Green Smoothies Helped Us Beat Diabetes

Green smoothies helped us beat diabetes

Green smoothies helped us beat diabetes

I do NOT want to sound like a cheezy televangelist or some hawker on late night infomercials or some vapid chick selling makeup at 2 am on channel 19,000
BUT I can attest that, using green smoothies like the one on one of my other blogs here (no sprouts tho, no bananas either) – NOT juicing but Vita-mixing (this way you get all the awesome fiber you NEED)
My DH has:
– Lost all blood and urine chemistry markers for diabetes
– Gone off ALL diabetes meds (wasnt on insulin yet)
– Gone off high blood pressure meds
– Gone off some other med he was on for cholesterol
– Lost something like 50 pounds
– Lowered all his bad fats and cholesterol in his blood to BELOW the lower end of normal scales – ALL OF THE USUAL TRIGLYCERIDE PANEL – whooosh from bad to awesomeness!!!!
We have proven that you can, single handedly, monkey-wrench the pharmaceutical companies AND make your life SO MUCH BETTER just but making these green smoothies. You can add a simple leafy green salad with a low sugar low fat HOMEMADE vinaigrette if you need to chomp on things.
Drink these every day and stick to it and you WILL see massive gains against diabetes ad all the nasty side effects of diabetes and metabolic syndrome – I watched it happen.
This is NOT a diet, its food therapy. You are recharging your nutrient (not calorie) starved body with critically important vitamins, minerals, cofactors science hasnt learned about yet, rebuilding your neglected gut ecology, and enjoying fresh juicy goodness that will make you feel more energetic and juicy yourself!
Our green smoothie recipe Continue reading

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How to Eat Pasta With Diabetes

How to Eat Pasta With Diabetes

A diabetes diagnosis doesn't mean that your favorite pasta dishes are off-limits forever.
Yet it's important to know how to safely eat pasta without going overboard on your carbohydrate limit and putting your blood sugar in danger.
Nowadays, there are many pasta options that are better for diabetics, and that may even offer nutritional benefits like protein.
Portion control
The biggest thing to remember when eating pasta is portion control. The American Diabetes Association recommends no more than one cup of pasta per meal, which is equal to about 45 grams of carbohydrates.
If you're eating pasta for dinner, for example, try to avoid other carbohydrate-rich foods, like starchy vegetables, bread or sweetened beverages.
Types of pasta
When choosing what type of pasta to eat, try to opt for whole-wheat or whole-grain pasta varieties, as these are not stripped of their nutrients the way white pasta is, and they are slower to digest (which means more stable blood sugar control).
Brown rice pasta or quinoa pasta may also work for diabetics, the latter of which is high in protein. However, check labels and be mindful again of your portion control.
In general, look for pastas that are high in fiber and with no added sugars. Low-carb pasta is also available in some stores.
Pasta alternatives
Enjoying pasta can also be done without actual pasta noodles. Plenty of low-carb pasta alternatives are available, including: spaghetti squash, which you can bake and then shred the flesh of the fruit to create noodle-like strands; shiritaki noodles, which are found in the refrigerator area of m Continue reading

Diabetes Diet: Tasty Free Foods To Keep On Hand

Diabetes Diet: Tasty Free Foods To Keep On Hand

Free foods are those that do not affect our blood sugar levels. Knowing what these items are can make snacking and meal prep easier, and more flavorful for people with diabetes.
Free foods have fewer than 20 calories and 5 grams of carbs per serving. Some can be eaten frequently, in moderation, with no counting necessary. Other free-food servings may be enjoyed up to three times throughout the day.
Six Free Foods
Here are six free foods that you may want to keep stocked in your refrigerator or pantry.
Cucumbers and Pickles. One serving (1/2 cup) of sliced cucumber provides three nutrients most of us need more of: magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Sliced cucumbers make a good chip substitute with dips, can be made into a relish, or pureed with herbs, broth, and avocado to create a hot or cold soup. A cucumber sandwich spread with a spoonful of tuna salad forms a delightful lunch.
Pickles add crunch and sass to any snack or meal, but be aware that one serving (1 1/2 medium dill, 3/4 ounce gherkins) contains up to 60 percent of our recommended daily intake of sodium.
Cabbage. A free-food portion of cabbage (1/2 raw shredded, or 6 fresh leaves) is a stupendous source of vitamins C and K, plus a slew of antioxidants.
Cabbage leaves are sturdy so they can be a substitute for tortillas, or taco shells, and shredded cabbage in broth-based soups renders them more filling. A tart vinegar-dressed coleslaw is a healthier side salad than the creamy version.
Leafy Greens. All leafy greens are free foods that can be eaten in moderate amounts as often as wished. The darker varieties are mor Continue reading

Walking after meals can lower blood sugar and reduce type 2 diabetes risk

Walking after meals can lower blood sugar and reduce type 2 diabetes risk

When you're done clearing plates and washing dishes, lace up those sneakers.
A 15-minute walk after every meal can help lower blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, according to a new study published in Diabetes Care.
Muscle contractions help clear glucose
Researchers monitored the blood sugar levels of older adults who were at risk for impaired glucose intolerance, which is a precursor for type 2 diabetes. The participants, who had an average age of 70, experimented with three different walking exercise programs: three 15-minute, post-meal walks after each meal of the day; one 45-minute morning walk; and a 45-minute afternoon walk.
Despite the fact that the 15-minute walks were spaced apart by several hours, the benefits of walking after meals were much more significant than taking one sustained walk in either the morning or afternoon, the researchers found.
"A post-meal walk is timed to when blood glucose just starts to climb," lead author Dr. Loretta DiPietro told ABC News. "The muscle activity and the muscle contractions help to clear glucose."
Blood sugar and meals
Blood sugar is highest after eating, but aging puts stress on the pancreas, making the release of insulin more challenging, and high blood sugar ensues.
"It’s like another set of hands to help the pancreas halt the surge of glucose," DiPietro said of the post-meal walks.
And while walking after meals may be helpful for blood sugar control, it's not an effective way to stay aerobically fit, DiPietro emphasized.
This [post-meal walking] most benefits middle-aged, obese people who are sho Continue reading

This Incredible Detox Drink Helps You Burn Fat, Lower Blood Pressur,Fight Diabetes And Boost Metabolism

This Incredible Detox Drink Helps You Burn Fat, Lower Blood Pressur,Fight Diabetes And Boost Metabolism

Today’s article will present a miraculous detoxifying drink that brings you numerous benefits, such as lowering the blood pressure, burning the extra fat, fighting diabetes and boosting your metabolism.
The combination of the beverage is created in order to be able to do all of this: lower blood pressure, blast the fat in your entire body and fight diabetes through doing that.
2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tablespoon of Raw Honey
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 glass of water (12-16 oz.)
Method of preparation:
The preparation is extremely easy, all you have to do is put all of the ingredients in a blender and mix them together. Make a fresh supply every morning.
Drink this glass of health every morning on an empty stomach, once you wake up, it before you do anything else.
Health benefits
Apple Cider Vinegar is a rich source of good bacteria and enzymes. It contains acetic acid which lowers the blood pressure up to 6%. Moreover, if your diet includes grains, it can also help eat up the starches.
Honey has been used to treat wounds, and also heart, skin, lung and gynecological diseases for centuries. It is abundant in many beneficial substances and can be used even for weight loss. It contains enzymes that boost your metabolism and stimulate the digestive process, which help in weight loss. One teaspoon of honey daily can be very helpful to lose weight, reduce pain in the throat, and even can calm the nerves.
Cinnamon is the number one spice/herb for balancing blood sugar levels. It is one of the best anti-oxidants on Continue reading

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