Will Ketosis Kill You

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Is Ketosis Dangerous? No, Because Ketosis Is Not Ketoacidosis.

At this point, I consider myself pretty immune to what internet trolls say to me. I have a pretty tough skin, usually laugh off nonsensical comments, and carry on with my day. This last time was different. When checking the social media account for my ketosis supplement company, Perfect Keto, I noticed a rather ridiculous comment. To the best of my memory, the comment said something like this: “How dare you promote ketosis?! I HATE KETOSIS! My daughter is a diabetic and had to be brought to hospital the other day because she was in ketoacidosis! Shame on you and everyone like who you recommends a dangerous diet that kills people! You are killing people! AGHHH!” Not only is this comment wildly misinformed and ignorant, I think comments like this are more dangerous than the promoting the ketogenic diet. When people make comments like this, they use the same scare tactics and lack of facts that have recently overtaken our political system to influence people in not using very beneficial tools to their advantage. Sometimes you just have to use your brain. The unfortunate truth is that this lady isn’t the only delusional and misinformed one instilling fear into people who are tryi Continue reading >>

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  1. KetogenicJoseph

    What's up guys? Hope everyone is having a good day so far. Anyway's I have been doing some reading on the Ketogenic diet. I have a friend who just graduated from medical school and we were talking about the potential long term effects of being on a high fat diet. He suggested that being on a high fat diet, over time, can lead to a build up of plague in your arteries. I don't know if I necessarily believe that but after further research I discovered that many of the things that I eat on a Keto diet can, in turn, cause plague build up over a period of time. What are y'alls thoughts on this?
    Also, I started reading up on the "potential dangers" of a keto diet. One article which seemed pretty biased and not based on evidence said this: .,.. if you're on a strict low carbohydrate diet, you can say goodbye to intense weight training, track intervals, or just about any activity that would be consider “tempo”, “threshold”, or “intervals”. And this is the stuff that adds lean muscle to your body, boosts your metabolism and gets you fit fast – compared to a slow and sluggish slog in your “fat-burning zone”. This is not negotiable by your body. It is simple physiology. When you deplete muscle glycogen, there is a directly proportional increase in muscle fatigue, and also an increase in muscle catabolism (direct metabolism of your body's own muscle protein, or conversion of that protein into glucose via gluconeogenesis). Many people on a low-carbohydrate diet simply stop exercising, because it can suck so much.

    Now. I have heard that people get some really good work outs in when they are on Keto and even when they are fasting. I don't buy the fact that eating a low carb diet can lead you to not being able to work out. In fact I have seen other physical, tangible evidence of people working out with great results on Keto. What are y'alls take on this dogma?

  2. NelleG

    He suggested that being on a high fat diet, over time, can lead to a build up of plague in your arteries.
    of course he did. he just graduated from med school and that’s what he’s been taught. It’s going to be a loooong time before the fallacy of fat causing heart disease and plaque is taught in med school. How else will they be able to push statins? ( a best selling med of all time)

    Do some poking around on this site, Richard and others have posted a lot of info debunking this very thing.

  3. keehan

    He suggested that being on a high fat diet, over time, can lead to a build up of plague in your arteries.

    High fat in conjunction with high carb would be more correct IMHO. Of the dietitians and nutritionists I’ve (personally) seen, they can’t seem to get a grasp on the idea of low/zero carb, so therefore high fat automatically comes with high carb. Normal carb for them is 200-300g daily or more. Under 100g is low for them, and some will frankly tell you that you cannot survive on the <20g level of a real Keto diet.

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