Will Splenda Affect Ketosis

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Diet Soda On A Keto Diet

Throughout the years, I have gotten so many questions regarding diet soda on a Keto diet. Is it okay to drink since it’s 0 grams of carbohydrates (thanks to sugar alcohols and sweeteners)? The short answer is… it depends. Some people can drink diet sodas all day long, lose weight and feel great. I wish I were one of these people. Personally, I find that I can indulge every so often and be symptom free, but it comes with risks. I just have to be extremely careful and mindful of my intake. So what are the draw backs, you say? Stalls in weight loss When people tell me that they are following the Keto diet properly by tracking macros and are still unable to lose weight, one of my first suggestions will always be to cut out diet sodas. These have infamously caused stalls in the low carb community for years. Triggers insulin response Despite most sweeteners being carbohydrate-free, these sweet beverages can still cause an insulin response in the body. One of the foundations of the Keto diet is to keep our blood sugar levels as stable as possible. Constant elevated insulin levels can correlate with weight gain. Did you know that sugar substitutes and sweeteners are usually much sweete Continue reading >>

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  1. Jacobonce

    This is my 3rd attempt at Keto. The first time I lost around 50 lbs, gained it back. The second time, I lost 30ish lbs, gained it back, and it was really rough. I was hungry all of the time. I didn't regularly feel all the great things I was supposed to. Some days were better than others. The weight loss was never as steady as I wanted it to be.
    Throughout those attempts, I always had a bottle of Crystal Light or Diet Coke next to me. I drank a bunch of water, as well. . but I always had those two beverages for taste purposes.
    This time, I decided that I would actually listen to all of the wonderful advice that I received on this sub, and stop with all of the artificial sweeteners.
    So far, I'm a few days in. . not hungry at all. I actually forgot to eat yesterday. . which has never happened to me in my entire life.
    I feel energetic, and not even a little bit hungry. This is what everyone ranted about. This doesn't feel difficult at all!
    I can do this. Eff you, Splenda.
    tl;dr: My previous attempts at Keto were hampered by overuse of artificial sweeteners. I finally learned not to utilize them on this diet and now I feel great.

  2. HotSeamenGG

    But.... I like splenda.... haha JK JK. Yeah I feel you. I get hungry after I drink a diet soda even when I drink it after I ate, so I ignore it and the nagging hunger feeling goes away shortly afterword. NICE TRY SATAN. And congrats!

  3. anbeav

    Live and learn, IMO it's worth it for most to try some time without sweeteners, they aren't an issue for many but can be for another many

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