4. Lifestyle Management

4. Lifestyle Management

4. Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle management is a fundamental aspect of diabetes care and includes diabetes self-management education (DSME), diabetes self-management support (DSMS), nutrition therapy, physical activity, smoking cessation counseling, and psychosocial care. Patients and care providers should focus together on how to optimize lifestyle from the time of the initial comprehensive medical evaluation, throughout all subsequent evaluations and follow-up, and during the assessment of complications and management of comorbid conditions in order to enhance diabetes care.
In accordance with the national standards for diabetes self-management education and support, all people with diabetes should participate in diabetes self-management education to facilitate the knowledge, skills, and ability necessary for diabetes self-care and in diabetes self-management support to assist with implementing and sustaining skills and behaviors needed for ongoing self-management, both at diagnosis and as needed thereafter. B
Effective self-management and improved clinical outcomes, health status, and quality of life are key goals of diabetes self-management education and support that should be measured and monitored as part of routine care. C
Diabetes self-management education and support should be patient centered, respectful, and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values and should help guide clinical decisions. A
Diabetes self-management education and support programs have the necessary elements in their curricula to delay Continue reading

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What Can’t Cure Diabetes

What Can’t Cure Diabetes

Spend 5 minutes on the internet and you are bound to come across an article, website, or video promising to “kill your diabetes” with some herb, spice, ritual, or rain dance of some sort. The only problem is– there is no cure for diabetes. There is no cure for type 1. There is no cure for type 2. There is treatment but no cure.
Social media and the internet have given rise to scammers and dangerous “homeopathic” alternatives to medicine, medicine that diabetics need to stay healthy and survive.
Here are some of the worst “cure” culprits.
Things That Won’t Cure Diabetes #1: Cinnamon
While cinnamon has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity in some studies, it does not cure diabetes. It doesn’t repair beta cell dysfunction or remove the metabolic disorder from your body. People often confuse potential benefits of a product with cure. This confusion has been capitalized on by advertisers and marketers who know diabetics are desperate for a cure.
Cinnamon is not a cure and personally, I prefer cinnamon for my toast, not my diabetes.
Things That Won’t Cure Diabetes #2: Okra Water
There was a huge explosion on the internet when this post below surfaced claiming okra soaked in water magically frees you of your diabetes.
While okra does contain soluble fiber which helps slow digestion, it most definitely does not cure diabetes. Do you know what plays the role of insulin? Insulin. Nothing else. If you require insulin, you require insulin. There are specific cases where a type 2 has become insulin dependent and then improves their insulin sensitivity, no longer Continue reading

No, there is no ‘miracle recipe’ that cures diabetes

No, there is no ‘miracle recipe’ that cures diabetes

“Dr Jaime Dy-Liacco has finally found a remedy for diabetes […] He created a mixture containing the minerals required to fight against diabetes. The ingredients: 12 pieces of sweet pepper, 2 raw eggs, ½ teaspoon of sea salt,” an online Senegalese newspaper recently reported.
“Dice and crush the peppers in order to combine them with the eggs. Then add ½ a teaspoon of sea salt. Lo and behold, your remedy is ready and you can drink it,” the publication added. It was relaying an article published by protegetasante.net, a news site which claims to provide natural methods for curing oneself.
Is it possible to be cured of diabetes using such a recipe? We checked.
What proof is there?
We found a video on YouTube in which Dy-Liacco talks about his recipe that “cures diabetes in five minutes”, but were unable to find his contact details to request proof of this claim.
Africa Check also tried in vain to get in touch with the department of health of the Philippines. However, its website does not contain any information about Dy-Liacco or his anti-diabetes recipe.
He also has not published anything in a scientific journal, Dr Gojka Roglic from the World Health Organisation’s department for management of noncommunicable diseases, disability, violence and injury prevention, told Africa Check.
“I couldn’t find any trace of a scientific evaluation of this ‘miraculous’ solution for curing diabetes,” Roglic said.
“There’s nothing more to say. No trace of any scientific proof.”
‘Be careful of fortune tellers’
Director of the Mark Sankalé Diabetes Centre i Continue reading

Mike Huckabee and the diabetes cure he endorsed that 'no health agency supports'

Mike Huckabee and the diabetes cure he endorsed that 'no health agency supports'

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is distancing himself from the unusual ways he earned money before announcing his White House run May 5, but journalists aren’t letting the former Arkansas governor off the hook.
Huckabee, who shed about 100 pounds after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, filmed TV and radio infomercials advertising a program to "reverse" diabetes in February and March. Huckabee also lent his email list to carry ads about a looming food shortage and a cancer cure found in the Bible.
CBS’ Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer tried to pin Huckabee down on his business dealings during a May 10 interview that followed a critical column about "Huckabee’s Hucksterism" by National Journal’s Ron Fournier.
Huckabee got testy as he explained the program he endorsed is more about healthy eating than dietary supplements.
A bit later, Schieffer moved on to Fournier during a pundit panel discussion for a response.
"As you know, there was more to that, and I really like the way you kind of put him on his heels and he had to filibuster you," Fournier said. "He -- his endorsing -- the infomercials that are endorsing cures and treatments that no health agency supports. He's linking cancer to cures to the Bible verse."
In other words, he said, not very presidential behavior.
PunditFact wanted to dig into Fournier’s claim about Huckabee’s past. Did he shill for a shoddy diabetes "cure" that "no health agency supports"?
‘Diabetes Solution Kit’
Fournier’s column references a March New York Times story about Huckabee’s "highly unconventional inc Continue reading

No, Alcohol Will Not Prevent or Cure Your Diabetes

No, Alcohol Will Not Prevent or Cure Your Diabetes

Pictured: Not a cure for diabetes. Unsplash/Jez Timms
Pictured: Not a cure for diabetes. Unsplash/Jez Timms
We all want certain things to be true. We long for them, deep in our hearts. Some of these are innocuous: it would be pretty great if eating chocolate made us lose weight. Some are a bit more problematic, like the wish that putting supplements into our bodies makes us magically ‘better’ than everyone else.
Some are just silly, like the idea that drinking alcohol is good for your health.
We love being told that things that everyone knows are bad for you are actually good. Every second week, someone comes up with a new story extolling the health benefits of eating chocolate. If you Google the words “study finds,” you’ll inevitably find at least one recent article telling you that, despite obvious medical improbabilities, setting your skin on fire might actually be the treatment that you’ve been looking for all this time.
Nowhere is this more true than in the case of moderate drinking.
What happens when a large observational study looking at a socially-determined issue finds something that disagrees with lots of research that came before?
Well, firstly, the scientific community collectively turns its nose up and says “correlation doesn’t equal causation.” A bunch of professors happily high-five, or clink test-tubes, or whatever else professors do, and go back to their fairly insular work. There are notable exceptions, but most scientists just don’t have time to write articles about stuff like this.
Meanwhile, the media goes crazy.
Seriously crazy.
Continue reading

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