Will Splenda Affect Ketosis

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*** It can be confusing figuring out what low-carb sweeteners to use when, and how many carbs they really do have. In this video, I explain what sweeteners I find work best for keto baking, the pros and cons to each one, and when to use each one. *** Want that printable Keto Sweeteners Cheat-Sheet (plus more FREEBIES)? Check out my Patreon page and make a donation to help fund all these free videos: https://www.patreon.com/travelingpast... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POLYOL INFO: http://www.foodinsight.org/articles/s... THE SWEETENERS I USE: Swerve: http://amzn.to/2sORECT Erythritol: http://amzn.to/2GD9PO0 Xylitol: http://amzn.to/2HFSFRp Isomalt: http://amzn.to/2x2y3zq Liquid Stevia: http://amzn.to/2GD9V8k FREE KETO DESSERT eBOOK: https://www.tphketodesserts.com/ebooks KETO COOKIE RECIPES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4acA... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MORE ABOUT KETO BAKING INGREDIENTS: https://www.tphketodesserts.com/ingre... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BLURRY VIDEO? Go to the lower right-hand side of the video, click on the settings button (gear sy

Best Low Carb Sweetener:the Best Sweeteners & How To Choose Them

(I often get asked, “What is the best sweetener for a low carb diet? I hope that my previous article about the difference between low carb sweeteners and this article answer that question for you.) In my last article, Low Carb Sweeteners: Choose What’s Best For You, I talked about the differences between artificial sweeteners, natural low carb sugar alternatives, and natural sugar substitutes. I also listed the pros and cons of each, summing up with the statement that “choosing the best sweetener for you depends on your goals and what you are most comfortable with.” I’ve done a lot of low carb baking over the years, and have tried almost every sweetener on the market. I discovered early on that mixing several sweeteners together produces the best “sugar taste” while minimizing the negatives of any one sweetener. I still mix my sweeteners, preferring to use natural low carb sugar alternatives in lieu of artificial. Why? Well, it’s MY personal preference and what I feel most comfortable doing – especially with kids in the house. But I don’t judge, use what you want. My two Favorite Low Carb Sweeteners? Erythritol and Stevia Now let me just quickly say that my very Continue reading >>

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  1. Ketosis & Sucralose

    Has anyone ever seen sucralose interfere with ketosis? I'm 55 and I started low carbing about 7 weeks ago. It started off very strong and I lost 15 pounds in record time. But I still have 45 to lose. I got a blood ketone meter, was at .4 mmol/L, and decided to cut a bit of protein. Ketones climbed, weight stayed the same. This week I decided to repeat 'induction' and dropped to 20 carbs per day. BUT, for the first time I started using some of the low carb shakes and bars from the company named after the guy who started the low carb movement. I had 1 shake and 1 bar 2 days ago and the same yesterday. My blood ketones have plummeted to .2 and the ketostix show absolutely nothing. Has the sweetener in the the bars and shakes ever had this effect on anyone?
    Another possible complication is I have 2 weeks to prepare for a trip where I'll be walking many miles every day and my physical activity has gone up quite a bit. But I've either fallen asleep too many times while reading or the increase in exercise could have reasonably been expected to increase my blood ketones.
    I'm not in danger of giving up low carb, just frustrated and mystified. No more bars or shakes for me until I get this sorted out.

  2. Unregistered

    "No more bars or shakes for me until I get this sorted out."
    You answered your own question.
    Stay far, far away from those bars and shakes.
    BTW- The ketosis thing is misunderstood.
    You do NOT want to stay in ketosis. You want to go past that and be keto-adapted. If you are doing low carb right, you see signs of ketosis for a few weeks, then as you adapt, you see stix show normal. This means you are on track. Now your body adapted itself to burning fat for fuel, the way it was meant to be, Congrats.

  3. Unregistered

    I had read that the stix would stop showing ketones (as a waste product) but I thought that the blood ketones would still be there...
    I feel like I have read until my eyes are ready to bleed but it looks like I'm not finished yet!
    I would consider tossing the stix in the trash. They seem like more worry than they are worth.
    I have been at this since 2008 and have never done a keto stix.
    I know I minimize carbs. I can't think of anything a keto stix is going to tell me that I am not already doing.

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Best Low Carb Sweeteners For Keto

Want to know the number one reason people fall off the ketogenic diet wagon? It’s because their craving for sugar gets to be too much for them. In this day and age, sugary foods and beverages are so common in the typical daily diet that when you stop eating them, your body doesn’t like it, which is why cravings are triggered. The good news is that you can beat these cravings and still enjoy delicious sweetness as long as you know about the best low carb sweeteners for keto. Sucralose You’ve probably already sucralose at some point and didn’t even realize it. It is most commonly sold under the national brand name os Splenda and can be found in most restaurants and coffee shops in the United States. There’s a reason that sucralose is so popular. Taste tests have shown that it tastes closer to sugar than any other sweetener on the market. There is also a noticeable lack of artificial aftertaste, which is always a plus. Many people on keto use sucralose in the form of EZ Sweetz. Even though it’s been on the market for a while, it’s still the new kid on the block when it comes to artificial sweeteners. It was created by actually reverse engineering sugar and changing up it Continue reading >>

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  1. user27629377

    For those who say Aspartame/Splenda can kick you out of ketosis

    I'm curious as to how this is possible. If you are not in ketosis, the normal operation of your body is to use carbs/glucose for energy. If you take in 0-20 or so carbs per day, how is a diet soda or splenda/aspartame with absolutely no carbs going to kick you out of ketosis, into a state of using carbs, which are non-existent in the body, for fuel?

  2. ira_est_a_donum

    sweet things tend to raise insulin or spike it...this in turn could kick you out of ketosis...but i tend to think its not that big of a deal bc youll get back in pretty quick if you do get kicked out...and bc its no calories its not going to add weight or fat to you...and if you are diciplined you dont have to worry about the new desire for carbs/calories/food that is theorized to happen from eating artifical sweetners...
    so personally i try to keep them to a minimum, but when i want one i get one and dont worry about it... moderation is best... 1-2 a day at most and youll be fine... and maybe go sodaless on the weekends.... i personally would rather drink green tea or crystal light...

  3. user27629377

    Originally Posted by ira_est_a_donum
    sweet things tend to raise insulin or spike it...this in turn could kick you out of ketosis...but i tend to think its not that big of a deal bc youll get back in pretty quick if you do get kicked out...and bc its no calories its not going to add weight or fat to you...and if you are diciplined you dont have to worry about the new desire for carbs/calories/food that is theorized to happen from eating artifical sweetners...
    so personally i try to keep them to a minimum, but when i want one i get one and dont worry about it... moderation is best... 1-2 a day at most and youll be fine... and maybe go sodaless on the weekends.... i personally would rather drink green tea or crystal light...

    In regards to raising insulin, if you have no carbs in your body, how will you be kicked out of ketosis.
    I guess my question is where is the glucose coming from to kick you out of ketosis during an insulin spike.

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The Truth On Truvia

Are Truvia and Stevia the same thing? Thanks to a false-advertising job well-done, many health conscious consumers have been tricked into believing that Truvia is the same thing as Stevia. The (disappointing) truth is that, despite the fact that Truvia is marketed as a “stevia-based sugar substitute,” it is NOT equivalent to Stevia. Not even close, actually. Get this: the ingredient list for Truvia is as follows: Erythritol, Rebiana and Natural Flavors. Just three ingredients and Stevia isn’t even one of them! That right there should tell us something (for starters, not to trust the product manufacturer…which by the way is Coca-Cola teamed up with a company called Cargill…) Let’s take a look at those three ingredients that make up Truvia: 1. Erythritol: A sugar alcohol which is made by processing genetically modified corn; this is the primary ingredient in Truvia. Sugar alcohols are notoriously known for their unpleasant side effects. Our bodies do a poor job at digesting sugar alcohols (which is why they are lower in calories), but because they aren’t completely digested, they hang out in our intestines where they are fermented by colonic bacteria. The by-products of Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Getsize

    > Effects of Aspartame on Ketogenic Diet

    I got into a discussion about the effects of aspartame on the body and found the following links:
    the sweet taste from Diet Coke elicits an insulin spike, which blocks your ability to burn fat.
    Animal studies suggest that artificial sweeteners cause body weight gain, theoretically because of a faulty insulin response, at least in cattle and rats. Rats given sweeteners have steadily increased caloric intake, increased body weight, and increased adiposity (fatness).Adding saccharin to the food of calves increases their body weight as well.
    Which is backed up by this:
    Insulin inhibits breakdown of fat in adipose tissue by inhibiting the intracellular lipase that hydrolyzes triglycerides to release fatty acids.
    If that is the case, what exactly is going on in the body when on a keto diet when you drink a sweet-tasting drink?
    I drink a diet drink with a sweet taste[/*]
    Insulin response is triggered.[/*]
    The body is now inhibited from breaking down fat given this response.[/*]
    What does our body do for energy at this point? If its having a hard time breaking down fat for energy and I have no carbs in my body... is it protein? muscle?
    Please let me know if I'm off base here on anything. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

  2. machine

    Being a type 1 Diabetic I have noticed some strange effects while drinking CERTAIN flavors of crystal light. Extremely high blood sugar levels after drinking excessive amounts!

  3. lomox

    I think aspartame is horrible.. but, I dont think it generates insulin spikes. I used to drink lots of diet soda while on keto and leaning out and it never affected me like that. It does however stimulate appetite which may account for the weight gain.

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