Diabetes Could Finally Be Cured With Metabolic Surgery

Diabetes Could Finally Be Cured with Metabolic Surgery

Diabetes Could Finally Be Cured with Metabolic Surgery

Diabetes Could Finally Be Cured with Metabolic Surgery
Compared to other developed countries, Singapore is almost world champion, said PM Lee about diabetes during the National Day Rally 2017.
During the National Day Rally 2017 , PM Lee mentioned that 1 in 9 Singaporeans has diabetes. His remark Singapore is almost world champion just behind the US shows how serious diabetes is in Singapore. To combat diabetes , PM Lee suggested four simple ways: go for regular medical check-ups, exercise more, eat less and eat healthily , as well as cut down on soft drinks.
To treat diabetes, one needs to control his blood sugar levels in the body. Most people do it by medications, dietary changes and exercise. But, do you know that theres a surgical method to treat diabetes?
We spoke to Dr. Melvin Look to gain more insights about this breakthrough in diabetes treatment.
RS: Hi Dr. Melvin Look. Its a pleasure to meet you. Tell us about yourself!
Dr. Look: I am a Consultant Surgeon at PanAsia Surgery in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. My specialty interest is in Gastrointestinal and Laparoscopic Surgery, and I have also been performing Bariatric Surgery for more than 15 years.
In the early days of Bariatric Surgery our primary objective is in achieving sustainable weight loss for our patients with morbid obesity. Along the way, we also found that these operations can also result in long-term remission of diabetes.
Bariatric Surgery now includes this important aspect of what we call Metabolic Surgery, where we aim to cure obesity-related medical problems (such as diabetes, hypertension Continue reading

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Men and Low Testosterone

Men and Low Testosterone

As the years go by, mens bodies go through certain changes some of them visible, and some of which can only be felt. When a man passes 40 years of age, one of these changes is likely to be a gradual reduction in testosterone production. Most men are loath to talk about it, and they may not even know whats happening to them. But they may complain of having lower strength, gaining weight, and not feeling like myself.
While the interaction between diabetes and testosterone is a topic that could use more studying, existing research makes clear that men with diabetes are more likely to have low testosterone and men with low testosterone are more likely to have diabetes. This article examines the factors that may lead to low testosterone, and outlines some steps you might be able to take to help reverse this process.
Testosterone is the hormone that turns boys into men. It gives you facial hair, puts muscle on your frame, and changes the pitch of your voice. It speeds up the muscle recovery process and creates a sense of strength its probably part of the reason why some men in their 20s feel like they can get away with anything. Its critical to male sexual behavior and reproduction, with additional beneficial effects on bone density and emotional well-being.
Unlike women, men do not experience a sudden drop in hormones as part of the aging process. Testosterone declines gradually, generally starting after age 40. According to a study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, once this process starts, the typical rate of decline is between 0.5% and 2% per year. T Continue reading

Diabetes Care Management Teams Did Not Reduce Utilization When Compared With Traditional Care: A Randomized Cluster Trial

Diabetes Care Management Teams Did Not Reduce Utilization When Compared With Traditional Care: A Randomized Cluster Trial

Diabetes Care Management Teams Did Not Reduce Utilization When Compared With Traditional Care: A Randomized Cluster Trial
Professor of Medicine (Adjunct), Stanford School of Medicine, (Retired); Director, Chronic Care Program, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, (Retired)
Purpose: Health services research evaluates redesign models for primary care. Care management is one alternative. Evaluation includes resource utilization as a criterion. Compare the impact of care-manager teams on resource utilization. The comparison includes entire panels of patients and the subset of patients with diabetes.
Design: Randomized, prospective, cohort study comparing change in utilization rates between groups, pre- and post-intervention.
Methodology: Ten primary care physician panels in a safety-net setting. Ten physicians were randomized to either a care-management approach (Group 1) or a traditional approach (Group 2). Care managers focused on diabetes and the cardiovascular cluster of diseases.
Analysis compared rates of hospitalization, 30-day readmission, emergency room visits, and urgent care visits. Analysis compared baseline rates to annual rates after a yearlong run-in for entire panels and the subset of patients with diabetes.
Results: Resource utilization showed no statistically significant change between baseline and Year 3 (P=.79). Emergency room visits and hospital readmission increased for both groups (P=.90), while hospital admissions and urgent care visits decreased (P=.73). Similarly, utilization was not significantly different for patients with diabetes (P=.69).
Co Continue reading

10 Best Foods for Fighting Diabetes

10 Best Foods for Fighting Diabetes

By Gary Greenberg | Sunday, 10 September 2017 11:48 AM
A staggering 30 million Americans have diabetes (9.4 percent of the U.S. population) and another 84 million with prediabetes are on the verge, according to the latest projections by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Millions take medications to combat the life-threatening metabolic disorder. But the truth is that many foods work as effectively as drugs or more so in controlling blood sugar, experts say.
For the most part, the best foods for fighting diabetes are those that dont pad the waist.
Legumes, greens, whole grainsthese are the types of foods that fill you up before filling you out, says registered dietician Joan Salge Blake. Thats important because 70 percent of American are overweight, and being overweight increases the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes.
The U.S. is in the midst of a type 2 diabetes epidemic, and things are likely to get worse.
About 84 million Americans have prediabetes, which means theyre on deck to get diabetes, says Blake, a clinical associate professor at Boston University's Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Thats where diet and exercise can really have an impact on diabetes risk.
By now, we should all know what kinds of food increase risk of diabetes. Processed foods loaded with added sugar, simple carbs, and unhealthy fats tops the list. Other popular culprits include sweetened soft drinks, anything deep-fat fried, pizza and exotic coffee concoctions.
But some foods have special powers to help normalize blood sugar due to their high content of Continue reading

Diet Instructions For Patients With Diabetes

Diet Instructions For Patients With Diabetes

Home Living Healthy Diet Instructions For Patients With Diabetes
Diet Instructions For Patients With Diabetes
Even if you're trying to reduce your risk of diabetes or manage a pre-existing problem, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and take pleasure from your meals, suggests Dr Sujeet Jha.
By:Dr Sujeet Jha| Updated: Nov 13, 2017 04:00 IST
It is important for diabetics to keep a check on what they eat and when
Eating right is a key step in preventing and controlling diabetes
Diabetics have to be careful about what they eat when
People with more weight around the tummy are more insulin resistant
There is much controversy regarding what diet to recommend to people suffering from diabetes mellitus. The diet most often recommended is high in dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber, but low in fat (especially saturated fat).
Eating right is a key step in preventing and controlling diabetes. Fortunately, whether you're trying to reduce your risk of diabetes or manage a pre-existing problem, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and take pleasure from your meals.
Also read: These Are By Far The Best Yoga Asanas To Keep Your Diabetes Under Control
There are so many healthy traditional ingredients available in Indian market which increases the chances of eating really healthy, such as an array of spices, ginger, garlic, dal (pulses), chana, rice, wholemeal chana atta(flour), jowar/ millet/ bajra atta(flour); vegetables like bhindi, brinjal; fruits like papaya, mango (it's not an error in printing). The concern is the quantity of the food, quantity of ghee (satur Continue reading

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