Fighting Diabetes With A Vegan Diet

Fighting diabetes with a vegan diet

Fighting diabetes with a vegan diet

Veronika Powell from VivaHealth! explains how type 2 diabetes can be completely managed with a vegan diet.
Diabetes is no fun; it can make you unwell, increase the risk of many other conditions and reduce your quality of life. The good news is, type 2 diabetes is preventable and, should you happen to have it already, potentially reversible.
Diet is the key. More and more health professionals now recommend a substantial diet change and many type 2 diabetic patients are successfully reversing their condition.
The big issue in diabetes is high blood sugar, a result of the bodys sugar metabolism governed by the hormone insulin working incorrectly. This has a knock-on effect on other systems in the body, increasing blood cholesterol and fat levels, damaging the eyes, kidneys and nerve endings and can lead to insensitivity in hands and feet.
Type 2 diabetes is usually (but not always) linked to increased body weight and especially to abdominal obesity. When the bodys metabolism cant keep up with the amount and type of food eaten, droplets of fat are stored under the skin, but also in muscle and liver cells. Where and how you store fat is largely genetic. When the amount of fat in the cells reaches a certain level, it reduces the cells ability to react to insulin correctly, leading to insulin resistance. Studies show the resistance in muscles and the liver is strongly linked to fat storage in these tissues.
With the right kind of diet, you can not only prevent this happening, but also treat the condition. Studies where type 2 diabetics were prescribed a combination of die Continue reading

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The Diet That Starves Cancer & Helps Reverse Diabetes: Backed By Science

The Diet That Starves Cancer & Helps Reverse Diabetes: Backed By Science

“Everyone has a physician inside him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.” – Hippocrates
Fasting has not received as much attention as it should when it comes to the world of health and medicine. That’s because you can’t really make any money off of it. The ‘pharmaceutical science’ studies used in medical schools to teach doctors about human health simply don’t focus enough on fasting for doctors to be knowledgable in the subject. Doctors also learn very little about nutrition and are trained to prescribe drugs as a result.
Dr. Jason Fung is trying to change all that. A Toronto based nephrologist, he completed medical school and internal medicine at the University of Toronto before finishing his nephrology fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles at the Cedars-Sinai hospital. He joined Scarborough General Hospital in 2001 where he continues to practice and change peoples lives.
He is one of a growing number of scientists and doctors to create awareness about the tremendous health benefits that can be achieved from fasting. It’s one of the oldest dietary interventions in the world and has been practiced for thousands of years. If properly practiced fasting was bad or harmful in any way, as some doctors suggest, it would have been known by now, and studies would not be emerging showing the health benefits that can be achieved from Continue reading

Barred from Joining The Police Because of Type 1 Diabetes

Barred from Joining The Police Because of Type 1 Diabetes

Above: Craig Roth (center) with his father, Saul (left), who also was a police officer.
For much of his life, Craig Roth wanted to be a police officer. He dreamed of following in his fathers footsteps in joining the Nassau County Police Department and patrolling the Long Island community where his parents still live. Roth did become a police officer, and has served with distinction, but not for Nassau County; the countys civil service commission refused to hire him because of his Type 1 diabetes.
The bitterness of the rejection has caused him to move away from the community where he thought he would spend his life. He said it would upset him too much to see the blue-and-yellow-and-red emblem of the countys police force every day and know he couldnt be a part of the force.
I wouldnt want to live in a place that blatantly violates my civil rights, Roth said in an interview.
Roth has worked in public safety his entire adult life, including with the New York City Police Department, but Nassau County officials determined his Type 1 diabetes would be too much of a liability. Instead of serving his community, Roth has been fighting its government, alleging, first in a civil complaint and now in a federal lawsuit, that the Nassau County Civil Service Commission was guilty of discrimination under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and New Yorks Human Rights Law. Roths case highlights how little consensus exists in hiring guidelines for people with Type 1 diabetes in the field of public safety. Even those who have been working in the field for years may be barred from Continue reading

My life with type 1 diabetes - it's a daily battle, with no days off

My life with type 1 diabetes - it's a daily battle, with no days off

My life with type 1 diabetes - it's a daily battle, with no days off
Ruby McGill talks about living with diabetes: "It infiltrates every aspect of my life, but I refuse to let it slow me down."
I'm Ruby McGill and I'm a type 1 diabetic. I'm also director of youth for Diabetes NZ, a mother, businesswoman, blogger and columnist.Even though type 1 diabetes infiltrates every aspect of my life, I refuse to let it slow me down or restrict me from living a full life. However, there have been many moments when I thought diabetes would win.
I was diagnosed when I was 14, half way through year 11at college. That was 18 years ago.
The first few years after my diagnosis are a blur. I don't think I truly understood the enormity of this disease and the complications I could face if I didn't take care of myself. Luckily I managed to make it through my teenage years relatively unscathed, with only a few diabetes mishaps.
Ruby and Hayden McGill, with 1-year-old Felix and 6-year-old Olive. Pregnancy presents a whole new level of difficulty for a type 1 diabetic.
I performed in the annual college productions, went to the ball, sailed around Great Barrier Island on the Spirit of NZ, hung out at school parties and passed most of my exams. However, during this time I was admitted to hospital a number of times due to extreme hypos or ketones. One visit I was even admitted to intensive care. I can only imagine what this time was like for my parents.
A few years later I met a boy. Hayden didn't truly know what he was signing up for when he asked me out, but 13years later he's still here. I Continue reading

Mechanical Engineering Professor Receives $1.6 Million “Visionary Award” for Diabetes Research

Mechanical Engineering Professor Receives $1.6 Million “Visionary Award” for Diabetes Research

Dr. Sumita Pennathur, an associate professor in UCSB’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, has received the prestigious “Visionary Award” from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). The award includes $1.625 million to support her research for five years.
Pennathur is one of only two scientists nationwide to receive the ADA Visionary Award in 2017. The award recognizes established scientists from various disciplines who are applying their expertise to diabetes research for the first time. Pennathur has proposed to address one of the most fundamental engineering challenges for diabetes monitoring: continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). Efficiently measuring glucose levels is vital for patients with diabetes to manage their disease effectively. Normally, the human body monitors its own blood glucose levels: the pancreas secretes the hormone insulin, which determines how and where glucose is absorbed. In the body of a diabetic, however, this feedback loop is broken. Both CGM and insulin administration must be outsourced to needles, pumps, and sensors.
More than several hundred attempts have been made to develop a technique for continuous blood glucose monitoring, but only a couple of them have received FDA approval. The CGM devices currently on the market — subcutaneous needles that normally stay in the body for about a week — are problematic, because they need to be calibrated twice daily and can give inaccurate readings. Pennathur has proposed to develop a painless, minimally invasive, accurate, disposable “patch” to alleviate those problems. If successful, t Continue reading

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