10 Alkaline Foods That Help Treat Gout, Diabetes, Cancer, And Heart Disease

10 Alkaline Foods that Help Treat Gout, Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease

10 Alkaline Foods that Help Treat Gout, Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease

Some vegetables and fruits along with some seeds, legumes, nuts, tofu and soybeans are highly alkaline in their nature. On the other hand, processed food, meat, dairy and eggs don’t belong in this group so you should try to avoid them as much as possible.
Here’s a list of ten alkaline foods that are good for your heart, blood glucose levels, weight loss process, and so much more. Plus, being alkaline in nature makes these foods good aid in the treatment of cancer.
A List of 10 Great Alkaline Foods
1. Avocado
The avocado is considered to be a super food. It has 20 different minerals and vitamins. It also has magnesium, vitamin A, copper, zinc, phosphorous and iron.
The avocado is low in saturated fat and does not have sodium or cholesterol. The avocado has a rich amount of fiber. The fiber is good in order to lower the spike in blood sugar and can help to lose weight.
The avocado can increase the good cholesterol by 11%, it can lower the blood triglycerides to 20 %, and it can lower the bad cholesterol to 22 %.
2. Bell pepper
It is high in antioxidants. It has crunchy, fresh and sweet delicious taste. They are low in calories. In addition, they have rich content of vitamin C which can help to boost your immune system.
They contain carotenoids like beta-carotene and phytochemicals which makes them have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
There is capsaicin in bell peppers. That can help to ease inflammation, reduce bad cholesterol, relief pain and control diabetes.
3. Broccoli
The broccoli is a tasty and healthy vegetable that is high in nutrients. The broccoli Continue reading

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The Diabetes Cure Your Doctor ISN’T Telling You

The Diabetes Cure Your Doctor ISN’T Telling You

Haven’t you ever felt like your doctor isn’t telling you something on purpose? Well, if so, rest assured that you are not the only one. He’d tell you to reduce the sugar and to take more walks, but you kind of feel like there are more ways to handle your diabetes. And, you’re right. Below you will find three tips that would help you manage your diabetes problems, and you won’t get them from your doctor.
Eat More Fat
That’s right – eat more fat. Contrary to what most people tend to believe, fat is actually really helpful because it allows your body to absorb more insulin. This is crucial because it would allow your system to properly manage the blood sugar levels and, therefore, your diabetes. Not all kinds of fat are good, though – you have to look for unsaturated omega-3 fat. You can find it in fish, enriched eggs, beef that’s been grass-fed and other foods.
Exercise More
There are weight loss shortcuts that would allow you to manage your diabetes: you have to train. Your doctor would tell you to increase the cardio, but really, you have to get your entire body moving. You can do so by focusing on strength building exercises. Doing some pushups, some squats and other exercises you can do at home would quickly show results, and you’d easily control the blood sugar counts. You will also feel more energetic.
Take it Easy
Relaxation is likely to be one of the best things for you to focus on if you want to keep your diabetes at bay. Get rid of the stress because this is definitely going to throw your blood sugar counts off the roof. You can focus on some bre Continue reading

6 Natural Remedies to Help Treat and Manage Diabetes

6 Natural Remedies to Help Treat and Manage Diabetes

Natural Ways to Treat Diabetes
As a certified diabetes educator (CDE), when a patient asks me for natural ways to manage diabetes, I have to break it to them gently.
The most natural way to manage your diabetes is diet and exercise. Which, coincidentally, is what you should be doing anyway, according to the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes – 2018.
The Standards of Medical Care is updated yearly. The 2018 version didn’t change much from the 2017 version, in terms of nutrition therapy and exercise.
Nutrition Therapy
Individuals with diabetes who have a referral for medical nutrition therapy (MNT) with a registered dietitian (RD) can see an A1C reduction of 1.0-1.9% in those with type 1 diabetes and 0.3-2% in those with type 2 diabetes – a huge reduction, regardless of the type of diabetes!
The goals of MNT are multifaceted, but part of the goal is to attain glycemic, blood pressure, and lipid goals, as well as body weight goals, while preventing complications, and promoting the enjoyment of the “diet.”
The Standards of Medical Care do not outline a specific diet for everyone with diabetes, because they realize that everyone is different, with complex needs; this is due to activity levels, current health status, as well as health history and other comorbidities.
The Standards of Medical Care outline specific exercise recommendations based on age.
Children with prediabetes, type 1 diabetes, or type 2 diabetes are recommended to engage in 60 minutes of exercise daily, as well as muscle- and bone-strengthening exercise 3 days per week.
Most adults with typ Continue reading

6 New Devices People with Diabetes Should Get Excited About

6 New Devices People with Diabetes Should Get Excited About

Finally! There are some major technological breakthroughs in diabetes management on the horizon.
Diabetes treatment and care has historically been inconvenient at best, and at worst, downright painful. Not only does the disease require a ton of burdensome equipment, most times you feel like a human pincushion. However, people with diabetes are finally getting a little technological love with some devices that could make controlling the disease a little easier.
Here’s some of the awesome new gear you can look forward to seeing in the future!
6. Alcon Smart Contacts
Google is partnering with eyewear company Alcon to create the smart contact lens. The lens contains a microchip that will allow glucose levels to be monitored through tear fluid in the eye. The information retrieved through the lens will be sent to the wearer’s electronic device, eliminating the need for bulky equipment.
5. Temporary Tattoo
The temporary tattoo offers continuous glucose monitoring through a sensor path. Nanoengineers at UCSD developed the sensor, which reads glucose levels in the fluid between skin cells. While the readout is not currently available to allow the wearer to track their levels themselves, it is being developed.
One of the most exciting things about this project is the fact that researchers are also looking for ways to make the tattoo last longer and be more cost-effective for users.
4. FreeStyle Libre Glucose Monitoring System
This incredible system features a tiny glucose sensor that is worn underneath the skin. The glucose sensor is then attached to a small path that adheres to Continue reading

Cost Of Diabetes Has Doubled In Past 20 Years

Cost Of Diabetes Has Doubled In Past 20 Years

According to new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), managing diabetes may be twice as expensive as it was 20 years ago.
Patients now spend about $2,790 more per year on diabetes-associated costs than in 1987.
The study found that over 50 percent of annual diabetes-associated costs is spent on prescription medications. 24 percent is spent on inpatient visits, 15 percent spent on outpatient care and 6 percent towards emergency room visits or other expenses.
“People need to be mindful about the substantial increase in the cost of diabetes, which has been partially fueled by the rising prices of newer drugs,” said lead study author Xiaohui Zhou, a health economist at the CDC.
Costs are also related to treating various complications of the disease
According to the American Diabetes Association, many of the costs associated with diabetes care are related to complications of the disease, not just treating the disease itself.
Patients are living longer than ever, medication costs have increased, and access to health care is more widespread.
Zhou says more efforts to prevent diabetes are imperative.
“This growing trend of diabetes cost is simply unsustainable," said Zhou.
The study is published in Diabetes Care.
Type 2 diabetes is different from type 1 diabetes in many ways. As its alternate name of adult-onset diabetes implies, it is usually only found in adults. However, the rate of children acquiring the disease is going up.
Type 2 diabetes is also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes due to the fact that, unlike type 1, insulin injection Continue reading

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