Why Don't Vasopressors Work In Acidosis

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we had the most awful night last night starting at the beginning of the shift (1945). got a "code blue to c-section #2" page overhead so the sc and myself (the float/resource nurse) ran there and they're doing compressions on a lady who's not even closed up from her c-s yet! baby was good, but the mom ended up coming to us and it was basically an all night medical code with another official "code blue" called on her at around 0200. first time i've cried on the way home from work anyways, my question was about the levo not working for her bp. her ph was in the 7.2 range on the first abg and she got an amp of hco3. then on the next abg (maybe an hour later) it was down to 7.19. then, since the bp was dropping so fast, the pma in the unit said to just run it wide open, but it wasn't working. the primary nurse (who's very experienced, whereas i've barely been in the icu for 2 years) said that the levo wouldn't do anything for the bp while the ph was so low. can someone explain this? god, every night i work i seem to be overwhelmed with everything i don't know!!! Permalink Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Wed, 11/20/2013 - 22:44 Sounds like she needed emergent VAD or ECMO. Epi woul Continue reading >>

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  1. Nirish Samant

    In which form excess of glucose stored in plants and animals and where it is stored?

  2. Ritika Goyal

    In plants, excess of glucose is stored in the form of starch. It is stored in roots, leaves, tubers, bulbs, etc.

    In animals, the excess of glucose is stored in the form of glycogen. It is stored in various organs of the body mainly in liver and muscles.

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Acid-base Disorder? Mind The Gaps

You are at: Home Current Features Acid-Base Disorder? Mind the Gaps A 56 year old Russian speaking male (limited English capability) presents to the emergency department via EMS with the chief complaint of generalized abdominal pain. In triage he is noted to be rubbing his stomach and touching his lower back. He indicates that this has been bothering him for the past two hours. He is noted to be verbal in triage but appears confused and is moaning in discomfort. A step-wise emergency approach to acid-base disorders including the Rule of 15 and the Delta Gap formulas can help uncover processes that are hidden in the labs. A 56 year old Russian speaking male (limited English capability) presents to the emergency department via EMS with the chief complaint of generalized abdominal pain. In triage he is noted to be rubbing his stomach and touching his lower back. He indicates that this has been bothering him for the past two hours. He is noted to be verbal in triage but appears confused and is moaning in discomfort. A prior ED visit record indicates that the patient has some sort of liver disease and EtOH abuse history (with no prior reported home medications). His initial triage vita Continue reading >>

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  1. Sandra G(191)

    Ketones in Urine

    I had a midwife appointment yesterday. The one I normally see was away and I saw a horrible one (a rant for a different day ) Anyway as I didnt find her very nice I kept questions to myself. I have to have a glucose test at 28 weeks, so I'll ask my midwife then (I'm 25+2 now) I never had this in my other pregnancies so I was wondering if anyone has had this. I've never heard of ketones before. So can people tell me more about it? The midwife did say it was due to not drinking enough, but I'm more noticably thirsty?? Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated xx

  2. Stacey M(207)

    Hi Sandra, first of all no need to worry loads unless your midwives are. Ketones are produced when your body isn't getting enough energy from food etc and instead it starts to breakdown down your fat and muscle stores and this process produces ketones. (I'm science teacher). I had ketones in my urine last week as I was vomiting and not keeping anything down and this was a big indicator (I had 2-3 * of ketones) for dehydration so got a couple of bags of fluid. Today I had my booking in appoint and since Monday have only vomited twice and been eating so no ketones at all. Just make sure you drink more water and eat. However if your being sick then there aint much u can do. Don't stress about it though x x

  3. Samantha P(274)

    Bit random...but quite funny...I was told I had ketones in my urine when pregnant but as I was so delirious from being so dehydrated I miss heard.....when my partner came into visit (I was in hospital at the time as had such bad sickness) I told him the nurse said I'm having kittens!
    Try not to worry, it's easily sorted. Good luck x

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Vasopressin - Deranged Physiology

This chapter is a summary of the pharmacological properties of vasopressin, with a focus on its use as a vasoactive infusion. Now, when one normally calls something a "summary", one implies that the information is sensibly condensed into several small easily digestible snack-like pieces. This definition cannot apply to the following, which more closely resembles a multiple-course degustation banquet, a structured feast the excesses of which end in a messy pile of bloated drunks. Some of the information is repeated from previous discussions of the physiology of vasopressin as it relates to the control of extracellular osmolality; the rest is material more relevant to people who deploy vasopressin in the treatment of shock. Chemical Structure of 8-Arginine Vasopressin 8-arginine vasopressin is a synthetic analogue of an endogenous nonapeptide hormone. It is indistinguishable from the endogenous hormone. It is a cyclical peptide: The two cysteines are joined by a disulfide bridge, and this curls the molecule into something of a pretzel. Since its discovery in 1895 , pituitary extract has been just that- extract of pituitary glands, fresh or dried. Whose glands, you ask? Those of oxen Continue reading >>

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  1. NicoleAnn

    Ketones and Unrinary Tract Infection

    Is it normal when you have a high level of ketone's in your system to get a urinary tract infection? I'm kinda wondering about it, since my doctor doesn't listen to me when I say I have ketone's and he gives me antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. MarkM

    Infections are not caused by ketones. But they are encouraged by the high blood sugar that often accompanies ketones. Bacteria love warm moist places where there are lots of nutrients. If you lower your blood sugar to the point there is no longer sugar in your urine, you will be removing one of the key attractions. And hopefully you won't get so many infections. But until this happens, you are going to have to use antibiotics ... .

  3. Kaki

    I already commented on your blog this morning regarding ketones, as an individual who has had many UTI's, women know when they have an infection, as its not possible to urinate without that burning sensation, which we do not tolerate very well and will send you immediately to your doctor for medication to resolve a UTI, you made no mention as to whether you did in fact give your doctor a urine specimen.

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    Your Patient In Extremis: THAM To The Rescue? By: Prathap Sooriyakumaran, MD and Curtis Geier, PharmD One of the final common denominators dictating the success or failure of any resuscitative effort, be it a trauma or medical code, is the patients acid-base status. In the presence of acidosis, many of the tools at your disposal, including vasopressors, become impotent and the patients ability to strike a balance between bleeding and clotting or ...

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