Crossfit: How This Man Gained 20kg Of Muscle Despite Having Diabetes

Crossfit: How This Man Gained 20kg Of Muscle Despite Having Diabetes

Crossfit: How This Man Gained 20kg Of Muscle Despite Having Diabetes

Crossfit: How This Man Gained 20kg Of Muscle Despite Having Diabetes
Jay Maryniak wasnt your typical 9 year old. He was an athlete with a bright future in baseballbut he was also a little rough around the edges. When he wasnt stealing from other people, he was smoking cigarettes. At just 11 years old, he tried his first sip of alcohol.
During his teen years, Maryniak started using pills. It began with smoking and drinking on the weekends. Hooked on the feeling, Maryniak forgot about sports and focused on partying with his friends. By 15, he was smoking a pack and a half a day.
Then he started to experiment with more dangerous pills. He became a black-out drinker and woke up every day looking to get his next fix.
It started out innocent, Maryniak says. It was fun, and then I got addicted.
For many years, Maryniak knew he had a problem, but it wasnt until he turned 20 that he realized how serious it had become.
I finally hit a pointI couldnt work anymore; I couldnt do anything, he says. I was smoking and taking pills. I was out of control.
Finally, I was in so much pain, emotionally, I couldnt take it anymore. I hated myself. I hated the person I became. That was the moment I knew I had to do something, or I would die doing this.
After reaching out to his dad for help, Maryniak walked into rehab in November 2005. For the two weeks that he was there, he felt the symptoms of withdrawal, struggled to accept the fact that he could never drink again, and wanted nothing more than to just go home. He was given the option to leave early, so he took it. Twenty-year-old Maryn Continue reading

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How a Health Diary Can Help Your Diabetes

How a Health Diary Can Help Your Diabetes

How a Health Diary Can Help Your Diabetes
How a Health Diary Can Help Your Diabetes
Some surprising reasons to write it all down.
Ever gain five pounds and really have no idea what could have caused it? Youve been eating as you normally do and taking your regular walks. Except maybe you forgot to account for those pieces of birthday cake at the office, the sampling around the table at a recent dinner with friends, or the missed exercise due to a stretch of bad weather. Its easy to forget, or ignore, the little things.
So how do you keep a handle on your health care habits? Since having someone follow you around with a video camera all day is probably not an option (unless you have your own reality TV show), keeping a health diary or using a health diary app to log things like food, exercise, and blood sugar test results is the next best way to get an accurate picture of your healthcare habits.
Any written or electronic record you keep of health-related activities (e.g., eating, exercise), of regular test results (e.g., blood glucose, weight), or of your physical or emotional status (e.g., logging pain symptoms, mood changes) can be considered a health diary. You can search the Internet for loads of examples. Sometimes theyre called logs, trackers, or journals.
While you can log everything from sleep patterns to pulse rate, closely tracking the three key areas of blood sugar , food, and exercise will give you a solid foundation on which to keep tabs on your diabetes.
Making daily entries in a health diary, or on an app using your smartphone or other device, raises y Continue reading

Malays And Indians Need To Change Their Eating Habits To Fight War Against Diabetes

Malays And Indians Need To Change Their Eating Habits To Fight War Against Diabetes

For Malay food vendor Aida Manapi, 50, the tastiest ayam penyet (smashed fried chicken) must be crispy and glistening, and there is only one way to cook it — “deep fried”. And when it comes to roti prata, no one serves it by being stingy on ghee (clarified butter), said stall vendor Senthilvel Vedachalam, 43. Such traditional methods of cooking or serving Indian and Malay favourite dishes, along with mindsets that they have to be cooked in a certain way for best results – have made it difficult for many hawkers and home cooks to change the way they prepare these dishes. For them, unlike Chinese dishes, one cannot produce a healthier, yet still tasty ayam penyet or roti prata by simply using less oil, salt or sauce. But change they must if the two communities are to win the war against diabetes, which Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong described as a “health crisis” for Malays and Indians during his National Day Rally (NDR) on Aug 20.
Mr Lee also shared some sobering figures, noting that six in 10 Indians, and half of Malays above age 60 are diabetic, compared to 2.5 in 10 for the Chinese. With the fight against diabetes in Singapore being stepped up, community leaders and some members of the Malay and Indian communities have called for more targeted measures to deal with the problem. One area that needs to be addressed is their eating habits, even though those interviewed acknowledged that it will be an uphill task. Mr Rathinasamy Murugesan, owner of Greenleaf Cafe, an Indian restaurant in Little India, pointed out that many Indians eat a lot at one go, three times Continue reading

Top Must Have Diabetes Supplies

Top Must Have Diabetes Supplies

Whether you found your way here as a veteran in the #DLIFE, or you are newly diagnosed, one thing always remains constant, diabetes no matter the stage can be challenging. While the challenges are always there, I will say this, it does get easier. Living a life with diabetes will give you exactly what you put into it.
For those like myself who learn better when provided a visual clue think of it like this:
A car takes gas to work. When you fill the gas tank up, that car will take you wherever you want to go. What happens though when you try to drive the car with no gas at all, when you neglect filling it back up with gas after you used what was in there? Its not going to go anywhere.
In terms of diabetes management , if you take the information and training your medical team has given you and simply neglect the care of your diabetes, what happens to your body? Your mind? You cant run on empty, just like the car.
Learning to manage your diabetes doesnt have to be tough. Instead of neglecting your care, taking the information your medical team provided you with is the first step. Learning how to process the information youve received is the next. The final step in management is putting everything to use, discovering your role and living.
Part of diabetes management is learning which types of products work best for you. Everyone is different so the products that your doctor initially recommends might not be the best fit. As you move forward in your diabetes care and management youll learn which are best.
Below youll find a list of some of the more common types of diabe Continue reading

Some Idahoans find lifestyle changes hard despite diabetes | Idaho Statesman

Some Idahoans find lifestyle changes hard despite diabetes | Idaho Statesman

That visit six years ago confirmed his suspicions with a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. His blood sugar level was in the 300s far above the 80-130 that the American Diabetes Association advises before meals, and the 180 recommended for an hour or two after.
Mine was super, super high, said Kluchesky, a Twin Falls chaplain. Since then things have changed quite a bit, but I still have a hard time keeping my blood sugar down to 150 on a regular basis.
Hes not alone. The number of American adults diagnosed with diabetes has more than tripled in the past 20 years as the population has aged and gained weight. In Idaho, an estimated 100,000 adults lived with diabetes in 2015 and an estimated 84,000 with prediabetes.
People with diabetes have health care costs 2.3 times greater than those without diabetes. In Idaho, diabetes and prediabetes cost an estimated $1.3 billion each year and were the sixth leading cause of death in 2014. The American Diabetes Association estimates the total cost of diabetes and prediabetes in the U.S. at $322 billion.
But unlike Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed by eliminating risk factors such as physical inactivity, unhealthy diets and tobacco use.
Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin. People with Type 2 diabetes make insulin, but the body doesnt use it the way it should. Prediabetes is when blood sugar is higher than normal. If left untreated, it often progresses to Type 2 diabetes.
Despite that dark specter, Idaho is seeing a steady increase in overweight and obes Continue reading

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