Choosing Proper Footwear With Diabetes | HealthCentral

Choosing Proper Footwear With Diabetes | HealthCentral

Choosing Proper Footwear With Diabetes | HealthCentral

Allen Croat said if he had only purchased the proper shoes when first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 17 years ago, he might have been spared having two toes amputated.
Ten years ago, Croat, 63, had the big toe on his right foot amputated. In December 2016, Croat had the second toe on his right foot severed. He relies on a cane to walk and custom inserts to protect his gnarled feet.
It all started when he was walking barefoot in the house and stubbed his toe. It was a lesson learned the hard way.
Your feet are the most important aspect of your life, Croat said in a telephone interview with HealthCentral. You only get one set. If I had known then what I know now, I would have worn diabetic shoes immediately.
He is one of thousands who have lost limbs and/or digits due to diabetes. In 2010 alone, about 73,000 diabetics, ages 20 or older, underwent lower-limb amputations, according to the American Diabetes Association .
Croat, who lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is speaking out to help educate other diabetics on the importance of choosing the appropriate shoes, sooner than later after being diagnosed.
An estimated 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year, according to the American Diabetes Association .
One of the biggest casualties of diabetes is the feet, Roy H. Lidtke , D.P.M., said in a telephone interview with HealthCentral. Diabetes can impede both circulation and cause nerve damage in the feet. Poor circulation can cause wounds, such as sores and blisters, to heal more slowly, increasing the risk that the feet or digits will become infect Continue reading

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Is Radish Good or Bad for Diabetics?

Is Radish Good or Bad for Diabetics?

As we know, following a well-balanced meal plan is a very important and perhaps the most effective way in which you can effectively manage diabetes . As such, if you are diabetic, you are always concerned about what you should and what you should not include in the diet. In this article, we shall analyze in detail the relationship between diabetes and the inclusion of radish in the diet of a diabetic person . So, come and join in for the article Is Radish Good or Bad for Diabetics?
To begin with, let us first understand the various essential nutrients and vitamins present in the radish:
This vegetable is low in both calories as well as carbohydrates. A half-cup serving of radish consists of a mere 9 units of calories and just 2 grams of carbohydrates.
The vegetable is known to be a rich source of various vitamins and minerals namely vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6, potassium, iron, as well as zinc.
Also, 3.5 ounce of radish comprises around 1.6 grams of fiber in total.
Phytochemicals, such as indoles in known to be abundantly present in radishes.
Moving on, basis the above vitamins and nutrients, let us look into some of the advantages that eating radishes that bring to the people who suffer from diabetes.
Benefits of Including Radish in a Diabetic Diet
The following are the advantages of including radishes in your diabetic diet if you are someone who suffers from a condition like diabetes:
Radish is known to stabilize the elevated levels of blood glucose in the body of the diabetes patients. The antioxidants, vitamins, and several other minerals pres Continue reading

Medical Cannabis Treatment for Diabetes

Medical Cannabis Treatment for Diabetes

Before my grandma died of complications of Type 2 diabetes, I saw her one last time and she was bathed in a brilliant, white light sort of like sunrise those broadcast feelings of peace and rest. It was the end of a hard-scrabble immigrant life in the sugar cane and pineapple fields of Kauai, Hawaii, that afforded my grandparents a small farm filled with cows, pigs, chickens, cats and many, many vegetables.
I write this because diabetes took away my favorite grandma. It pisses me off because there are cannabis strategies now available that werent then available. My grandma wouldnt have smoked but she would certainly have tried edibles, were they available. Research has revealed the great medicinal qualities cannabis possesses in relation to diabetes.
What is Diabetes?Lets start by saying that almost ten percent of the U.S. population has diabetes. That is 29 million sufferers. And two out of three will die of complications of the disease. So, it certainly takes its societal toll.
There are two types of diabetes. Type 1, also known as Juvenile diabetes, is a disorder where the pancreas doesnt produce enough insulin. This destruction of pancreas cells happens when certain cells in the body immune cells attack and destroy pancreas cells called Beta Cells. These are the cells that make insulin. Broken beta cells send out wrong amounts of insulin which cause the bodys blood sugar to deviate from the norm. So, you can see how disruptive Type 1 diabetes is for People with Diabetes (PWD).
This condition is chronic and patients often require multiple shots of insulin throu Continue reading

A Guide to the Best Diabetes Diet Charts

A Guide to the Best Diabetes Diet Charts

You want to eat healthier and be healthier. Healthy eating helps keep your blood sugar in your target range. It's a critical part of managing your diabetes because controlling your blood sugar can prevent diabetic complications. Planning meals ahead of time can help you succeed. Diabetic diet charts can help you get organized for healthy eating every day.
Healthy diabetic eating includes:
Limiting foods that are high in sugar
Eating smaller portions spread out over the day
Being careful about when you eat carbs and how many
Eating a variety of healthy foods
Eating less fat and salt
Limiting your use of alcohol
The wide variety of healthy foods that you get to eat includes:
Whole grains
Lean meats
Keeping Your Blood Sugar in Target Range
Your main focus is on keeping your blood sugar (glucose) level in your target range. To help do this you want to follow a meal plan that has:
Food from all the food groups
Fewer calories
About the same amount of carbohydrates at each meal and snack
Healthy fats
Along with healthy eating, you can keep your blood sugar in target range by maintaining a healthy weight. Losing just 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) can help you manage your diabetes better. Eating healthy foods and staying active can help you meet and maintain your weight loss goal.
Less Sugar in Your Diet
Eating less sugar is not as hard as you might think. Substitute sugary beverages with sugar-free soda, water, and unsweetened tea. Instead of having a whole dessert, share half with someone else.
Smaller, Slower Meals
Eating smaller portions is also a reco Continue reading

WU, free clinic team up against diabetes

WU, free clinic team up against diabetes

Home \ Get to Know Us \ Wingate News \ News \ WU, free clinic team up against diabetes
Cindy Cole and Rhett Brown announce a new partnership between Community Health Services of Union County and Wingate University.
Community Health Services of Union County has been caring for its medically underserved neighbors for 25 years, helping them battle diabetes and related complications. Beginning this summer, the nonprofit will expand its free clinic services with the addition of a full-time physician assistant provided by Wingate Universitys William and Loretta Harris Department of PA Studies .
WU President Rhett Brown announced the partnership Wednesday at CHSUCs annual fundraising breakfast at Rolling Hills Country Club in Monroe. He said having a PA on staff would enable the organization to give patients more consistent and comprehensive care, and at the same time offer increased clinical opportunities to Wingate University students.
When the expertise being acquired in the classroom and the community needs align, its a perfect opportunity for students to carry out their good work, said Brown, describing one of the Universitys strategic-plan initiatives, that of creating a laboratory of difference-making.
Wingate has a high concentration of students in health-care-related programs in addition to PA and doctor of pharmacy , Wingate offers a doctor of physical therapy program and bachelors degrees in nursing and exercise science and Brown said the partnership will offer plenty of experiential-learning opportunities for those students. It will also provide hands-on learn Continue reading

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