Where Are Ketone Bodies Broken Down?

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What Are Ketone Bodies And Why Are They In The Body?

If you eat a calorie-restricted diet for several days, you will increase the breakdown of your fat stores. However, many of your tissues cannot convert these fatty acid products directly into ATP, or cellular energy. In addition, glucose is in limited supply and must be reserved for red blood cells -- which can only use glucose for energy -- and brain tissues, which prefer to use glucose. Therefore, your liver converts many of these fatty acids into ketone bodies, which circulate in the blood and provide a fuel source for your muscles, kidneys and brain. Video of the Day Low fuel levels in your body, such as during an overnight fast or while you are dieting, cause hormones to increase the breakdown of fatty acids from your stored fat tissue. These fatty acids travel to the liver, where enzymes break the fatty acids into ketone bodies. The ketone bodies are released into the bloodstream, where they travel to tissues that have the enzymes to metabolize ketone bodies, such as your muscle, brain, kidney and intestinal cells. The breakdown product of ketone bodies goes through a series of steps to form ATP. Conditions of Ketone Body Utilization Your liver will synthesize more ketone bod Continue reading >>

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  1. Hasshman

    Question about Ketone bodies

    Since I started Keto my lifts is suffering. I get fatigued really qickly. I try to do the same weights before I started Keto. Now I'm starting my third week of keto. I did a carb-up end of week two and it did help with my lifts.
    Does the muscles ever start to use body fat as a source of fuel or will it need the carbs? If my muscles did adapt to use fat (when fatty acids are broken down to Ketone bodies) as fuel I would never carb up.
    Is Ketone bodies only used as energy for the brain and heart?
    Why is that the keto diet emphasises that we get most of my cals from fat?Isn't that counter productive? If you feed your body fat, won't it be used to make Ketone bodies instead of your already stored body fat?

  2. Doobie2270

    I think muscles use ketones for energy until you do something really strenuous, like lifting heavy; then it uses stored carbs. If you keep lifting heavy, you deplete glycogen, and eventually you won't be able to sustain your usual level of activity. Then you carb-up and repeat the cycle.
    If you don't have fat in your diet, then you won't be able to stay in ketosis for long. If all you eat is protein, then the protein will turn into glucose, and your body will rely on glycolysis for energy as oposed to ketones. That would probably be very bad for your muscles as well. Once you're in ketosis, dietary fat will be used for energy, and, if you eat a deficit of calories, then body fat will also be used.

  3. Eileen

    Your body can use ketones for lifting weights as well as cardio and all the other stuff, but where there can be a slight problem is that the body won't always supply enough fatty acids at once for the demands of really heavy lifting over a long period. You can cope by either using longer rests between sets, or just lifting heavy for a shorter session. Personally, I reckon that if you are spending longer than 45 minutes in the pit, you are probably messing about. Lift heavy and go home.
    The longer you do keto, the more efficient your body will get it a using fat for fuel for all activities.
    You eat fat to encourage your body to go into ketosis where it is burning fat for energy. You eat below maintenance to make sure it is using your bodyfat as well as dietry fat.

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