Canadian Parents Who Let Their Son Die Of Diabetes To Make God Happy Sentenced To Life In Prison

Canadian Parents Who Let Their Son Die of Diabetes to Make God Happy Sentenced to Life in Prison

Canadian Parents Who Let Their Son Die of Diabetes to Make God Happy Sentenced to Life in Prison

Even though Alex Radita was diagnosed with diabetes at age 3, his parents did nothing for him. Emil and Rodica Radita refused to accept the diagnosis, which also meant they refused to treat it. Over the next dozen years, as Alex’s condition worsened, he still didn’t get any insulin.
He eventually died at the age of 15. He weighed only 37 pounds.
What would prompt parents to ignore medical advice and let their son suffer like this? When the trial began, the assumption was that it was their religious beliefs — in part because they had certain Bible verses in their home that suggested their were putting their son’s life in God’s hands:
The assumption was confirmed days later. The parents were members of the Romanian Pentecostal Church, and their actions were in line with the church’s teachings:
Alex Radita died and was resurrected by God the day before paramedics found his severely emaciated body in his family’s home, his parents told church members in the hours before 911 was called.
Everything about this story is disturbing — but the headline is clear: These parents let their child die because they put his life in God’s useless hands instead of letting credible doctors take care of him.
At least there’s some justice in this case. In a Calgary court on Friday, a judge found the Raditas guilty of first-degree murder:
Neither parent showed any emotion or had a comment during sentencing.
Justice [Karen] Horner sentenced them to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.
“Your actions in starving your son Alex to death are beyond comprehension. Yo Continue reading

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How to Detect Diabetes Symptoms

How to Detect Diabetes Symptoms

There are no standard symptoms for diabetes, which is one of the reasons why it can be difficult to identify. Once your doctor is considering a potential diagnosis of diabetes, there is a test that can be run to determine if that is an accurate diagnosis. However, the test is not commonly administered unless there is suspicion of diabetes.
The earlier diabetes is identified and treated, the less likely the patient is to develop complications. Therefore, it is helpful to know how to detect diabetes symptoms.
Symptoms of Diabetes – Type I
Type 1 diabetes is the type that a person is born with. Their insulin system never works right, meaning that their body does not respond to hunger or thirst correctly, either through over-stimulating or under-stimulating. Common symptoms of type 1 diabetes are:
Unusual or extreme hunger or weight loss
Unusual or extreme thirst or urination
Unusual or extreme fatigue
Unusual or extreme irritability
Symptoms of Diabetes – Type II
Type 2 diabetes is the type that develops over time. Originally termed "adult-onset diabetes," that term is no longer in wide usage since so many teenagers and even children are now developing it. While there are often no symptoms of type 2 diabetes, the following symptoms should prompt medical follow up:
The symptoms of type 1 diabetes
Blurred vision
Slow healing of cuts or bruises
Frequent or recurring skin, bladder, or gum infections
Tingling or numbness in the hands or feet
Symptoms of Diabetes Complications
If you already know that you have diabetes, you should be alert for symptoms of diabetic complications. Continue reading

This is the Most Amazing and Adorable Diabetes Dog I Have Ever Seen!

This is the Most Amazing and Adorable Diabetes Dog I Have Ever Seen!

When Type 1 Liam’s blood sugar levels are out of whack, his dog Max gives him a warning! Trained by Canyon Crest K9 Training Center, Max has saved Liam’s life various times when he senses his blood sugar levels are too high or low.
Watch this amazing pup notify Liam of his elevated blood sugar levels during a training session at the gym. What an amazing dog! Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Exercise and Diabetes

What You Need to Know About Exercise and Diabetes

Exercise is a great way to maintain a healthy body weight, and it can also serve as a safe way to manage diabetes symptoms.
Exercise is an important fitness tool that can help lower blood sugar levels, improve the body's use of insulin, burn excess body fat, improve muscle strength, lower blood pressure, protect against heart and blood vessel disease by lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol, improve blood circulation, reduce risk of heart disease, and even reduce stress. Experts suggest 150 minutes a week of moderately intense physical activities such as brisk walking, swimming laps or bicycling.
Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels
One of the most important things to do before you exercise is check your blood sugar. If you're going to exercise for more than an hour, check your blood sugar at regular intervals during your workout. You should also check it after you finish exercising as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can occur up to five hours after exercising.
Blood Sugar Guidelines for Exercising Safely
If your blood sugar levels are lower than 100 mg/dL, your levels may be too low to exercise safely. If this is the case, you should eat a small snack that contains carbohydrates, like fruit or crackers, before you begin to work out.
When your blood sugar levels are between 100 and 250 mg/dL you are good to go, as this is considered to be a safe pre-exercise blood sugar range.
If your blood sugar levels are 250 mg/dL or higher, you should take some precautions before working out. One thing you should check for are ketones in your urine, which are substances made when your body break Continue reading

Soybean Oil Causes More Diabetes Than Sugar

Soybean Oil Causes More Diabetes Than Sugar

A diet rich in soybean oil can cause more weight gain and diabetes than a diet rich in fructose - sugar - or a diet high in coconut oil, according to researchers from The University of Riverside (UCR).
For the study, researchers fed male mice four different types of diets that included varying doses of soybean oil, coconut oil and fructose. All four of the diets had the same number of calories and the mice all ate the same amount of food.
What surprised researchers was that mice who ate a heavy soybean oil diet gained about 25 percent more weight than mice on the coconut-oil rich diet and 9 percent more than mice who ate a diet rich in fructose.
“This was a major surprise for us — that soybean oil is causing more obesity and diabetes than fructose — especially when you see headlines everyday about the potential role of sugar consumption in the current obesity epidemic,” said Poonamjot Deol, director of the study and professor of cell biology and neuroscience at UCR.
The obesogenic oil?
Soybean products have become more popular as a plant-based alternative to dairy and meat products that tend to be rich in saturated fats. According to a press release on the study, soybean oil makes up 60 percent of the oil consumption in the U.S. - a number that also mirrors obesity rates.
The study revealed that soybean oil - which is found in foods like margarine and salad dressing - can specifically affect certain genes that metabolize drugs and environmental toxins.
Researchers will next compare the findings against tests done with olive oil.
Source:University of Riverside
Type 2 Continue reading

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