I Had Lost All Hopes, Believed That I Would Have To Live With Diabetes All My Life. Now I’m An Ex Diabetic Thanks To This

I Had Lost All Hopes, Believed That I Would Have To Live With Diabetes All My Life. Now I’m An Ex Diabetic Thanks To This

I Had Lost All Hopes, Believed That I Would Have To Live With Diabetes All My Life. Now I’m An Ex Diabetic Thanks To This

For almost 6 long years I suffered from diabetes, I tried all sorts of medicines and drugs for diabetes and recently my doctor told me that I had to inject insulin in order to normalize my blood sugar level.
Luckily my friends encouraged me to visit a naturist doctor. Thanks to this natural infusion that recommended me, I am already free of diabetes.
Fig leaves are well known for their astringent and regulating properties of blood glucose within oriental medicines, thus occupying an important place in the natural treatment of diabetes, as a complement.
Probably not many people know that the fig tree is a very healthy food; However, not only is its fruit delicious and possesses various medicinal properties, but its leaves are also very valuable for our organism.
Fig Leaves and Diabetes
The fig leaves contain high amounts of natural insulin, so their consumption reduces the need to inject the substance. It is an excellent natural remedy for those who suffer from diabetes.
Infusion of Fig Leaves: Put three fig leaves (of which you produce edible figs) in half a liter of water and boil for 15 minutes. Use it as drinking water, in a month you will begin to see the results.
Other excellent uses you can give to this infusion.
The fig leaves reduce levels of triglycerides in the body, therefore must be consumed regularly, which prevents heart attacks and obesity.
A good remedy against ulcer is to chew the fig leaves and swallow the resulting juice.
Figs are one of the fruits that have the most fiber so that ingesting them is be Continue reading

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Boy with diabetes saves pennies for 4 years to get service dog

Boy with diabetes saves pennies for 4 years to get service dog

WAITSFIELD, Vermont --
Eight-year-old Aiden Heath has spent a little over four years collecting loose change with a goal in mind. And that dedication paid off this week when he finally came face-to-snout with his very own service dog, Angel.
"Aiden looked at me and said, 'This is a dream,'" his mother, Jenni Heath, told ABC News.
Aiden, of Waitsfield, Vermont, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four years ago. Soon after he learned about canines trained to help monitor glucose levels in people.
"They can sense it 20 minutes to 30 minutes before the blood meter actually tells you that you're low," Jenni explained.
Service dogs are expensive - each costing $15,000. But not to be discouraged, Aiden's mom told her son to save, one penny at a time.
In April, when Aiden was about $9,000 from his goal, news coverage of his story helped bring in donations from across the U.S., raising more than $20,000 almost overnight.
With the windfall, Aiden and his mom put a down payment on a dog in Nevada.
Jenni Heath said Angel, a chocolate Labrador, had been trained from April until recently and had passed all her tests. She said she and Aiden had followed Angel's progress with videos and pictures.
On Monday Angel arrived from Nevada to the Heaths' home.
"We have been so amazed by the outpouring of support," Jenni Heath said. "He is feeling the love. ... There are no words."
Read the full story from ABC News. Continue reading

Scientists Identify 28,000 Medicinal Plants That Treat Ailments from Cancer to Diabetes

Scientists Identify 28,000 Medicinal Plants That Treat Ailments from Cancer to Diabetes

In recent years, the term “plant medicine” has come to be associated with psychedelics like mushrooms and ayahuasca, which are increasingly documented to provide mental and emotional relief to users. But according to a recent analysis from Kew Gardens in the United Kingdom, there are over 28,000 other plants currently being used as medicine throughout the world.
The second annual report from Britain’s Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, located in London, is the result of the research and analysis of 128 scientists from 12 countries around across the globe.
According to their findings, there are 28,187 plants “currently recorded as being of medicinal use.”
The report [pdf] explains:
“In many regions of the world, people still rely on traditional plant-based medicines for their primary healthcare. This is especially true for many rural communities in Africa, parts of Asia, and Central and South America, where plants and knowledge of their traditional use are accessible and affordable. In other countries, many of these traditional plant-based medicines are being integrated through regulations into mainstream health systems.”
Though plant medicines are making their way into the mainstream, the researchers note that currently, just “16% (4,478) of the species used in plant-based medicines are cited in a medicinal regulatory publication.” Even so, they note data on drugs approved by the FDA and similar agencies:
“Since 1981, 1,130 new therapeutic agents have been approved for use as pharmaceutical drugs, of which 593 are based on compounds from natural sources. Thi Continue reading

New Film Explains Monogenic Diabetes

New Film Explains Monogenic Diabetes

An intriguing film was shown at this year’s ADA Scientific Sessions in Boston. Journey of a Miracle: Freedom from Insulin tells the story of several families who had children who were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but actually had monogenic diabetes. Dr. Louis Philipson of the University of Chicago introduced the film to the standing-room-only crowd that packed into the room. Dr. Philipson supervised the development of the first registry for people with monogenic diabetes, which was funded in part by the American Diabetes Association. The film’s story highlights the importance of research and how it can change the lives of those living with disease.
Journey of a Miracle follows three families and the physicians and scientists who helped them. In each case, the diagnosis of type 1 happened in infancy. In one family, the infant’s diagnosis of monogenic diabetes led to the discovery of a three-generation link—both the child’s father and grandfather had been misdiagnosed as type 1 as well, and now all three have transitioned away from insulin therapy to an oral medication. “When I found out I could transition off insulin, I almost couldn’t believe it,” said Scott Moynihan, who was diagnosed as a baby. “I’ve never known anything else other than being a type 1 diabetic. It’s defined my life, so the whole idea of not being on insulin was just very foreign to me.”
“While there are far fewer people with this form of diabetes than have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, there’s still an enormous number of people in the United States alone that have one of these Continue reading

If You Have Diabetes Boil These Leaves and Remove This Problem Without Drugs!

If You Have Diabetes Boil These Leaves and Remove This Problem Without Drugs!

Diabetes is the health issue when the body cannot make insulin or it does not handle it well. This means the pancreas is damaged and we develop diabetes due to it.
The common signs are:
More frequent urinating at night time
Strange thirst
Strange weight loss
Itching around the pelvis and vagina
Blur vision
Slow healing wounds and cuts
The bad thing here is that diabetes links to other health issues too like: heart issues, kidney damage, nerve damage, erectile issues, weakness, blindness, bad vision and more. The main diabetes types are: diabetes 1, diabetes 2 and gestational diabetes.
Diabetes 1 is juvenile diabetes and is when the immunity by mistake attacks and kills beta cells in the pancreas, for insulin.
Diabetes 2 is when it is seen in adults and the body cannot use the insulin released or makes lack of it.
Gestational is during pregnancy, in the 2nd trimester.
Many natural cures exist for these issues to regulate the blood sugar but you only need mango leaves the most.
How to make the cure?
Get 10-15 mango leaves and boil them in water, glass. Let this stay overnight and in the morning drink this water before the breakfast. Use this cure for 2-3 months.
Also dry the leaves in some dark and cold place and grind them. Get ½ tsp of them 2 times daily.
The leaves are very healthy and have vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals. They cure many health issues like diarrhea, fever, insomnia, varicose veins, cold, bronchitis, asthma and more. They also level the hypertension and make blood vessels stronger.
Article and image source: www.healthylifebase.com Continue reading

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