Why Are Dka Patients Confused

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Immediate In-patient Management Of Hyperglycaemia—confusion Rather Than Consensus?

Background: In-patients with high blood glucose levels have much greater mortality and morbidity rates compared to normoglycaemic individuals hospitalized with the same condition. Aim: To examine prospectively the glucose-lowering treatments used for patients admitted as acute medical emergencies with admission hyperglycaemia (11–17 mmol/l) under the care of non-diabetes specialist teams. Individuals with acute diabetes emergencies (e.g. diabetic ketoacidosis or HONK or glucose levels >17 mmol/l) were excluded. Methods: Patients’ notes were examined as they were admitted without any interventions from the diabetes team. Choice of treatment for their hyperglycaemia was noted and the average blood glucose level was calculated each day of admission for the first 5 days based on bedside fingerstick glucose measurements. Results: Seventy-three in-patients [37 men, average (SD) age 74.1(12) years] with hyperglycaemia [average 13.7(1.6) mmol/l] on admission were included. Fourteen were not known to have diabetes, three had type 1 and 56 type 2 diabetes. Glycaemic control was suboptimal and achieved values were unrelated to the mode of delivery of glucose-lowering therapies. Length of Continue reading >>

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  1. Ishan Kesharwani

    I am confused over a lot of things these days but these last 2 days are surely more confusing.
    It all started when SUPREME COURT OF INDIA declared ban on the sale of fire crackers in DELHI/NCR which is the capital of INDIA and surrounding areas.
    There were different views about it but our renowned writer #Chetan_Bhagat lashed out his anger / frustration / views in some of his tweets.
    One that really got me thinking is this one
    In this time of INDIA we divide everything on the basis of religion and caste and he has got a point . I have nothing to do with other religions but killing of animals and cutting of trees should also be banned as it’s against humanity.
    No government will ever do that because the majority of people prefer peace instead of killing and fighting people but this one is a shocker.
    Secondly a reply from #Shashi_Tharoor to Chetan_Bhagat
    He is right , it was an add-on to the celebration as RAMAYANA had no mention of crackers.
    But …. But …. the use of cracker is an add-on since decades and i think it’s finally an integral part of DIWALI. Just like Parsi community was an add-on at time to our INDIAN diaspora and now is an integral part.
    So just the HINDUS life will be saved ? Like really ? Do you have to mention that word again and again HINDU this HINDU that ?
    On the subconscious part they are dividing us where the truth is even MUSLIM , CHRISTIAN , JAIN life will also be saved , most importantly a HUMAN life will be saved so JOURNALISTS are better off from calling themselves journalists anymore.
    Thirdly , it makes sense to ban crackers but completely ? Is this the solution ?
    What about the family and people who were planning this whole year so that they can buy licence , make stalls , sell some crackers and hopefully make some profit ? What about the source of earning of those people whose hopes are held on these festivals ? Restriction could have been a solution but this is something totally out of understanding.
    Lastly , i saw the level of pollution last year. Seriously it was way too much but was that totally because of crackers ? No i don’t think so. I travel from Noida to Delhi every day and night. I can tell you the pollution is much more than you can imagine in any other state. From METRO TRAINS you can see the buildings but with the curtain of thick dust and pollutants so we can’t completely say it’s because of the crackers. It’s because of the DELHITES and their ego.
    Their EGO to use PUBLIC TRANSPORT , Their EGO to let things go and you will understand Their EGO once you will visit DELHI and observe people here.
    What confuses me is are we really INDIANS anymore ?
    Now our religion defines us , our alignment towards a political party defines us and if we don’t support that party for what it did , that defines us.

    Everything defines us but INDIANS .

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