Best Essential Oils For Diabetes Type 1 And 2 Treatment 2017

Best Essential Oils for Diabetes type 1 and 2 Treatment 2017

Best Essential Oils for Diabetes type 1 and 2 Treatment 2017

Home Essential oils For diseases Essential Oils For Diabetes Treatment, Recipes, and Tips
Essential Oils For Diabetes Treatment, Recipes, and Tips
The essential oils for diabetes aim to inverse the degenerative processes, especially in the case of type 2 diabetes. Renouncing sweets and juices is a big change in the life of a person that was diagnosed with this disease.Essential oils treatment can reduce cravings, allowing you to eat less and to enjoy the unsalted or unsweetened foods more. It is a direct beneficial aid for living with diabetes or even curing it.
Even if we live in a society oriented towards consuming medicines, many people start to understand the importance of essential oils for diabetes. Foods and natural remedies are our best friends, especially if we are talking about a disease coming from our eating habits. 90% of chronic and degenerative illnesses, including diabetes, have as cause or are related to our lifestyle.
Essential oils are not a replacement for medical cures for diabetes, but they are an important aid. Natural remedies, and especially essential oils, are not new, and at some point in the existence of humankind they were the only treatment for some common diseases.
Good habits must start as you are diagnosed with diabetes
Follow the insulin medical treatment (if you were recommended one). Start eating more of the foods healing the damages brought by insulin resistance in your body. This usually means starting an anti-inflammatory diet, as bad digestion is one of the causes of diabetes. This inflammation destroys the cells producing Continue reading

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ADA: Oral Insulin May Delay Type 1 Diabetes Onset

ADA: Oral Insulin May Delay Type 1 Diabetes Onset

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ADA: Oral Insulin May Delay Type 1 Diabetes Onset
In adults with two or more antibodies predicting the development of type 1 diabetes, treatment with daily oral insulin therapy did not prevent development of the disease, but a small subset experienced a 31-month delay in clinical diabetes development.
Close relatives of people with type 1 diabetes who had certain autoantibodies that put them at high risk of progression to clinical type 1 diabetes did not benefit from taking oral insulin vs placebo, according to a new trial. The participants were mostly children and adolescents, with a median age of 8. However, surprisingly, among a small subset of participants with the same autoantibodies against islet cells but with low insulin secretion, those who received insulin tablets were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 2.5 years later than those who got placebo.
This was the largest trial ever performed using oral insulin and even though the results were not a homerun, a pre-specified secondary hypothesis was met and there were no significant adverse events. The results showed an incremental advance as it was able to delay type 1 diabetes for 2.5 years in a subset.
Dr. Carla J. Greenbaum, who presented the results, stated that people with close relatives with type 1 diabetes have a 15-fold increased risk of developing the disease themselves.
An earlier study had suggested that if such individuals also had high levels of micro insulin autoantibodies (mIAA), taking oral insulin might buy tim Continue reading

The Big Interview – Charlotte Summers

The Big Interview – Charlotte Summers

We caught up with Charlotte Summers at this year’s Diabetes Professional Care (DPC2017) conference. She is the chief operating officer of Diabetes.co.uk, the world’s largest online diabetes forum, and here she tells The Diabetes Times all about the pioneering Low Carb Program.
What is the Low Carb Program?
The Low Carb Program is a structured, evidence-based digital therapy helping address the global epidemic of type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and obesity. What’s even more exciting is that it’s helping to demonstrate type 2 diabetes and prediabetes don’t have to be chronic, progressive diseases as once understood to be.
Why have more than 250,000 people joined the Low Carb Program, has it filled a void?
We have been astounded by the global impact that the Low Carb Program is having on redefining the understanding of type 2 diabetes. It’s metabolic underpinning and the opportunity to put it into remission. The Diabetes.co.uk forum has been talking about low carb for well over a decade, and it’s been described as a grassroots movement. It truly has been.
In August this year the DT reported that seven out of 10 forum members improved their knowledge of diabetes within six months of joining the online community, have you got any other metrics that you can share?
A recent empirical research study published by Royal Holloway University on the Diabetes.co.uk Forum concluded that being a member of the community was empowering – they went further with this to explain what this meant for someone living with diabetes. It meant they had a better relationship with their hea Continue reading

World Diabetes Day 2017: Important Facts And Significance

World Diabetes Day 2017: Important Facts And Significance

World Diabetes Day 2017: Important Facts And Significance
On account of the celebration of World Diabetes Daythis November 14th, lets try and understand this extremely widespread lifestyle disease that we are dealing with and look into how we might just escape its grasp.
World Diabetes Day is celebrated in order to create awareness about the disease and give the general population an idea about the extreme prevalence of diabetes in todays world. The attention is given to type two diabetes given that it is preventable while explaining the ways by which it can be prevented by anyone.
Every year on November 14, The International Diabetes Federation along with the World Health Organisation celebrates the World Diabetes Day to propagate the above-mentioned features for public benefit.
November 14th is the day chosen to celebrate this because it is the birthday of one of the founders for the treatment of the disease- the co-founder of insulin- Frederick Banting. This day was first initiated in 1991.
On this day every year, various programs including campaigns via different media- television, radio and newspapers, screening programs free of charge, marathons and other awareness methods such as skits, street plays, flash mobs, etc take place worldwide to ensure maximum knowledge is created about the disease.
Every year, a different theme is focused upon so as to cover every aspect of this disease. This year the theme is Women and Diabetes- our right to a healthy feature. Previous themes have covered healthy eating, care for the eyes and so on.
Diabetes is a chronic (long-l Continue reading

Does Probiotics Help People with Diabetes?

Does Probiotics Help People with Diabetes?

Does Probiotics Help People with Diabetes?
Does Probiotics Help People with Diabetes?
Diabetes is not just about high blood glucose levels. it is a much more complicated disease which, if not controlled effectively, will lead to conditions such as cardiovascular diseases , digestive disorders , diabetic neuropathy , diabetic nephropathy, amongst a host of other conditions. Hence, experts are always on the lookout for something natural that can help manage the condition in an effective manner. In this article, let us understand the role of probiotics in treating and managing diabetes .
So, come and join us for the article Does Probiotics Help People with Diabetes?
Probiotics are the bacteria, viruses, yeasts, as well as other microorganisms which are considered healthy for the gut. There are a number of probiotic supplements that we get in the market. However, the best form of taking in this healthy form of bacteria are the natural food sources such as yogurt , pickles, etc. which contain these.
It has always been known that there is a strong connection between diabetes and probiotics. While foods high in probiotics always make us healthier, there are food choices which are not as good. It is believed that the good bacteria should comprise at least 80 percent of the total bacteria that is found in the gut.
The probiotics are known to bring positive changes in the metabolism of the body which is often damaged due to diabetes. As per a research conducted by the experts at Lough-borough University, probiotics can help to prevent insulin resistance in people who suffer f Continue reading

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