Drink Okra Water And Treat Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol And Kidney Disease!

Drink Okra Water And Treat Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol And Kidney Disease!

Drink Okra Water And Treat Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol And Kidney Disease!

Do you like the lady’s finger vegetable dishes? Well, many people avoid eating lady’s fingers as it is a kind of sticky and has a peculiar taste which not many people like.
It is a commonly available vegetable which is also called as okra in the UK,US, and the Philippines, whereas in Nigeria and Caribbean English it is pronounced as okro.
You might be wondering why on the earth we are talking about okra! The reason is health benefits of okra, yes you can gain 30 calories from this vegetable. It is a good source of vitamin C which is present about 21 milligrams and it also provides 60 milligrams of magnesium.
It is a combination of 7.6 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of dietary fiber, 80 micrograms of folate and 2 grams of proteins. All these nutrients you can receive from just 1 glass of fresh okra juice.
You can consume okra in different forms like you can fry it can make an awesome dish. Pickled okra is quite popular in Asian countries while you can consume it by boiling it or stewed it properly.
It is available in any period of a year and thus can be a prime source of nutrients if you include it in your regular diet.
When it comes to health benefits of okra, here are some benefits which you can get from consumption of okra.
It can relieve asthma symptoms
It boosts the immunity
It helps to reduce the levels of cholesterol
It can fight against diabetes
It also helps to reduce the quantity of glucose through the gastrointestinal tract.
It prevents kidney disease, and so on.
Here is a recipe of okra drink which is useful to treat diabetes
Things you need
Okra- 4
Water- 1 Continue reading

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7-Day Ketogenic Plan To Fight Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Heart Diseases And Much More…

7-Day Ketogenic Plan To Fight Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Heart Diseases And Much More…

Our body can burn fat instead of burning sugar if it is in ketosis. When this happens, weight loss will happen as well. The perfect ration of fat – protein – carbohydrates is 65% / 30% / 5%.
The important thing is to have a balanced keto meal plan, that will help you to follow the perfect ratio and you will also be able to cure and prevent different health problems including cancer, diabetes, heart problems and obesity.
What is Ketogenic Diet?
It is a diet that in 1920 was created by Dr. Geyelin. It includes small amount of carbohydrates and more fat. He found a powerful relation between reduced seizure numbers among the patients who were not consuming foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates. It was also followed by improvements and relations with hunger, body fat, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.
Ketosis stages
Ketosis will happen when the liver starts to break down the fat in glycerol and fatty acids. This process is also known as beta-oxidation. In this process are produced 3 types of water-soluble ketone bodies: beta-hydroxybutyrat, acetone and acetoacetate.
If you start being in ketosis your body will start to get energy from the ketone bodies and this means that it will start burning fat and not glucose. This is the main goal of this type of diet.
What is Ketosis?
This diet is successful because it works trough elimination of glucose, just like other low-carb diets. Your body usually uses glucose for energy creation, because you most certainly follow a high carb diet.
Our body will begin to melt down the fat if the glucose is not present in the body th Continue reading

Start Infusing Cucumber to Your Daily Water Intake: This Will Burn Fat, Protect the Heart and Prevent Diabetes!

Start Infusing Cucumber to Your Daily Water Intake: This Will Burn Fat, Protect the Heart and Prevent Diabetes!

Numerous celebrities have testified to the effectivity of this method of adding cucumber to their daily water intake and more and more people have been taking advantage of its health benefits.
Cucumber water is one of the best natural drinks you can consume to detox your body and get rid of the toxins accumulated in it, due to the high amounts of water and fiber.
Additionally, the cucumber water can help you prevent numerous health issues and diseases, including eye diseases and diabetes. Cucumbers are abundant in antioxidants, so they support the function of the brain, lower stress, and prevent age-related diseases.
Furthermore, one of the most dangerous conditions nowadays is also osteoporosis, which affects numerous people regardless of their age, and causes susceptibility to fractures of the bones and severe pain in the back.
Cucumbers cannot prevent it, however, but they are extremely rich in vitamin K, which strengthens the bones.
The American Association for Heart Health reported that heart diseases are the leading reason for death in America, so we need to start taking much more care about the condition of this organ.
Initially, you should consume a healthy diet. Cucumbers reduce the risk of heart diseases and lower blood pressure, so you must incorporate them into your regular diet.
Also, this drink provides the essential nutrients to muscles, and it helps to enlarge them in size. To do this, you should drink at least 2 glasses daily, before or after the workout.
Cucumbers are high in silicate, so they soothe skin issues, tone, and hydrate the skin, and treat acne Continue reading

The diet that starves cancer, reverses diabetes, and makes you lose weight fast

The diet that starves cancer, reverses diabetes, and makes you lose weight fast

What does it take to disabuse the majority of food consumers that a no or low fat diet is actually unhealthy. There have been conventional cardiologists who’ve recently asserted that we need healthy fats to maintain good cardiovascular health.
They have debunked the myth of cholesterol as the cause of clogged arteries and heart attacks and warned about statin drugs’ dangers. Statin drugs do lower cholesterol.
But brain and nervous system tissue need cholesterol and other types of fats to rebuild and maintain proper function. Statin users have a high rate of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.
Skin cholesterol is what starts the conversion process of UVB sunlight exposure to vitamin D3 in the liver. Without cholesterol, there’s no conversion, thus insufficient vitamin D3.
Now, recent mainstream research discoveries have shown that a high fat diet can reverse aggressive cancers. Don’t expect any faction of the cancer industry to disclose this.
They all need to receive funding to research patentable drugs that don’t cure while they keep killing with chemo, radiation, and surgery to enrich Big Pharma.
The high fat ketogenic diet – tried and true
There are several anecdotal cancer reversals with this diet, but the most amazing involves a former world power lifting champion, trainer, and successful business owner Dr. Fred Hatfield. He has the doctor title because he completed graduate studies in kinesiology.
Hatfield was diagnosed with aggressive, metastatic skeletal cancer. Three doctors gave the same prognosis of three months left to live. He desperately researched a Continue reading

Moringa – The Herb That Helps You Treat Diabetes And Regulates Blood Sugar

Moringa – The Herb That Helps You Treat Diabetes And Regulates Blood Sugar

Moringa oleifera, a plant native to South Asia, is one of the most powerful natural medicines you can have in order to boost your overall health, energize your body, and live longer.
It has been traditionally used for millennia and is a rich source of antioxidants. Its leaves and fruits are full of minerals and vitamins. A cup of Moringa pods provides 157% RDA vitamin C, as well as:
One cup also has:
Vitamin B6- 19% of our daily needs
Vitamin A-9%
Vitamin C-12%
Iron- 11%
Vitamin B2 riboflavin- 11%
Magnesium- 8%
Protein-2 g
Nowadays, researchers investigate its myriad of health uses, and here are the benefits of the consumption of its fruits and leaves:
Cleanses Blood
The leaves and pods of Moringa cleanse the blood, and the juice of the leaves, if applied topically, treats skin issues, like acne and pimples.
Stronger Bones
The consumption of Moringa boosts the density of bones, and the high iron and calcium content prevents bone loss.
Relieves Headaches
The juice of its roots effectively treats headaches.
Regulates Blood Sugar
Researchers have found that this plant regulates high blood sugar. A study which involved 30 women who received a 7g leaf powder for 3 months found that it lowered their blood sugar by 13.5%.
Eye Issues
This plant reduces swelling and eye issues, like conjunctivitis. Grind the leaves well and apply the paste to the eyes, or mix the juice of the leaves with honey, and use it as eyeliner to treat corneal issues.
Since this plant is rich in vitamin A, it slows down aging, boosts immunity, and rejuvenates the body.
Therefore, include it in your Continue reading

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