Fact Sheet: Diabetes, Discrimination, And Public Places And Government Programs

Fact Sheet: Diabetes, Discrimination, and Public Places and Government Programs

Fact Sheet: Diabetes, Discrimination, and Public Places and Government Programs

Fact Sheet: Diabetes, Discrimination, and Public Places and Government Programs
People with diabetes often wonder whether they will be able to bring diabetes supplies into places like theaters, stadiums, and court houses, take their supplies through airport security , or fully participate in private and government programs, including camps and daycare . People with diabetes have the right to participate fully in our society without sacrificing their medical safety or facing discrimination because of misunderstandings, fears, and stereotypes about diabetes.
Federal laws prohibit most public places and programswhether operated by private companies, non-profit organizations, or the governmentfrom discriminating against people with diabetes. You should not be excluded because of your diabetes or be denied access to your diabetes supplies, and you should be provided with reasonable accommodations if necessary.
Here are some things you may be entitled to:
Permission to bring diabetes care supplies, including syringes, lancets, and insulin through security checkpoints, including at airports and courthouses
Breaks to check blood glucose levels, eat a snack, take medication, or use a restroom
Assistance with diabetes management for children in daycare, camps, and recreational programs
Contact us if you think you are being discriminated against in a place of public accommodation or in a government program, activity, or service.
People with diabetes often wonder whether they will be able to bring diabetes supplies into places like theaters, stadiums, and court houses, take t Continue reading

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7 Healthy Snacks for People with Diabetes

7 Healthy Snacks for People with Diabetes

If you are diagnosed with diabetes no matter whether is type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, you need to pay more attention when it comes to the food that you consume.
There is not only just one diet plan that will fit for all people with diabetes. But, the ideal option is the food that has fiber, is based on proteins from plants and is low when it comes to the GI i.e. glycemic index.
Wouldn’t be nice to have delicious and healthy snacks with you all the time? Well, now it is possible. Here, you’ll learn which foods are considered to be the best healthy snacks for people with diabetes.
The healthy snacks will keep your energy on a high level for a longer time and can maintain the levels of your blood sugar stable.
7 Healthy Snacks
1. Avocados
A lot of people think that avocados are bad because they are rich in fats. However, you should know that the fats in the avocado are actually healthy fats.
They are monounsaturated fats that can help raise the sensitivity to insulin. That can contribute to be sure that your blood sugar is in the normal range.
In fact, the avocados are even better option than the banana. They are better when it is about the content of potassium found in these 2 fruits.
The avocado can supply 14 percent of the recommended allowance on a daily level.
2. Apples
Apples are most popular and healthy food. In addition, the glycemic index of this fruit is very small and scores only 39.
In case of cravings for a crunchy and sweet treat, choose apples. The apples have polyphenols which may help when it comes to preventing the spikes of the blood sugar.
Remembe Continue reading

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS): A Substance That Cause Autism, Diabetes, Cancer, Liver Failure, Heart Disease, Obesity & Dementia is Now Hidden Under New Name

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS): A Substance That Cause Autism, Diabetes, Cancer, Liver Failure, Heart Disease, Obesity & Dementia is Now Hidden Under New Name

Big Food is at it again, fooling us with false advertisements to make us buy food we don’t want to consume. Most of today’s consumers are increasingly health conscious and want to avoid products that contain health-damaging ingredients. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is one of the substances that has made a bad name for itself. What did the food companies do, did they take out the harmful ingredient? No, they just changed what they called in on the package to fool us.
HCFS is now being disguised under the names “fructose syrup” or, simply, “fructose”. It is a processed chemical sweetener that you will find in products such as bread, cakes, cookies, condiments and soft drinks. It is cheaper to use than sugar and extends the shelf life of products, so naturally the food companies are inclined to use it, but at the detriment of their customers’ health.
The food companies don’t want to change their money-making ways, so they found an ingenious way to get around the food labeling laws. HFCS is sub-categorized based on its fructose content. Normal HFCS – HFCS 42 or HFCS 55 – contains either 42 or 55 percent fructose. The term “fructose” is now being used when foods contain the ingredient previously called HFCS-90, which has 90 percent fructose. Identifying HFCS-90 as “fructose” makes it possible for them to label the product as ‘not containing HCFS’ when it actually does.
This questionable sweetener – which is much cheaper than regular sugar, and extends the shelf life of processed products – has been linked to many health problems such as aut Continue reading

Is Garlic Good For Diabetics?

Is Garlic Good For Diabetics?

You must agree that leading a life having diabetics is like tightrope walking. The main reasons for such life along with other discomforts are the dietary restrictions that one has to follow.
The restrictions on food are required so that such intake does not worsen the blood sugar level that you have.
Way to check which food is ideal for a diabetic
There is a way to check which food is good for a diabetic. The way is to check the GI score of food. The score of GI shows how much that particular food can affect your blood sugar level. This particular score will help you to plan your daily diet. Food that has Glycemic index score between 1 and 55 is good for a diabetic while those having a score more than 70 should be avoided.
Can we intake garlic if we have diabetes?
Though garlic has a bad smell and taste, you may have a liking for garlic even though you have blood sugar. You can have garlic as it is low in carbohydrate content and also have other health benefits. A study conducted in the year 2006 shows that garlic might help to reduce the level of blood sugar and also help in not having atherosclerosis . If you are diabetic, then you may have the chance of having atherosclerosis-related inflammation which can be controlled by having garlic. It also is a high source of vitamins B-6 and C. Both these vitamins have a part to play in carbohydrate metabolism and controlling blood sugar level . So, it can be easily said that you can have garlic even if you have diabetics.
Must Read: Is Pomegranate Juice Good for Diabetics?
Diabetes is a disease which can be said to be t Continue reading

9 Life-Saving Tips about Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Management

9 Life-Saving Tips about Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Management

9 Life-Saving Tips about Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Management
Diabetes results from high level of build-up of glucose or sugar in your bloodstream (hyperglycemia). This may also leads to insufficient level of insulin to distribute the sugar into your cells for energy used this process is called insulin resistant.
This triggers body system to use alternative energy sources in your body and initiates the development of type 2 diabetes.
You can prevent type 2 diabetes or reduce the risk by making sure you watch what you consume, eat healthy foods (low sugar foods) and making changes to your lifestyle. Changing the eating habits of a lifetime may not be easy, but it is worth it, if you want to live healthy.
Common risk factors of type 2 diabetes may include:
Early signs and symptoms of 2 type diabetes include:
Numbness in your hands and feet, or neuropathy
If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, your body becomes resistant to insulin. This causes your pancreas to over work produce more insulin. In the long run, this can damage cells in your pancreas. Eventually, your pancreas stop producing necessary insulin.
1.Watch your weight. This one of the best type 2 diabetes prevention. Too much fat can aggravate your body sugar level and lead to type 2 diabetes, especially belly fat can reduce your immunity and increase bodys resistance to insulin hormone.
Read More : Weight Loss Tips That will Make Your Dream Weight Come True
2. Diabetes and Exercise Prevention Exercise 30 60 minutes every day can lower your risk by almost a third and prevent type 2 diabetes. E Continue reading

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