What Supplements To Take Keto?

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Keto Supplements: Which Supplements Should You Use While On The Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is currently one of the most popular diets in the fitness industry. Its simplicity and effectiveness have earned the diet a massive following, and it’s proven to be one of the few diet trends that can actually work to help you cut body fat and lose weight if you follow the plan as intended. While supplements aren’t necessary to follow the ketogenic diet, they can do a great deal to assist and enhance it. They not only help by keeping your nutrient intake aligned with the diet’s plan, but they can help you maintain better energy levels and better health overall. Cutting carbs to an extreme minimum alters several of your body’s natural processes, so taking certain supplements helps to “keep the peace” so-to-speak. When supplementing the ketogenic diet, your options are narrowed down quite a bit due to the requirements of the diet. In this article, we’ll discuss which supplements are most helpful as well as what purpose they serve within your diet plan. If you’re looking into keto supplements, you probably already know how the ketogenic diet works, but we’re going to briefly go over the process again so that we can refer back to it later in the art Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. solstice

    So I used a ketone strip after working out Saturday and it turned a bright scarlet. I was very pleased with my progress. How often should I check and what color should the strip be? I am starting to drive myself a little crazy by checking it a lot.

  2. SugarFluff

    You don't have to check ever. When I used to use those strips I'd test daily, usually in the morning. Anything other than the neurtal shade means you're in ketosis. You're likely dehydrated if the deep, dark colors show up.

  3. MandyGa

    I bought soem strips and checked it almost every time I went but now that im down to less than 5 strips I 've slowed down.....(i hate paying 12 bucks for some strips I pee on). Mine turn a really dark purple. I know I dont drink enough water but I/m trying

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