Home Remedies For Diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes

9. Guava
Due to its vitamin C and high fiber content, eating guava can be really helpful in maintaining the blood sugar level. It is best for diabetics not to eat the skin of the fruit so peel it first. However, too much consumption of guava in a day is not recommended.
10. Okra
Okra, also called ladies’ finger, has constituents such as polyphenolic molecules that can help reduce blood glucose levels and control diabetes.
A 2011 study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciences found okra seed and peel powder to have antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic potential.
Cut off the ends of a few okras and prick them in several places using a fork. Soak the okras in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, discard the okras and drink the water on an empty stomach. Do this daily for several weeks. Check more about it here.
Also, include okra in your diet.
Additional Tips
Keep monitoring your blood sugar levels.
Get plenty of fiber in your diet.
A few minutes of daily exposure to sunlight can also help control diabetes because it helps produce vitamin D, which is essential for insulin production.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day. In fact, replace your regular sodas and sugary juices with water. In addition to providing hydration, water helps break down sugars.
Try deep breathing, meditation, listening to your favorite music, or working on your hobby to relieve stress as it may raise your blood sugar.
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Is type 2 diabetes curable?

Is type 2 diabetes curable?

There is technically no "cure" for type 2 diabetes, but the condition can be reversed or in a state of remission with the right dietary and lifestyle changes.
Since many different factors can complicate type 2 diabetes, like pregnancy or co-existing medical conditions, it's important to address diabetes from a holistic perspective, including management strategies to reverse the condition and prevention techniques to keep type 2 diabetes from recurring.
Managing type 2 diabetes is the first step in reversing the condition. Management strategies may include a variety of different things:
1. Healthy eating: Diabetics benefit from a low-glycemic diet and carefully planned meals that include the right balance of macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fat.
2. Exercising: Regular physical activity helps to lower blood sugar, boost immunity and improve overall health in diabetics.
3. Taking medication: Insulin therapy, metformin, or other types of diabetes drugs may be needed to manage the acute symptoms of type 2 diabetes.
Once type 2 diabetes has been effectively managed and lifestyle changes have been implemented, blood sugar levels will indicate whether the disease has gone into remission. However, this doesn't mean you can't relapse and develop type 2 diabetes again.
Prevention strategies are necessary, including dietary adjustments, regular exercise, and periodic check-ups with your general physician or endocrinologist to ensure that your blood sugar level is in a consistently safe range and that your insulin sensitivity is not impaired.
Ac Continue reading

Can you skip meals with diabetes?

Can you skip meals with diabetes?

The practice of intermittent fasting has garnered a lot of media attention in the last several years, prompting many people to ask questions about the safety and/or the health benefits of skipping meals.
For diabetics, however, the answers are more complicated.
While some studies suggest that short periods of fasting (14-24 hours) can actually improve insulin levels, people with current blood sugar problems should never attempt to skip meals unless under the supervision of a doctor.
Skipping meals can lead to serious consequences for diabetics, some of which may lead to dangerous health complications.
Low Blood Sugar
The most obvious side effect of skipping meals when you have diabetes is low blood sugar. Not eating can disrupt the balance between nutrient absorption and insulin levels, which can dramatically lower blood glucose levels.
Signs of low blood sugar include fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, heart palpitations, headaches or difficulty with speech.
Left untreated, low blood sugar may require hospitalization, as it can bring on seizures.
Skipping meals might seem like a good way to reduce overall caloric or carbohydrate intake, but it may also cause overeating in general.
It's not unlikely to consume more calories and overcompensate by indulging after skipping breakfast and not eating until lunch, for example.
For diabetics, it's usually a better strategy to prevent hunger to begin with, which leads to balanced blood sugar levels, more stable energy and reduced cravings.
Some diabetes medications may be required to be taken with food. Skippin Continue reading

Type 1 Diabetes looks like...

Type 1 Diabetes looks like...

A blond boy who just finished third grade and has been losing weight. His parents think it’s from a growth spurt, but he's pale. Something isn't right.
It’s a 23-year-old woman who is starting her career in journalism and lately, she is always thirsty. She keeps extra sodas in her drawer at work and a water bottle with her everywhere she goes.
It looks like a 6-year-old poking his finger at a birthday party, squeezing out a precious droplet of blood and then laying that blood on a test strip…waiting for the countdown,
He wants cake. It all depends on that number.
It looks like a 65-year-old grandmother who wears an insulin pump on her hip. A pump that delivers a constant stream of insulin, a hormone her body can’t live without for more than a handful of hours.
It looks like a 30-year-old man lying in bed, not able to open his eyes. His wife shaking him violently. She rubs glucose tabs on his lips, but he won’t eat. He gets combative. He doesn’t know where he is, and he is confused. 911 is called while his wife does everything she can to get sugar into his body.
It looks like a 40-year-old man who has a few extra pounds. He goes to the doctor and the doctor reveals his test results. His doctor automatically assumes he has Type 2 Diabetes. He doesn’t do the proper tests to find out he has type 1. The pills don’t do the job. He almost dies before the truth is found.
It looks like a mother who forgot to bring her daughter’s blood sugar monitor to ballet class. Her daughter says she feels dizzy. She feeds her hoping she is doing the right thing. Sh Continue reading

Stem Cells Of Type 1 Diabetes Patients Transformed Into Insulin-Secreting Beta Cells; Research May Lead To New Therapy

Stem Cells Of Type 1 Diabetes Patients Transformed Into Insulin-Secreting Beta Cells; Research May Lead To New Therapy

For those living with Type 1 diabetes, the condition is a part of daily life. Insulin shots, blood sugar monitoring, and carb counting become routine, and patients expect them to stay so for the rest of their lives. This form of diabetes currently has no cure, something researchers have been diligently trying to change. The most recent attempt to take down diabetes comes from researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Harvard University, who have managed to change stem cells derived from diabetes patients into insulin–secreting cells.
Patients with Type 1 diabetes lack the ability to create their own insulin, meaning they rely on regular injections of the hormone to control blood sugar. The study hints at a possible new therapy for patients that relies on a personalized approach — using the patients’ own cells to create new ones capable of manufacturing the insulin they need. The research, published in Nature Communications, details new cells that produce insulin when they encounter sugar in both culture and mouse trials.
“In theory, if we could replace the damaged cells in these individuals with new pancreatic beta cells — whose primary function is to store and release insulin to control blood glucose — patients with type 1 diabetes wouldn’t need insulin shots anymore,” said Dr. Jeffery R. Millman, an assistant professor of medicine and biomedical engineering at Washington university and first author of the study, in a press release. “The cells we manufactured sense the presence of glucose and secrete insulin in response. And Continue reading

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