Blueberries Pack A Preventive Punch Against Diabetes And Heart Disease

Blueberries Pack A Preventive Punch Against Diabetes and Heart Disease

Blueberries Pack A Preventive Punch Against Diabetes and Heart Disease

In the fight against metabolic syndrome (MetS), type 2 diabetes and heart disease, we mere humans can turn to a mighty superhero for help: wild blueberries.
This is excellent news since approximately 37 percent of people in the U.S. are at risk for MetS, a precursor for health problems such as diabetes and heart trouble.
MetS and Blueberries
Risk factors for MetS include high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure and elevated blood glucose. These risks can be reduced by changes in diet such as eliminating refined foods and hydrogenated fats, and eating more lean proteins, monounsaturated fats and superfoods like wild blueberries.
Blueberries wield the weapon of polyphenols called anthocyanins – plant chemicals that provide a protective array of health benefits, such as lowering our risk for Alzheimer’s disease and some types of cancer. Researchers at the University of Maine confirmed that regular consumption of wild blueberries may prevent or improve MetS associated pathologies, including diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses.
The Blueberry Research
Obese rats with metabolic syndrome – known to closely mimic MetS in humans – were fed the equivalent of two cups of wild blueberries each day for eight weeks. This enhanced the rats' blood pressure and circulation as the balance between constricting and relaxing elements in their blood vessel walls improved.
Said researcher Dr. Klimis-Zaca:
Our recent findings documented that wild blueberries reduce chronic inflammation and improve the abnormal lipid profile and gene expression associated with Continue reading

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Heal Pain Caused By Inflammation And Prevent Type-2 Diabetes With Turmeric Tea!

Heal Pain Caused By Inflammation And Prevent Type-2 Diabetes With Turmeric Tea!

The benefits of turmeric are well documented. It is one of the best ways of fighting inflammation and preventing disease and illness that have been linked to inflammation. But there is evidence now that it even has the power to prevent Type-2 diabetes in people who are severely at risk of developing this disease.
Before I jump into that, I want to give you a little bit of background as to why I am a huge advocate of using turmeric in your everyday diet.
My Time With Turmeric
Since I was younger, I always enjoyed playing soccer. I grew up in a family that really enjoyed watching it and playing it, and during the summer whenever we had family gatherings the kids and parents would always kick the ball around.
But around the time I turned 17, I started to experience a pain in my right knee that I had never experienced before. At first I thought it was because of a bad tackle that took me down hard. I played through the pain and as soon as the game was done, I was icing my knee and eventually the pain and swelling went down.
This happened a few more weeks, every time it was during a game and I thought that it was just a flare up of the old injury. So I kept playing and I kept icing my knee, but after each game I would have to ice it for longer and longer until the pain and swelling went away.
After the season ended, I forgot about my knee pain – I guess you can say ignorance is bliss. But it didn’t last long and the pain returned and I couldn’t figure out why. I went to the doctor and after a series of tests, he determined that I had developed tendonitis in my knee. I coul Continue reading

Green smoothies helped us beat diabetes

Green smoothies helped us beat diabetes

I do NOT want to sound like a cheezy televangelist or some hawker on late night infomercials or some vapid chick selling makeup at 2 am on channel 19,000
BUT I can attest that, using green smoothies like the one on one of my other blogs here (no sprouts tho, no bananas either) – NOT juicing but Vita-mixing (this way you get all the awesome fiber you NEED)
My DH has:
– Lost all blood and urine chemistry markers for diabetes
– Gone off ALL diabetes meds (wasnt on insulin yet)
– Gone off high blood pressure meds
– Gone off some other med he was on for cholesterol
– Lost something like 50 pounds
– Lowered all his bad fats and cholesterol in his blood to BELOW the lower end of normal scales – ALL OF THE USUAL TRIGLYCERIDE PANEL – whooosh from bad to awesomeness!!!!
We have proven that you can, single handedly, monkey-wrench the pharmaceutical companies AND make your life SO MUCH BETTER just but making these green smoothies. You can add a simple leafy green salad with a low sugar low fat HOMEMADE vinaigrette if you need to chomp on things.
Drink these every day and stick to it and you WILL see massive gains against diabetes ad all the nasty side effects of diabetes and metabolic syndrome – I watched it happen.
This is NOT a diet, its food therapy. You are recharging your nutrient (not calorie) starved body with critically important vitamins, minerals, cofactors science hasnt learned about yet, rebuilding your neglected gut ecology, and enjoying fresh juicy goodness that will make you feel more energetic and juicy yourself!
Our green smoothie recipe Continue reading

How to Eat Pasta With Diabetes

How to Eat Pasta With Diabetes

A diabetes diagnosis doesn't mean that your favorite pasta dishes are off-limits forever.
Yet it's important to know how to safely eat pasta without going overboard on your carbohydrate limit and putting your blood sugar in danger.
Nowadays, there are many pasta options that are better for diabetics, and that may even offer nutritional benefits like protein.
Portion control
The biggest thing to remember when eating pasta is portion control. The American Diabetes Association recommends no more than one cup of pasta per meal, which is equal to about 45 grams of carbohydrates.
If you're eating pasta for dinner, for example, try to avoid other carbohydrate-rich foods, like starchy vegetables, bread or sweetened beverages.
Types of pasta
When choosing what type of pasta to eat, try to opt for whole-wheat or whole-grain pasta varieties, as these are not stripped of their nutrients the way white pasta is, and they are slower to digest (which means more stable blood sugar control).
Brown rice pasta or quinoa pasta may also work for diabetics, the latter of which is high in protein. However, check labels and be mindful again of your portion control.
In general, look for pastas that are high in fiber and with no added sugars. Low-carb pasta is also available in some stores.
Pasta alternatives
Enjoying pasta can also be done without actual pasta noodles. Plenty of low-carb pasta alternatives are available, including: spaghetti squash, which you can bake and then shred the flesh of the fruit to create noodle-like strands; shiritaki noodles, which are found in the refrigerator area of m Continue reading

Diabetes Diet: Tasty Free Foods To Keep On Hand

Diabetes Diet: Tasty Free Foods To Keep On Hand

Free foods are those that do not affect our blood sugar levels. Knowing what these items are can make snacking and meal prep easier, and more flavorful for people with diabetes.
Free foods have fewer than 20 calories and 5 grams of carbs per serving. Some can be eaten frequently, in moderation, with no counting necessary. Other free-food servings may be enjoyed up to three times throughout the day.
Six Free Foods
Here are six free foods that you may want to keep stocked in your refrigerator or pantry.
Cucumbers and Pickles. One serving (1/2 cup) of sliced cucumber provides three nutrients most of us need more of: magnesium, potassium, and fiber. Sliced cucumbers make a good chip substitute with dips, can be made into a relish, or pureed with herbs, broth, and avocado to create a hot or cold soup. A cucumber sandwich spread with a spoonful of tuna salad forms a delightful lunch.
Pickles add crunch and sass to any snack or meal, but be aware that one serving (1 1/2 medium dill, 3/4 ounce gherkins) contains up to 60 percent of our recommended daily intake of sodium.
Cabbage. A free-food portion of cabbage (1/2 raw shredded, or 6 fresh leaves) is a stupendous source of vitamins C and K, plus a slew of antioxidants.
Cabbage leaves are sturdy so they can be a substitute for tortillas, or taco shells, and shredded cabbage in broth-based soups renders them more filling. A tart vinegar-dressed coleslaw is a healthier side salad than the creamy version.
Leafy Greens. All leafy greens are free foods that can be eaten in moderate amounts as often as wished. The darker varieties are mor Continue reading

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