everything in order. We discussed the kid’s clubs and she stated that since my son is 12 years old and able to treat himself independently, that he could attend the kid’s clubs without any problem, and advised for us to both carry the Wave phones in case of emergency.
She put in a request for a sharps container for the room, we discussed medical center on the ship, and I inquired about bringing snacks and/or low blood sugar supplies. I informed her that my son carries packs of Starburst and fun-size Skittles for low b Continue reading

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