Lchf Diet Without Ketosis

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Is Ketosis Necessary On A Low-carb Diet? Let’s Ask The Experts!

One of the most asked about aspects of livin’ la vida low-carb has got to the issue of ketosis. There is so much misinformation about there about this very natural state that the body goes through when you are on a low-carb diet (primarily confusing it with a serious condition that diabetics must be careful of called ketoacidosis–NOT the same as ketosis). As such, there may be confusion that lingers out there among my readers who are just learning about this way of eating. In this recent blog post where I provided some “quickie one-liner” responses to some e-mails, I made the following statement: Being in ketosis is like being pregnant–you either are or you’re not; regardless of what the Ketosticks show you, if you are eating less than 30g carbohydrates a day, then you ARE in ketosis.? One of my readers named Charles Fred decided to respond to my statement which he disagreed with and it gets to the very heart of this issue about ketosis. Here’s what he wrote: Your statement reflects today?’s informed opinion, but my article in work, ?Unified Physiology of the Metabolic Syndrome,? has given me an unusual perspective which for the sake of brevity I?’ll state dogmati Continue reading >>

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  1. [deleted]

    Hey guys, I am going keto for a while for my first time to see what its like. However, come summertime, I don't think I'll be able to restrict myself from carbs and I'm okay with that, however, is sticking to low carb high fat detrimental to my health if I am not in a state of ketosis?

  2. DieteticResident

    LCHF Dietitian here, so I will say that you do get the most metabolic advantage from being in ketosis. LCHF is a great strategy but I would say it depends on what you define as low carb and what sources are your carbs coming from. 80 g is a good enough and that's a lot! ! If vegetables or it could be 2 cups of rice....which will stimulate a lot if insulin as opposed to the vegetables

  3. hrtl

    Where do you live? I've been searching for a LCHF dietitian forever.

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