Why Do People Take Ketones?

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Diabetes And Ketones

Tweet The presence of high levels of ketones in the bloodstream is a common complication of diabetes, which if left untreated can lead to ketoacidosis. Ketones build up when there is insufficient insulin to help fuel the body’s cells. High levels of ketones are therefore more common in people with type 1 diabetes or people with advanced type 2 diabetes. If you are suffering from high levels of ketones and seeking medical advice, contact your GP or diabetes healthcare team as soon as possible. What are ketones? Ketones are an acid remaining when the body burns its own fat. When the body has insufficient insulin, it cannot get glucose from the blood into the body's cells to use as energy and will instead begin to burn fat. The liver converts fatty acids into ketones which are then released into the bloodstream for use as energy. It is normal to have a low level of ketones as ketones will be produced whenever body fat is burned. In people that are insulin dependent, such as people with type 1 diabetes, however, high levels of ketones in the blood can result from taking too little insulin and this can lead to a particularly dangerous condition known as ketoacidosis. How do I test for Continue reading >>

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  1. Skie

    Can You Use Ketone Sticks to "Diagnose"?

    I'm not on a low carb diet as far as I know, so having these in the urine would be a possible diabetes sign, right? Is it a safe idea to get a package and see what my results are? Or is this just a silly idea? I'm still working out arrangements to go see a doctor and get tested, but in the mean time while I figure that out with my friends, I figure something like this might be useful to get an idea of where I stand in the matter... Course I wish I could borrow a meter too, but alas... Don't know anyone who'd let me...

  2. Shanghaied Guy

    I think your blood sugars have to be extremely high before ketones would show up in your urine if you have not been on ketogenic diet (very low carb) for several days.
    You can get a free meter here: https://www.onetouchgold.com/simplestart/, but you will still need to buy the strips.
    Where do you live? If you live in Shanghai, I will buy you a cup of coffee some morning and test your BG. We diabetics are always curious about the blood sugar of other people and sometimes try to cajole our family and friends into testing their morning fasting blood sugar. If you want to disclose where you live, maybe somebody here at DD can help you out with the use of a meter.
    Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you have a family history of diabetes? How old are you? Are you overweight? Have you ever had high blood glucose on a test? What symptoms do you have that lead you to suspect diabetes?
    Be well.

  3. hannahtan

    i wouldn't dx yourself with just a ketostix... if there are sugar and ketones in the urine... it is a sign of diabetes... if ketones alone... i'm not sure... that is why i will not simply just assume i'm a diabetic based on a ketostix result...
    if you can't borrow a meter... can you just go to a pharmacy and get a simple finger bg test done? if it is high... and from the ketostix result which shows ketones as positive... please go see a doc immediately... but if bg is good...i wouldn't worry a lot... but still see a doc to get a proper diagnosis

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Ketone Supplements: More Harm Than Good?

Enjoy this article co-authored with my dear friend, Tatiana Schallert, who is co-serving with me, my ministry, and my family. I AM Love, Dr. Sharnael Have you noticed that Ketone supplements are so popular recently? I know my Facebook newsfeed is buzzing with different articles and brands promoting ketones. I honestly had no clue what the deal was so I decided to do some research, which is exactly what I encourage you to do before jumping on the bandwagon. There is a lot of information out there on this topic right now and from what I found – taking Exogenous Ketones may be more harmful than good. What are Ketones? Ketones are produced in the liver from fatty acids. Then they are consumed as alternative fuel by the body, particularly the brain, when blood sugar (glucose) is in short supply. The brain consumes lots of energy every day and it can’t run on fat directly – only in the form of glucose or ketones. Ketones are popularly known as “brain fuel.” Eating a no-carb, moderate-protein, and high-fat diet encourages the body to organically reach a state of Ketosis. It takes about 72 hours for the liver to be in full ketosis so the kidney can assimilate the changes as the k Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Prooffread3r

    Obligatory link to /r/keto
    Weight-wise I'm still struggling, I've lost 12 pounds, which is a drop in the bucket and nowhere near the success stories I've read about here, but I have trouble finding the mental whatsis to exercise.
    Dietwise, I'm sure I'm not in ketosis, I think I'm barely keeping carbohydrate intake below 50g/day. But hey, it's a start and with my blood sugar under control I feel a hell of a lot better.
    Edit: My family going overboard to make sure I didn't eat anything remotely sweet during Christmas week is pretty apparent in the graph!

  2. toccobrator

    I've lost 70 pounds so far on keto and my a1c's dropped to 5.4 at last check, probably lower now. The weight came off by restricting my caloric intake. Exercise isn't really a factor in weight loss, it's almost 100% about eating less calories than you burn. Exercise is awesome for blood sugar, cholesterol and general fitness but I figured it would be a lot easier to exercise when I weighed less.
    I started daily workouts as of a couple months ago and I'm really into it now, but it's slowed my weight loss since I'm developing muscles.
    edited: words

  3. classic__schmosby

    which is a drop in the bucket and nowhere near the success stories I've read about here
    No, you're doing great. The best of the best is what you'll see upvoted, but those results are far from "typical," both here and /r/keto. I did keto years ago and ended up quitting after losing nearly 75 lbs but still being another 75 from my goal of under 200 lbs. I plateaued for a year before getting discouraged seeing others' success stories.
    I'm glad I got that out of my mind and got back on keto. On the ADA diet I spike and sometimes overcorrect. With keto, there's barely any insulin needed for "meals" and mostly just a tiny correction here and there (plus basal, obviously). I'm still pissed 3 doctors, 8 nurses, and my family all kept pushing me away from keto and some tried to say that it caused my diabetes.

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READ MORE HERE: https://goo.gl/RBTAiv Beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is the first ketone body produced in a fasting state. It is commonly produced by the body during periods without much food (glucose) in order to provide an alternative energy fuel source. Although it is not technically a ketone (owing to the bonding structure), for the purposes of this post it is. Diets that are low in carbohydrates and high in fatty acids can either prompt the body to produce ketone bodies, such as beta hydroxybutyrate, or allow people to consume them exogenously (outside the body) instead. These exogenous ketone supplements have grown in popularity along with the ketogenic diet and media attention from popular icons such as Tim Ferriss and Dave Asprey. Although supplementation of beta hydroxybutyrate has been described as jet fuel and undesirable, modern iterations of exogenous ketones are making it easier for anyone to utilize these ketone bodies for optimal brain performance. There are a host of benefits of beta hydroxybutyrate, but it is primarily known as a fuel source in the absence of glucose. Within 24 72 hours without food, the body no longer uses glucose as the main fuel support system, wh

Should I Be Taking Exogenous Ketones? (say What?!)

Should I Be Taking Exogenous Ketones? Exogenous ketones were introduced in 2014… About the same time I really started diving into the health benefits of more fat in the diet. But let me back up here, you may not even be familiar with the word “exogenous” so let’s start there: Exogenous vs Endogenous Exogenous = Originates from a source external from the body Endogenous = Originates from a source internal to the body Exogenous ketone bodies are just ketone bodies that are ingested through a nutritional supplement. Ketone bodies produced in the liver are more properly referred to as endogenous ketone bodies. What does the science say? Although I don’t think eating a diet ample in healthy fat is a fad, I do know that when science proves something is beneficial for us, there is a company working relentlessly to manufacture a product related to that discovery that will fly off the shelves. Remember when resveratrol, found in red wine, was proven to be good for us? Supplement companies went crazy marketing pills and drinks with even just the tiniest hint of resveratrol in it promising anti-aging and weight loss. What about garcinia cambogia? Remember that? It was marketed as a Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. mafflete

    If I have gone out of ketosis and want to get back in quickly, I'm going to use some KetoCaNa and be in pretty rapidly, if I'm sticking to my keto macros, I should stay in, right? I don't need to keep taking the Keto CaNa as long as I'm LCHF.
    Or have I missed something?

  2. anbeav

    You're not in ketosis by taking exogenous ketones. You simply dumped ketones in your system.
    Eat fewer than 20 g carbs, enter ketosis within 24 hours

  3. gladsnubbe12345

    I think he meant to ask if using exogenous ketones will help him keto-adapt faster.

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