What Makes Glucose In The Body?

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How Is Glucose Produced?

Your body thrives on glucose, which is the sugar it uses to synthesize energy. Carbohydrates supply glucose and other sugars that are converted into glucose. But it's such a vital source of energy that the body has a back-up system called gluconeogenesis. This metabolic pathway produces new glucose from noncarbohydrate sources. Video of the Day Carbohydrates are made from molecules of sugar connected together. Simple sugars consist of one to three sugar molecules, while starches contain hundreds to thousands of molecules, reports Colorado State University. The small intestine only absorbs single sugar molecules, which is why digestive enzymes break carbs down into the three monosaccharides: glucose, galactose and fructose. The monosaccharides travel to the liver, where glucose is generated when the liver turns galactose and fructose into glucose. The liver may send glucose into the bloodstream, where it’s transported to cells that need it for energy. If blood levels of glucose are high enough to meet your energy needs, the liver stores glucose by turning it into glycogen or fat. New Glucose Synthesis When the body produces glucose from something other than carbohydrates, the proc Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. messenger

    can the body produce its own glucose

    hi all
    i am interested to learn if the body can produce its own glucose, or does all the glucose come from what we eat.

  2. plum

    I guess,it does produce.Have u heard of stress elevating sugar levels? It is true.Stress,trauma & anxiety do elevate glucose levels whether u have eaten carb or not.

  3. Stump86

    The laws of physics dictate that we cannot make energy from nothing. But your body can create glucose from other things (fats and proteins) This is called gluconeogenesis (creating new glucose).
    So the answer to your question is yes the body can produce it's own glucose but also yes it all comes from what we eat, (we also eat fats and proteins)

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