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GlucoRx was formed in 2010, although its Sales Director Chris Chapman had been with its sister company, Disposable Medical Equipment Ltd for five years before that. He says, “We set up the company as we could see a way to save the NHS money. We could do that by bringing in products – including blood glucose meters, insulin pen needles and a skin care range – at a reduced cost to the ones they were currently buying. We wanted to bring in more affordable products without losing quality. When we started there were blood glucose meters from four main companies, each of which were charging ~£15 per pot of 50 glucose test strips to go with their meters. We were able to come in and offer our strips at just under £10 per pot.”
Chapman has been with the company since its inception, having previously spent five years in the Royal Navy as a Diver. He also spent 13 years as a Special Constable, finally ending that role in September 2016 due to work pressures, at which point he left the force at the highest position possible, as Chief Officer for Surrey Police.
From the get-go, Chapman sees the biggest challenge he has faced was to break into a market with an unknown name. He recalls, “We had to establish a brand when there were several strong brands already in the space. No one had heard of us, and we had no pedigree in the market place. But the best part has been creating a much better-known name. Our products are now stocked in almost all pharmacies in the UK. It’s great to see our stock on shelves almost everywhere I go, also on television – any fly on the wall docum Continue reading

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What to Eat for Christmas if You Have Diabetes

What to Eat for Christmas if You Have Diabetes

Food , Healthy Eating , Nutrition , Recipes , Blood Sugar
It can be hard to prioritize your health during the holiday season, so here are some top tips Ive included to ensure a successful upcoming year. You may be attending holiday events such as family get togethers, work parties and festivals and with the addition of tempting snacks and festive drinks, maintaining a healthy diet and blood sugars can become a frustrating challenge. While it may not seem fair having to take extra measures to manage your health, it will pay off in the long run as you begin the new year healthy versus gaining unwanted pounds and having uncontrolled blood sugar levels. To make sure you are on the best treatment for your diabetes management, it may be helpful to talk to your diabetes educator about getting through the festive season.
Here are some tips to help with your success:
Start your day with a protein-rich breakfast and if you intend to exercise, make sure you eat within 45 minutes of doing so to keep your blood sugar regulated. This will prevent you from craving unhealthy sweets later in the day.
Follow the plate method when eating, as there will be several carbohydrate options, but make sure you are balancing 1/2 of your plate with non-starchy vegetables, 1/4 with lean meat, and the remaining 1/4 plate with carbohydrate-rich foods, such as a roll, corn, or potatoes.
Choose foods that are grilled, not fried, and vegetables that are steamed versus covered in butter or gravy.
Include calorie-free beverages into your meal such as water. Drink a glass before you eat your meal to Continue reading

Singer RaeLynn on managing diabetes with life on road

Singer RaeLynn on managing diabetes with life on road

The Love Triangle artist RaeLynn was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes aged 12
She was rushed to hospital suffering life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis
The complication occurs when the body starts running out of insulin
She admits that she 'faltered a bit' in her diabetes management as a teenager
But she now leads a healthy lifestyle and is speaking out to inspire others
Country artist RaeLynn has spoken out about living with diabetes to inspire others with the condition.
The former Voice semi-finalist has revealed she was diagnosed with the type 1 form at 12 years old.
Because the disease causes the body to not produce any insulin, the 22-year-old has regular shots of the hormone to keep her glucose levels normal.
The Love Triangle singer admits that she 'faltered a bit' in herdiabetes management as a teenager but now leads a healthy lifestyle.
She wants others to know that having the condition doesn't stop you from living a full life.
'I wasnt checking my blood sugar enough, didnt take care of myself, and was always tired,' she told Diabetes Daily .
Country artist RaeLynn has revealed she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 12
The 22-year-old - pictured with husband Joshua - says the condition is manageable
The pint-sized Texan - who married her longtime love Joshua Davis last year - says feeling sick shocked her into action and she now follows her doctor's care plan and adapted her lifestyle.
'I learned I can lead a healthy and normal life, and diabetes doesnt stop me from living my dreams.'
She says she is in fact grateful that her diagnosis has taugh Continue reading

Limit Selenium to Avoid Diabetes

Limit Selenium to Avoid Diabetes

March 9, 2017 by David Mendosa
Some health recommendations on the internet suggest that you take supplemental selenium. But if you do, a recent study shows that you could be at an increased risk of developing diabetes.
While a little selenium in our diet is essential, almost all Americans get much more than they need. The National Academy of Medicine sets the Recommended Dietary Allowance for selenium at 55 micrograms per day for both men and women.
In the United States and Canada, the dietary intake of selenium is considerably higher than this, according to studies that the National Academy of Medicine cited. And the risk for selenium deficiency in the United States is negligible, concluded an editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine published in 2007.
A randomized placebo-controlled trial involving participants from clinical centers in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and New York, investigated whether taking a selenium supplement of 200 micrograms per day could help prevent colorectal cancer. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the results of the study in its December 2016 issue. Only the abstract is currently free online , but the full text was available when I started to research this post.
The researchers studied the effects of taking a selenium supplement because they thought that it might reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Instead, however, they discovered that it failed to help reduce that risk.
Worse, the selenium supplement increased the risk of type 2 diabetes. Among the people who were older than 62, the chances of getting Continue reading

My Diabetes Misdiagnosis: Type 1, not Type 2

My Diabetes Misdiagnosis: Type 1, not Type 2

My Diabetes Misdiagnosis: Type 1, not Type 2
Six months ago I became very ill and was rushed to the emergency room. The hospital doctor diagnosed me with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and Type 2 diabetes . Later my primary care physician confirmed that diagnosis. I spent the next few weeks researching the cause of Type 2 diabetes ; I read hundreds of testimonials of people who have reversed their symptoms by eating a strict diet and losing weight. I did everything I could to pursue that goal, and I lost 25 pounds in 2 months (In 5 months total, my BMI went from 24 to 18.5). One month later, I was back in the hospital with DKA. A few days later, I had a third DKA attack!
Still, my latest hospital doctor dismissed the idea that I could be a Type 1 diabetic. When I asked why, she said, Youre definitely Type 2 because your oral medicine previously worked. Fortunately, I had already done a lot of research on this topic, so I explained that its common for oral medication to work for a short while (during the honeymoon phase) in people with a late onset of Type 1 diabetes. I also said that C-Peptide along with GAD antibody tests can determine my type. She was defensive and dismissive.
I certainly made mistakes in my diabetic journey . However, after leaving the hospital, I realized that I was misdirecting all the blame to myself.Actually,most ofmy mistakes werebased on lots of research and testimonials. I was unsuccessful primarily because I was likely misdiagnosed.
Last week I saw a brand new primary care physician, and I requested the Type 1 diabetes tests. At first she said Continue reading

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