Where Does Ketoacidosis Occur In The Body

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Understanding And Treating Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a serious metabolic disorder that can occur in animals with diabetes mellitus (DM).1,2 Veterinary technicians play an integral role in managing and treating patients with this life-threatening condition. In addition to recognizing the clinical signs of this disorder and evaluating the patient's response to therapy, technicians should understand how this disorder occurs. DM is caused by a relative or absolute lack of insulin production by the pancreatic b-cells or by inactivity or loss of insulin receptors, which are usually found on membranes of skeletal muscle, fat, and liver cells.1,3 In dogs and cats, DM is classified as either insulin-dependent (the body is unable to produce sufficient insulin) or non-insulin-dependent (the body produces insulin, but the tissues in the body are resistant to the insulin).4 Most dogs and cats that develop DKA have an insulin deficiency. Insulin has many functions, including the enhancement of glucose uptake by the cells for energy.1 Without insulin, the cells cannot access glucose, thereby causing them to undergo starvation.2 The unused glucose remains in the circulation, resulting in hyperglycemia. To provide cells Continue reading >>

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  1. Omgiri Sundararaju

    The polymorphonuclear neutrophils are segmented form of white cells circulating in the blood stream for the defense system to protect the body from foreign body invasion.When they sense an infection, the group of neutrophils reach the site of infection to begin the killing of the microbes.When a cut happens on the body, normally microbes some how (if not protected by bandage of disinfectant)reaches the wound and start growing if the medium (wound)is suitable.The white cells,neutrophils sense the entry of bacteria, reaches the site.Thus the defense mechanism starts and increases the count of white cells,neutrophils.

  2. Lokanath Reddy

    Neutrophils are a kind of WBC are soilders of our body.
    They are not infected instead they fight against infection.
    They are produced in long bones bone marrow and circulate in blood.
    Where ever infection is there they accumulate there like our army battalions and attack the microorganisms.

    So as army no. Increase in general population , neutrophils increase in no. during infection.

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