Believe It Or Not, Use Frozen Lemons And Say Goodbye To Diabetes, Tumors, Obesity!

Believe it or not, use frozen lemons and say goodbye to diabetes, tumors, obesity!

Believe it or not, use frozen lemons and say goodbye to diabetes, tumors, obesity!

After reading this article, I’m sure that everyone will want to use frozen lemons!
The healthiest part of all lemons is their skin and peel and most of the times they are thrown away because people do not like their taste. If you use all parts of the lemon, including its skin you can intake 5 to 10 times more the amount of the vitamins and other medical advantages of the lemons.
Lemons are one of the best sources of vitamin C, but also vitamins B6, E, A, as well calcium, iron, riboflavin, phosphorus, folate, magnesium, potassium and protein.
If you use lemons often, you can lose weight, you can prevent diabetes, you can eliminate different types of malignant tumors, you can control hypertension and calm acid reflux and even fever.
Before using a lemon, you should freeze it if you want to get all the medical advantages from it. But, before putting it into the freezer, you first need to clean the lemon and dry it completely. Wait until it is completely frozen and then take it out from the freezer.
When you take out the lemon out of the freezer, cut off one of the ends of the frozen lemon in order for it to be flat. Grind it with the flat side against the grates, just like you do with a piece of cheese. That way you will be free from the danger to slipping it while you are shredding it up.
Then, store the lemon gratings into container or you just use them to enrich the flavor of your meals! You will get exceptionally remarkable sort of flavoring that contrasts from that of squeezing plain lemon juice with the lemony shreds draw out other flavors. Your body will be extremely Continue reading

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Diet options for type 2 diabetes: eating plans can vary, study suggests

Diet options for type 2 diabetes: eating plans can vary, study suggests

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to a diet that can prevent and control type 2 diabetes, a recent study suggests.
A review of randomized clinical trials and observational studies on diabetes and nutrition revealed that certain dietary patterns, regardless of weight loss, could help stave off the condition, as well as manage current symptoms better than other diets.
"We undertook this review because we believe that most of the current dietary guidelines for patients with diabetes do not reflect recent evidence," said Osama Hamdy, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Director of Joslin Diabetes Center's Obesity Clinical Program and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. "Nutrition can be used as a medicine to prevent and control diabetes in a very effective way."
What should you be eating?
A major finding that is consistent with most research on the topic suggests that a Mediterranean diet, which is rich in whole grains, leafy vegetables and olive oil, is related to a lower risk of diabetes development, even without weight loss. This connection remained intact even when calories were not restricted, the authors found.
Other specific diets that proved beneficial for diabetes prevention and management included low-carbohydrate or low glycemic index diets, which were linked to a lower risk for cardiovascular disease.
Specific foods that were associated with reduced type 2 diabetes risk included leafy green vegetables, oat cereal, yogurt, walnuts, apples, and coffee.
Appropriate healthy fat intake, too, was found to be associated with lower type 2 diabet Continue reading

If You Suffer from Diabetes, Hair Loss, Heart and Joint Inflammation Try This Powerful Fruit

If You Suffer from Diabetes, Hair Loss, Heart and Joint Inflammation Try This Powerful Fruit

The tamarind fruit originates from Asia and Africa, and is often used in the Indian cuisine, where it’s consumed with a combination of salt and pepper. The tamarind has a unique taste, and besides being delicious, it also offers numerous health benefits. Here’s what the fruit can help you treat:
Inflammation in the joints and connective tissues
Inflammation and pain in the connective tissues is common as we age, but you should know that the problem can be controlled by consuming the tamarind fruit. The fruit has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the pain and protect the connective tissues, as well as antibacterial properties that can protect your body from infections. The fruit has a rich nutritional profile and contains compounds that can reinforce your immune system, detoxify your body and prevent various ailments.
Improves your eyesight
Tamarind contains a lot of vitamin A which can improve your eyesight and reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and other eye problems.
Treats hair loss
Tamarind is one of the best natural remedies against hair loss – just boil it in some water until it softens, then squeeze the fruit to obtain liquid. Apply it on the scalp and rub it in gently, then leave the liquid to work for 60 minutes before rinsing your hair with warm water.
Tamarind can regulate your blood sugar levels and treat diabetes. Buy some tamarind paste at your local health store and mix it with some herbs and jamun – consume the mixture regularly to control your blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes.
Great for your heart
The tama Continue reading

Understanding the Link Between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s

Understanding the Link Between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s

Health is always at the forefront of your mind if you have diabetes. Watching your diet, exercising, and monitoring your body is second nature. While these activities are vital for staying healthy, a new study has shown us another reason to stay on top of your health. It turns out that blood sugar and glucose levels have a correlation to brain health and ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. In a study published by the Annals of Internal Medicine, it was found that those with diabetes had a 19% decline in cognitive function over a 20 year period. Those with pre-diabetes also showed the same degeneration.
The study doesn’t just map diabetics either. It found that people with poor control over their blood sugar had a decrease in neuroplasticity, meaning that people who are not cognizant of their diet and sugar intake also see a steep decline in mental ability compared to those that control their blood sugar. Diabetics that do not control their diabetes, either through not being diagnosed or through poor management, had the steepest decline over the time of the study.
What this information shows is just how important it is for diabetics to manage not only their physical health, but their mental acuity as well. Nutrition, physical and mental exercise, and stress management are 4 of the most effective ways the study found to help prevent brain degradation. While the correlation seems bleak, the information provided could help millions protect themselves from incredible hardship later in life. Continue reading

Kris Jenner Says Rob Kardashian Wants to Return to KUWTK Following Diabetes Diagnosis: ''He Just Wants to Feel Good''

Kris Jenner Says Rob Kardashian Wants to Return to KUWTK Following Diabetes Diagnosis: ''He Just Wants to Feel Good''

Kris Jenner is giving an update on son Rob Kardashian's health.
While chatting with Maria Shriver during last night's Architects of Change: The Conversation Series event, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch opened up about Rob following his recent hospitalization and diabetes diagnosis.
"He's had a year where he kind of wanted to chill. He hasn't been feeling well, we didn't know why. He was just diagnosed with diabetes, so we're taking care of that," Kris said, adding that Rob is very much a part of everyday family life despite his absence from their hit TV show. "But he's always around. I see Rob every day."
"I think Rob enjoys all the family stuff we do. He has his business, his sock line and his stuff. But I think that it was just the perfect time for him to take like a little hiatus," Kris added. "We said, ‘Just get well. Feel better.' He was depressed and just wasn't feeling good and didn't know why."
"But you didn't think about stopping [the show] because of that?" Shriver asked.
"No, because we see him, he's with us all the time," Kris responded.
"But he's not on the show?" Shriver added.
"No," Jenner said. "He wants to still come back and shoot the show, he just wants to feel good. It's not that he doesn't want to be on the show, it's just he wasn't feeling good."
Check out the clip for more from Kris!
Watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E! Continue reading

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