Why Did Doctors Quit Prescribing Metformin

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Dr Stopped My Metformin Gr

I saw my dr today and he has stopped my metformin and given me sitagliptin and preservex He said no more met he said I need to stop met and take anti inflammatory med as my inflammation markers came back high and I'm having back pain I saw my dr today and he has stopped my metformin and given me sitagliptin and preservex He said no more met he said I need to stop met and take anti inflammatory med as my inflammation markers came back high and I'm having back pain Does anyone take these medicines ImageUploadedByDiabetes Daily1464109196.934476.jpg ImageUploadedByDiabetes Daily1464109237.056856.jpg preservex = an NSAID - painkiller mostly but anti-inflammatory << Nothing I say or express is medical or DIETARY advice so please do not take it as such. >> Although I may show my enthusiasm about my own success with a ketogenic diet (and no meds), I am NOT under any circumstances advising anyone else what to do, only sharing my personal experiences and often some of the science/research that led me to it. Moderator T2 insulin resistant Using Basal/Bolus Therapy I use Ibuprofen (NSAID) and have for years. Also have used regular aspirin. I have no problem with it and since it does help redu Continue reading >>

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  1. fenlady

    Help - I am really struggling to control my Type 2 with diet alone, and am in a wheelchair so can't exercise much. My last Hba1c was 36 (5.4). I know this is a good reading, but my weight keeps going up even so. And I'm only eating 1350 calories a day. I really think metformin would help me to control my weight as well as my blood sugars, but the doctor won't prescribe it and won't say why! Can anyone explain this - what does my Hba1c have to be before I can be offered metformin? Thanks.

  2. ally1

    I do think it depends on your blood test results

  3. Brunneria

    My surgery has to follow the rules set them by the local NHS governing body (are they still called primary care trusts, or have they changed name yet again?) - and their rule is that metformin is only prescribed to diagnosed diabetics with an hba1c above 48
    Some people have posted that their surgeries refuse to prescribe met until the hba1c hits 53

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William Polonsky, PhD, from University of California, San Diego provides ways to cultivate self-care behaviors in your diabetes patients through personal conversation and familiarization regarding their metabolic data. Provided by the Institute for Diabetes, Obesity, and Cardiovascular Disease (iDOC), a free resource for continuing medical education and other tools for medical professionals focused on the treatment of these three related conditions. Visit www.idoc.org for more information.

Prescribing Attitudes, Behaviors And Opinions Regarding Metformin For Patients With Diabetes: A Focus Group Study

Go to: Abstract The purpose of this study was to identify the reasons why metformin prescribing is suboptimal. Two semi-structured focus groups with attitudinal questionnaires and a brief educational presentation were held in two US cities. Participants included providers (physicians, pharmacists, midlevel practitioners) caring for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in an ambulatory setting. Outcome measures included provider attitudes, behaviors and opinions regarding the use of metformin. Participants identified three main themes influencing the use of metformin, including the appropriate timing of metformin initiation, known risks associated with metformin, and procedures to manage safety concerns and mitigate adverse effects associated with metformin. Participant prescribing behaviors of metformin were not consistent with the best available evidence in the settings of renal insufficiency, heart failure, hepatic dysfunction, alcohol use, and lactic acidosis. With minimal education, provider prescribing behaviors appeared to change by the end of the focus group to align more closely with the best available evidence. Provider attitudes, behaviors and opinions regarding Continue reading >>

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  1. helensaramay

    My mother in law takes a cocktail of drugs. I don't know for sure everything she takes but, as she has annual retina checks, I am pretty sure she takes metformin (as well as statins).
    Over the last 5 or 6 years, she has suffered from upset stomach (mostly diarrhoea) which has got worse to the extent she is not going out much now. I have read that metformin can cause D&V but I thought the effects lessened as the body got used to it and she has not changed her medication in the time I have known her.
    I appreciate my question is rather vague but could her digestion problems be related to her diabetes medication?

  2. MikeTurin

    I think that question should be made to her GP. There are a lot of causes of upset stomach that could be related to metformin or not. Like could be a lactose intolerance, too much mannitol eaten (so could be overuse of artificila sweeteners), could be a polyp or a thyroid problem ...

  3. helensaramay

    I should have said, her GP has said there is no way this is related to her medication which surprised me - hence, my question.

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Heres Why Doctors Have Stopped Prescribing Metformin

Here’s Why Doctors Have Stopped Prescribing Metformin

We are quickly approaching the day when people diagnosed with Type II Diabetes can kiss goodbye to their expensive pills and annoying needles and test strips. This is thanks to a breakthrough from a Sri Lankan researcher, a specialist in endocrinology with 23 years’ experience, that is going to change everything we thought we knew about how to treat Type II Diabetes... No more needles! Would you be willing to try a "Delicious Dish"or even a "Miracle Smoothie" that could solve the problem of diabetes naturally? Mr. Michel Dempsey, in a brave (and lucky) attempt to save his wife from diabetes discovered a Sri Lankan tribe that has 0 cases of diabetes or pre diabetes. Against all odds he was able, with the help of a Sri Lankan researcher from the university of Peradeniya, to develop a natural treatment to reverse diabetes using the exact same ingredients the tribe has been consuming for decades. He said that he just couldn't see the mother of his 3 children unable to cast off the shackles of diabetes. He wanted to find a better future for her. Now, several years of research, study and experiments later, Chaminda, the Sri Lankan researcher, has discovered a surprisingly simple way to Continue reading >>

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  1. Dan360

    The good, the bad and the ugly of metformin

    I have been taking metformin sense the day I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. As you probably know, it is the first-line drug of choice for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and I doubt that there are many of you that do not take metformin. Metformin works by suppressing glucose production by the liver. Evidence suggests metformin may prevent the cardiovascular and possibly the cancer complications of diabetes. It helps reduce LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels and is not associated with weight gain; in some people, it promotes weight loss. Metformin is one of only two oral antidiabetics in the World Health Organization Model List of Essential Medicines.
    One of my first experiences with diabetes was finding that when I worked out my glucose level would actually increase. That was very frustrating sense I was working out to lower levels of glucose. When I told my doctor she put me on a heavier dose of metformin, 1000 mg twice a day. As with most drugs the treatment of one problem often causes another. There is a whole list of side effects associated with metformin: abdominal or stomach discomfort, cough or hoarseness, decreased appetite, diarrhea, fast or shallow breathing, fever or chills, general feeling of discomfort, lower back or side pain, muscle pain or cramping and painful or difficult urination. Other problems metformin may cause which will usually diminish over time is: Acid or sour stomach, belching, bloated, excess air or gas in the stomach or intestines, full feeling, heartburn, indigestion, loss of appetite, metallic taste in the mouth, passing of gas, stomachache, stomach upset or pain and vomiting. I hope this isn’t too much information!
    My latest experience with metformin was excess air or gas in the stomach. I experienced what seem to be a swelling in my throat followed by belching or burping. I cut my dose of metformin in half and the problem went away. Have any of you experienced discomforts with metformin?

  2. govna

    Let me tell you about my awful 3 year journey with metformin! I dealt with all the horrible side affects for a few years Mostly massive pain and intestinal bloating all that goes with it to the point of doctors taking out my gall bladder then on to a colonoscopy and endoscopy and then on to a stress test! All was "just fine" Finally doc said take me off the metformin since a small percentage of people cannot tolerate metformin. Well low and behold I was one of them! After about two weeks most all of the hellish discomfort disappeared! I now take 50 units of toujeo every morning feel great and found a new lease on life energy wise! I am back baby!!!! It is just a shame looking back on how long I suffered needlessly. Not to mention the metformin wasn't even bringing my sugar down anyhow. All it did was make me extremely sick!!!

  3. Scared ****less

    join the club Metformin was a nightmare too the stomach pain was terrible but lucky my dr took me them a week later

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