How Your Gut Microbiome May Affect Diabetes

How Your Gut Microbiome May Affect Diabetes

How Your Gut Microbiome May Affect Diabetes

How Your Gut Microbiome May Affect Diabetes
Is your gut health the answer to better insulin function and blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes?
Experts say the gut microbiome is one factor among many that can play a role in diabetes risk.
If youve been diagnosed withprediabetesor type 2 diabetes, your doctor has likely told you to focus on healthy eating habits and exercise to help prevent the development, or progression, of the disease. Chances are youve probably also heard that caring for your gut health is the X factor that may decrease the risk of developing full-blown type 2 diabetes . Perhaps you also have heard that it could even reverse the disease as well. So, whats the truth?
Your gutmicrobiomeis the collection of microbes in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract that may impact your immunity, your ability to extract energy from food, your metabolism, and more. They play an important role in your health but not the only role. If you look at diabetes and obesity, over 600 million people in the world are obese, and over 400 million have diabetes. There are multiple factors implicated in both diseases, including genetics, culture, environment, and lifestyle, says RuchiMathur, MD , director of Anna and Max Webb & Family Diabetes Outpatient Treatment and Education Centerat Cedars-Sinai inLosAngeles. Gut microbes may play one piece of a very large and complicated puzzle, but theyre not the be-all and end-all, she says.
Even what we know about the gutmicrobiome is still in the early stages. We know disruptions in the gutmicrobiometouch almost all diseases we see in m Continue reading

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'The last team I played on would have been England Youths with Lee Westwood'

'The last team I played on would have been England Youths with Lee Westwood'

Historically Great Britain & Ireland have been the whipping boys in the PGA Cup as the bigger and better American club pros would routinely give us a bit of a going over.
It’s no great surprise given the pool of players that each team has to pick from. As the GB&I skipper told us in the preview ‘we start with 460 players at regionals, they start off at 4,000’.
The last time GB&I won back-to-back matches it was 1984, since then we have only come out on top twice which included two years ago at CordeValle. There Niall Kearney, in the last singles out on Sunday, got up and down from behind the 18th green to edge the visitors over the line. Never before, the matches began in 1973, had the Americans lost at home.
Now we have won two on the trot again thanks to an incredible effort in the singles last weekend. On Saturday night the visitors had just won three of the four foursomes to get back within a point, the following day they won just one of the 10 singles – GB&I ran out 16-10 winners.
At the heart of the home effort was Robert Coles. The 45-year-old, from Maylands Golf & Country Club in Essex, knew he would be playing in the PGA Cup last October. The European Tour veteran finished second behind Matthew Cort at the PGA Play-Offs at Saunton, and ahead of Greig Hutcheon of Scotland, as the three of them booked their places in Albert MacKenzie’s side for Foxhills.
Coles wouldn’t say as much, he’s far too modest and self-deprecating, but his efforts in Surrey were pretty heroic. After a disappointing start he then won his next four matches, being one of three playe Continue reading

Sex With Diabetes: Mens Awkward Bedroom Questions, Answered

Sex With Diabetes: Mens Awkward Bedroom Questions, Answered

Sex With Diabetes: Mens Awkward Bedroom Questions, Answered
Diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, low testosterone, and other sex problems in men. Here's how to address them.
Having sex when you have diabetes may affect your libido, among other issues.
Youve probably heard that having diabetes can impact sex. After all, high blood glucose affects your whole body, even your most private parts. For a lot of people, their sexual life is important, says Evan Sisson, PharmD, CDE , an associate professor at the school of pharmacy at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, adding that checkups should leave time for an open conversation about a patients sexual life and concerns.
Why Arent My Erections Like They Used to Be?
For years, it has been well known that erectile dysfunction (ED) is more common in men who have diabetes . A study published in July 2017 in the journalDiabetic Medicine offers clues on the prevalence of this issue: Men with diabetes are 3.5 times more likely to have ED than men without diabetes.
High blood glucose damages nerves, meaning the lets have sex signal doesnt make it to the penis. It also narrows the peniss blood vessels so you dont get enough blood to the penis for an erection.
You cant reverse damage to nerves and blood vessels in your penis, but you can prevent further damage by lowering your A1C , says urologist Ajay Nangia , bacholorof medicine and bachelor of surgery, a professor of urology at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City.
Treatments for ED include pills, such as Viagra (sildenafil) , Continue reading

Rice Nutrition Facts

Rice Nutrition Facts

2019 About, Inc. (Dotdash) All rights reserved
Calories, Carbs, and Health Benefits of White Rice
Richard N. Fogoros, MD on December 21, 2016
Rice is a starchy grain used as a staple ingredient by more than half the world's population, largely in part due to its versatility and ability to adapt to any flavor and seasoning. Acting as a valued ingredient in almost any type of cuisine, rice has a chewiness and soft texture that adds substance to meals and complements multiple types of meal plans.
There are different types of rice. The calories and nutrition facts for white rice are different than for other types of rice. Consider different varieties to find the best variety for you.
The following nutrition information is provided by the USDAfor 1 cup (186g) of cooked white riceprepared without salt or fat.
There are over 53 grams of carbohydrate in a single serving of white rice. Only a small amount of that carbohydrate comes from fiber. Most of it is starch and a small amount is sugar.
Rice is considered a starchy source of carbohydrates. If you are counting carbohydrates for diabetes or a reduced-carbohydrate diet, you need to carefully measure your portion size.
The glycemic index of white rice is estimated to be 73. The glycemic index of brown rice is estimated to be about 68.
If you cook rice without adding any oil or butter, there is almost no fat in this dish.
There are over four grams of protein in white rice if you consume a one-cup serving.
Depending on the type of rice you choose, rice can serve as a good source of B vitamins, thiamin, niacin, ribofla Continue reading

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Type 2 Diabetes: Is There a Link?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Type 2 Diabetes: Is There a Link?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Type 2 Diabetes: Is There a Link?
1Respiratory Division, Department of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
2Department of Medicine, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
Edited by: Sigrid Veasey, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Reviewed by: Vsevolod Polotsky, Johns Hopkins University, USA; Sigrid Veasey, University of Pennsylvania, USA
*Correspondence: Sushmita Pamidi, Respiratory Division, McGill University Health Centre, Room L4.05, 687 Pine Avenue West, Montreal, QC, Canada H3A1A1. e-mail: moc.liamg@idimapvs
This article was submitted to Frontiers in Sleep and Chronobiology, a specialty of Frontiers in Neurology.
Received 2012 Jun 16; Accepted 2012 Jul 24.
This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits use, distribution and reproduction in other forums, provided the original authors and source are credited and subject to any copyright notices concerning any third-party graphics etc.
This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.
Type 2 diabetes is a chronic illness that is increasing in epidemic proportions worldwide. Major factors contributing to the development of type 2 diabetes include obesity and poor lifestyle habits (e.g., excess dietary intake and limited physical activity). Despite the proven efficacy of lifestyle interventions and the use of multiple pharmacological agents, the economic and public health burden of type 2 diabetes remains substantial. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a treatable sleep disorder that is pervasi Continue reading

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