When Is Ketosis Dangerous

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Why Does Diabetes Cause Ketosis?

In diabetes due to the insulin deficiency there is increased hepatic gluconeogenesis and lipolysis And this lipolysis inturn increases free fatty acids. Now you know that as insulin is deficient in diabetes glucose cant be utilised as a energy source. So to get the energy an alternative source of these free fatty acids are used. End ketones being the end product of this fatty acid metabolism it gets accumulated. Initially it causes ketonemia(increased ketone bodies in blood) but this cycle keeps on going at ketoacidosis occurs. P.S- I just tried to simplify the answer,the exact mechanism is complex as there are lot of steps involved in it. Continue reading >>

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  1. Mark Simpson

    (edit: it's worth pointing out that "Ketosis " on it's own is not a bad thing, but Diabetic ketoacidosis is. I assume this is the point of the question)
    Diabetic Ketoacidosis comes from High (hyper) Blood Sugar not Low (Hypo). They could happen together, if you had high blood sugar for too long, the Ketoacidosis happened then you over treated the high and it went low. In this case you'd have 2 separate problems. Hypoglaycemia and Ketoacidosis. Low blood sugar will make you pass out and go into a coma eventually. Ketoacidosis is very painful and horrible to be part of. But I wouldn't say they increase each others danger very much.
    (i am a diabetic, not a medical professional)


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  2. Dennis Kitainik

    I'm not a doctor, but from what I know of diabetic conditions, both of these can be dangerous, and especially if they occur together (especially since ketosis would probably indicate serious hypoglycemia).

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