Help Me Help Them: Diabetes Awareness Month

Help Me Help Them: Diabetes Awareness Month

Help Me Help Them: Diabetes Awareness Month

I am the overly-emotional type. I really am and I am not afraid to admit it. Though it sometimes feels like a weakness, I have come to view it primarily as a strength. I am in touch with my emotions and I feel things deeply. So let me first admit that I am teary as I write this. Not from sadness so much as a deep feeling of connection and community with other people. And a desire to help that community out in some small way.
Donating my book sales
November is Diabetes Awareness Month and if you know anything about me, you know that I am extremely passionate about low carb and keto diets as the key to diabetes management. I feel strongly that for both insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes, a low carb diet should be the first course of action. For Type 2 diabetics, going low carb can actually put the disease into remission. For Type 1, it often gives them so much more control over their glucose levels and allows them to reduce the amount of insulin they require.
As I feel moved to do something for my low carb diabetes community during Diabetes Awareness Month, I am donating $2 for every copy of The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen from now until the end of November. Admittedly, this is actually most of what I make on each book, but it just feels right to me. Both the Type 1 and the Type 2 Diabetes communities have embraced and supported me, and helped me make this cookbook a huge success. I want to give back.
So if you haven’t bought the book but were thinking about it, or if you wanted to purchase a copy for a friend or loved one, or if you happen to know that som Continue reading

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Ken's Engineered Type 1 Diabetes Whole Food Plant Based Low Fat Lifestyle

Ken's Engineered Type 1 Diabetes Whole Food Plant Based Low Fat Lifestyle

Previous experiences with my doctors were extremely difficult because they wanted to control my Type 1 diabetes by prescribing specific medication doses and defining what I should eat. But, none of that was working. I felt extremely diseased and disabled. I was kind of terrified from all that and so decided to apply the techniques of my profession: fault analysis and electronic design. In addition to studying cellular level biology at the Midwestern State University library, I began an elimination diet to find out what foods did what. All the foods my doctors were telling me to eat were not working. In fact, those foods made things far worse. That was how I discovered that plant based foods, very low fat and low protein with no animal products were the best foods. I found starches and fruits made diabetic control and my life extremely easy.
Every time I would go to my doctor, however, I would end up in an argument. He would review my blood work and tell me that my blood work was the best he had ever seen. My A1c was 5.1 my total cholesterol was 100. Then his next sentence was that he wanted to put me on Lipitor. I asked him why and he told me it was because "All diabetics should be on Lipitor." He then proceeded to explain that my diet was all wrong because it was not a proper diabetic diet. He explained that my A1c was too low and should be in the diabetic range - since I am a diabetic. This went on until June of 2012.
2012 was the year I discovered Dr. McDougall during some casual Google surfing. I did not know before that time that there was such a thing as a plant based Continue reading

Manage Diabetes Naturally with Essential Oils

Manage Diabetes Naturally with Essential Oils

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Manage Diabetes Naturally with Essential Oils
Posted on June 19, 2017 by Chad Pegura | 16 comments
Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases out there. While things like cancer can certainly be serious, diabetes is a long-term condition that can bring about a wide range of health issues ranging from loss of limbs to heart failure and beyond. In short, its something that has to be treated and managed properly in order to live the longest, healthiest life possible.
The seriousness of diabetes means that it has to be managed with help from a medical professional at all times. However, there are natural steps that can be taken as well which will help dramatically. Taking a look at some of the essential oils and how they can fit into a natural diabetes regimen is well worth doing.
Diabetes is a condition wherein the body either doesnt make or doesnt use insulin properly. Type 1 diabetes is a problem with no insulin production, while type 2 is when the body fails to utilize insulin that is made correctly.
Both types are very serious, and since insulin controls the amount of sugar in the blood, they will each impact your health dramatically. Again, speaking with a doctor is the first step towards controlling diabetes. However, adding essential oils to your daily routine can help you to manage the condition even more effectively.
Building Your Natural Diabetes Treatment Regimen
Essential oils are just one component of treatment. Along with blood sugar monitoring and use of insulin Continue reading

Fiasp, a new, ultra-fast acting mealtime insulin is available for the treatment of diabetes in adults

Fiasp, a new, ultra-fast acting mealtime insulin is available for the treatment of diabetes in adults

Fiasp, a new, ultra-fast acting mealtime insulin is available for the treatment of diabetes in adults
Bagsvrd, Denmark (ots/PRNewswire) - Canada first country to launch Fiasp
This material is intended for global medical media only.
For journalistic assessment and preparation before publication.
Today, Novo Nordisk announced that Fiasp, a new, fast-acting mealtime insulin for the treatment of diabetes in adults, has been launched in Canada, following the recent marketing authorisation from Health Canada on 6 January 2017.
Fiasp is insulin aspart in an innovative formulation that more closely matches the natural physiological insulin response of a person without diabetes after a meal, compared with NovoRapid (conventional insulin aspart)[1]. Fiasp also has the option of a flexible dosing regimen (up to 20 minutes after starting a meal), without compromising overall glycaemic control, when compared to NovoRapid dosed at mealtime [2],[3].
"The launch of Fiasp in Canada represents the first new mealtime insulin in 10 years. We hope to make this innovation available to as many people with diabetes as possible worldwide," said Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, executive vice president and chief science officer of Novo Nordisk. "The goal of any insulin treatment is to match the natural physiological insulin production we see in people without diabetes, both in speed and glycaemic control. Fiasp has narrowed the existing gap, getting us closer to that goal."
Fiasp is absorbed faster than NovoRapid, appearing twice as fast in the bloodstream after injection[1],[3], which leads to imp Continue reading

Drinking Red Wine With Type 2 Diabetes: Resveratrol Benefits Heart Health By Reducing Arterial Stiffness

Drinking Red Wine With Type 2 Diabetes: Resveratrol Benefits Heart Health By Reducing Arterial Stiffness

Drinking Red Wine With Type 2 Diabetes: Resveratrol Benefits Heart Health By Reducing Arterial Stiffness
In the battle of the wines, when it comes red versus white, science tends to side with the darker blend. Drinking red wine has been touted for its health benefits, especially for diabetics, from improving cholesterol to blood sugar levels. Now, researchers at Boston University in Massachusetts suggest there's another reason to toast it can decrease artery stiffness in people with type 2 diabetes.
Resveratrol, an antioxidant commonly present in some wine and fruits, is found to have a protective effect against heart disease by improving vascular function and reducing inflammation. The natural compound is known to slow down premature aging of the arteries by activating SIRT1 a gene that slows down the aging. Specifically, it's able to reduce the stiffness of the aorta, which is the main artery that transports blood from the heart and into the rest of the body.
Read More: People With Type 2 Diabetes May Benefit From Drinking Red Wine In The Context Of A Healthy, Mediterranean Diet
In the new study , presented at the American Heart Association's Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology and Peripheral Vascular Disease 2017 Scientific Sessions in Minnesota, researchers found a 300 milligram (mg) per day dose of resveratrol decreased aortic stiffness by 9 percent in type 2 diabetes patients. Resveratrol's effect was also seen with a 100 mg daily intake of resveratrol, whichreduced aortic stiffness by 4.8 percent. Contrastingly, patients given the placebo treatm Continue reading

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